Cas Character Cas Current Character CASUALTY

Faith Cadogan

Played by Kirsty Mitchell


S34 E17 –

Job Title

Advanced Clinical Practitioner

First Words


Husband, paramedic Lev Malinovsky. Children Natalia, Ana and Luka.


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Cas Character Cas Current Character CASUALTY

Fenisha Khatri

Played by Olivia D’Lima


S34 E25 –

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Love Interests

  • Ethan Hardy
  • Will Noble

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CASUALTY Series 34 Spoilers Spoilers News Page

34.34 – 2/5/20

Up to his eyes in work, an overwhelmed Noel is brushed off by Connie, but is quickly distracted by a troubled teenager in the emergency department, who has injured her hand punching a car door, and her mother Sandi.

Meanwhile, Dylan does what he can to help an overwhelmed Faith as she struggles to cope while Luka is in chemotherapy, and things become complicated for Fenisha when a patient on a call-out helps her to make a life changing decision about her unborn baby.

CASUALTY CASUALTY SERIES Series 34 Spoilers Spoilers News Page

34.32 – 25/4/20

An excited Fenisha asks Jan about holiday leave, but her good mood is cut short when she discovers she is pregnant.

Connie is called upon to treat a drunk Charlie, who’s scraped his head falling over in the park. Realising that Charlie’s dramatic exit from the ED following Duffy’s death was merely the start of his struggles, Connie encourages the department to keep this as quiet as possible, so as not to embarrass him or tarnish his reputation at the hospital.

News Present News

Goodbye Ruby

Fans said a sad farewell to actress Maddy Hill who plays paramedic Ruby Spark this week.

Maddy first joined the show back July 2018 and her character has been involved in a number of storylines including when Ruby found Iain after his suicide attempt, stalker Dani and her most recent story that involved the death of her sister Violette and Ruby making the life-changing decision to look after her niece Harmony.


News Present News

Goodbye Xavier

As HOLBY CITY finished this week for an extended break due to filming shutdown, fans were left reeling at the shock death of surgeon Xavier Duval.

In recent weeks, Xavier was on a mission to bring down colleague Cameron but despite managing to gather the evidence he needed, he was tragically involved in a road-traffic accident before the information came to light. Cameron, who witnesses the accident leaves the scene of the crime with the evidence against him. And the news devastates his partner, nurse Donna Jackson.

Actor Marcus Griffiths joined the medical drama in February 2018 and speaking to the Metro about his exit revealed ‘There’s sort of a Shakespearean tragedy in the way Xavier goes after his enemy, because he’s actually finally — at his core — doing what he’s supposed to do, as opposed to doing what suits him at the behest of other people.’

Whether Cameron will eventually get his comeuppance remains to be seen, but Marcus was pleased with his exit storyline, ‘I miss him already! I do. I’ve never tackled a long-running character before. It’s been two years, but I’m pleased with how I left it. – I was happy with it. I thought it was very powerful.’

Take a look back at Xavier’s time on the show ..
Cas Awards CASUALTY Awards 2020

CASUALTY Awards Results 2020 – 16th Annual Year

Casualty Favourite Female of Series 33

1st Connie Beauchamp – 29%
2nd Duffy – 19%
3rd Alicia Munroe – 10%
4th Ruby Spark – 9%
5th* Archie Hudson – 6%
5th* Robyn Miller – 6%

Casualty Favourite Male of Series 33

1st Dylan Keogh – 27%
2nd Iain Dean – 20%
3rd Charlie Fairhead – 15%
4th David Hide – 9%
5th* Ethan Hardy – 7%
5th* Will Noble – 7%

Casualty Favourite All-Time Female

1st Connie Beauchamp – 17%
2nd Duffy – 12%
3rd Zoe Hanna – 10%
4th Alicia Munroe– 8%
5th Dixie – 7%
6th Sam Nicholls – 5%
7th* Elle Gardner – 4%
7th* Ruby Spark – 4%
7th* Robyn Miller – 4%
10th Megan Roach – 3%

Casualty Favourite All-Time Male

1st Dylan Keogh – 15%
2nd Charlie Fairhead – 14%
3rd* Fletch – 9%
3rd* Iain Dean- 9%
5th Ethan Hardy – 7%
6th David Hide – 5.5%
7th* Jeff Collier – 5%
7th* Jacob Masters – 5%
9th* Will Noble – 3%
9th* Max Walker – 3%

Casualty Favourite All-Time Consultant

1st Connie Beauchamp – 30%
2nd Zoe Hanna – 19%
3rd Dylan Keogh – 17%
4th* Nick Jordan – 5%
4th* Mike Barratt – 5%
4th* Will Noble – 5%

Casualty Favourite All-Time Female Doctor

1st Alicia Munroe – 29%
2nd Lily Chao – 14%
3rd Sam Nicholls – 13%
4th Archie Hudson – 12%
5th Ruth Winters – 10%

