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Cas Character

Adele Beckford

Played by Dona Croll


S8 E1 – S8 E24

Job Title

Staff Nurse

First Words

(looking at photos with Duffy) That’s the same one, who’s the headless man?


Adele arrived in S8 E1, replacing Sandra Nichol. Viewers immediately see that like her predecessor, Staff Nurse Adele Beckford was cheerful and efficient. She was returning to work full-time as she felt her kids were now grown up and could cope without her. Her husband had a job as a cabinet-maker. Her twin boys, Tony and Curtis, were at college.

Viewers learn that Adele is a well-known face in her local community and church. She showed that she could size up the patients quickly and took no nonsense from them. She also had a sense of humour and was able to see the funny side of events. Charlie and Duffy, who knew Adele from her part-time work on other wards, were pleased to have her working with them. She was also patient when looking after the younger and less experienced nurses working at A&E, providing support to both Helen Chatsworth and Mary Skillett.

Duffy and Adele become quite close during Series 8, Duffy confiding in Adele about her problems with becoming pregnant, then later on about her fall out with Charlie. Adele tells her that they’re as bad as each other and that they should sort out their differences. Adele also comforts Charlie in S8 E15 when he’s missing Duffy.

In S18 E12, Adele is distracted and Duffy asks her what’s the matter. Adele tells her that she’s just had a phone call – one of her sons has been suspended from college, that he’s been accused of attacking one of his tutors. Troubled, she tells Duffy that her son isn’t the type to do something like that.

In S8 E13, Duffy tells Adele that she’d be great as the new Sister when she leaves, something Ash isn’t happy about because he wants the job too. However, Ash gets the job.

Memorable Moments

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