Casualty Favourite All-Time Male Doctor

1st Caleb Knight – 53%
2nd Patrick Spiller – 14%
3rd Tom Kent – 7%
4th Lenny Lyons – 6%
5th Guppy Sandhu – 4%

Casualty Favourite All-Time Female Nurse

1st Duffy – 34%
2nd Robyn Miller – 18%
3rd Tess Bateman – 10%
4th* Rita Freeman – 7%
4th* Jade Lovall – 7%
6th Megan Roach – 6%
7th Tina Seabrook – 4%
8th* Kirsty Clements – 2%
8th* Linda Andrews – 2%
8th* Louise Tyler – 2%

Casualty Favourite All-Time Male Nurse

1st Charlie Fairhead – 31%
2nd Fletch – 30%
3rd David Hide – 15%
4th Jacob Masters – 6%
5th Lofty – 5%
6th Abs Denham – 3%
7th Jay Faldren – 2%

Casualty Favourite All-Time Paramedic

1st Iain Dean – 23%
2nd Dixie – 21%
3rd Josh Griffiths – 16%
4th Jeff Collier – 12%
5th Sam Nicholls – 7%
6th Ruby Spark – 6%
7th Jan Jennings – 2%

Casualty Favourite All-Time Receptionist

1st Noel Garcia – 62%
2nd* Amy Howard – 6%
2nd* Bex Reynolds – 6%
2nd* Jack Vincent – 6%
5th Louise Tyler – 5%

Casualty Most Want to Return Female Character

1st Zoe Hanna – 17%
2nd Dixie – 13%
3rd Alicia Munroe  – 12%
4th Elle Gardner – 7.5%
5th Lily Chao – 7%
6th Sam Nicholls – 5%
7th Tess Bateman – 4.5%
8th Bea Kinsella – 4%
9th* Ruth Winters – 3.5%
9th* Gemma Dean – 3.5%

Casualty Most Want to Return Male Character

1st Max Walker – 13%
2nd Big Mac – 11%
3rd Fletch – 10%
4th Nick Jordan – 9%
5th Caleb Knight – 8%
6th Jeff Collier  – 7.5%
7th Lofty – 7%
8th Josh Griffiths – 6%
9th Jez Andrews – 4.5%
10th Ash – 4%

Casualty Favourite Newcomer of Series 33

1st Rosa Cadenas – 25%
2nd Will Noble – 24%
3rd Archie Hudson – 21%
4th Jade Lovall – 15%
5th Marty Kirkby – 11%

Casualty Favourite Series 33 Episode

1st 33.01 – 17%
2nd 33.46 – 15%
3rd 33.26 – 6%
4th 33.06 – 3%
5th 33.08 – 2%

Casualty Favourite Classic Episode (Pre S16)

1st* Everlasting Love – 11%
1st* Gas – 11%
1st* Boiling Point – 11%
4th Treasure – 9%
5th* Cascade – 8%
5th* Past Present Future – 8%
7th* Drunk – 7%
8th* Code Red – 5%
8th* Cry for Help  – 5.%
10th Family Matters 4%

Casualty Favourite Ever Episode

1st Too Old for This Shift – 14%
2nd Buried Alive – 8%
3rd 33.01 – 8%
4th Casualty @ Holby S19 – 7%
5th The Stag, The Dog & The Sheep – 6%
6th 33.46 – 5%
7th* A Child’s Heart – 4.5%
7th* Everlasting Love – 4.5%
9th* 33.26 – 4%
9th* Reap the Whirlwind – 4%

Casualty Favourite Series 33 Storyline

1st Iain/ suicide – 29%
2nd Connie/ attack/ anxiety – 19%
3rd* Casualty/ Holby cyber attack – 12%
3rd* Duffy/ dementia – 12%
5th Sam’s death – 7%
6th Dylan/ Ciara– 5%
7th Alicia/ exit – 3%

Casualty Best Acting Performance of Series 33

1st Michael Stevenson/ suicide – 36%
2nd Amanda Mealing/ attack/ anxiety – 19%
3rd Cathy Shipton/ dementia – 16%
4th Will Beck/ Ciara – 6%
5th Chelsea Halfpenny / exit – 4%
6th* Jack Nolan / patient Toby – 3%
6th* Charlotte Salt / exit – 3%
6th* Maddy Hill / Iain suicide – 3%

Casualty Best Guest Acting Performance of Series 33

1st Belinda Stewart-Wilson/ Dylan/ alcoholism – 24%
2nd Sharon Gless/ Dylan/ Zsa Zsa – 23%
3rd Ellen Thomas/ Jacob/ mother – 10%
4th Paul Barber/ patient Ernest – 9%
5th Harry Gilby/ patient Toby – 7%
6th* Max Parker/ Iain/ patient Base – 6%
6th* Danni Mallison/ Ruby stalker– 6%

Casualty Best Ever Acting Performance

1st Amanda Mealing/ cancer – 15%
2nd Michael Stevenson/ suicide – 14%
3rd Chelsea Halfpenny/ rape – 13%
4th Amanda Mealing/ car/ helicopter crash – 12%
5th Cathy Shipton/ dementia – 8%
6th George Rainsford/ Cal’s death – 7%
7th Will Beck/ alcoholism – 7%
8th Jane Hazlegrove/ Jeff’s death – 6%
9th* Georgia Taylor/ sectioned – 3%
9th* Jason Durr/ bipolar– 3%

Casualty Best Scene of Series 33

1st Iain/ phone to suicide patient – 32%
2nd Connie vs Zsa Zsa – 10%
3rd Sam’s death – 9%
4th Series Opener crash – 8%
5th* Connie attack – 6%
5th Iain/ suicide – 6%

Casualty Favourite Pairing of Series 33

1st Charlie & Duffy– 31%
2nd David & Dylan – 16%
3rd David & Rosa – 14%
4th Iain & Ruby – 12%
5th Ethan & Alicia – 10%

Casualty Favourite All-Time Pairing

1st Charlie & Duffy – 28%
2nd Jeff & Dixie – 13%
3rd Zoe & Max – 11%
4th Connie & Jacob – 9%
5th Ethan & Alicia – 7%
6th Charlie & Baz – 4%
7th* Lily & Iain – 3%
7th* Connie & Sam – 3%
7th* Dylan & Ciara – 3%

Casualty Favourite Writer of Series 33

1st Elliot Hope – 20%
2nd Barbara Machin – 8%
3rd* Claire Miller – 7%
3rd* Debbie Owen – 7%
5th Avril E Russell – 6%

For HOLBY CITY results awaiting

News Present News

Casualty & Holby Donate to Coronavirus Crisis

HOLBY CITY has donated two fully working ventilators from its set at Elstree to be used in London’s new NHS Nightingale Hospital.

The corporation shared the news in a tweet, with a photo of workers unloading equipment from a van.

Holby City executive producer Simon Harper said they wanted to help “the courageous and selfless real-life medics”.

The BBC confirmed that two new ventilators has been ordered for the production, but in a statement said they had asked their supplier to divert them to the NHS once the need for the equipment became clear.

CASUALTY and HOLBY CITY have already donated protective equipment and other kit from their sets to the NHS as the UK battles coronavirus.

News Present News

Holby City Goes Off Air

HOLBY CITY had previously announced a series of huge storylines set to play over out over the next month, but due to the coronavirus will now change it’s schedule and will be going on an extended hiatus following Tuesday’s episode (April 14), until it returns with new episodes at some point later this year.

Next Tuesday’s episode will be action-packed in the aftermath of John Michie’s shocking return as Guy Self, as he provides support for Max McGerry while she struggles to hold the hospital together.

Viewers will also see Cameron Dunn’s  killer secret and his job both under threat, while Essie Harrison tells her colleagues the tragic news about her cancer returning.

Back in March, the BBC confirmed that CASUALTY and HOLBY CITY had all been forced to halt filming over health concerns for the casts and crews working on all the shows.

“It has been decided that filming on all BBC Studios continuing dramas will be postponed until further notice,” the BBC said in a statement at that time. “The decision was made after the latest government update.

“We will continue to follow the latest news and advice from the World Health Organisation and public health organisations.”


CASUALTY SERIES News Series 34 Spoilers Spoilers News Page

34.31 – 18/4/20



Still feeling conflicted about his feelings, Dylan tries to avoid Faith as much as possible.

Meanwhile, Rash goes against Connie’s wishes when dealing with a challenging patient, and Ruby makes a life changing decision.

HC Series 22 HOLBY CITY SERIES News Spoilers Spoilers News Page

22.14 – 14/4/20

Xavier is determined to prove that Cameron killed Evan as the day of the disciplinary hearing dawns, but he may not be able to gather enough evidence to clear his name.

Essie faces her first round of chemotherapy, and Sacha begs her to tell her family and friends the truth.

Nicky is given the opportunity to carry out a challenging heart transplant under Jac’s supervision.

HC Series 22 HOLBY CITY SERIES News Spoilers Spoilers News Page

22.13 – 7/4/20

Max is tempted to start drinking again after meeting her daughter. Although she manages to resist, she still raises suspicions among her colleagues that she has relapsed, and is accused of being unfit to perform surgery.

David is determined to prove his worth, and joins Fletch in making a complaint against the nurses being moved around the hospital.

Essie keeps her news from Sacha, which puts Dom in the awkward position of having to life for her.

CASUALTY SERIES News Series 34 Spoilers Spoilers News Page

34.30 – 4/4/20

Marty finally acknowledges how dangerous his behaviour has been outside of work and decides to change his ways.

Meanwhile, Ethan questions what he really wants when Fenisha turns him down, and David suggests that Dylan’s behaviour indicates feelings towards Faith, but Dylan denies it.