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HC Character

Adele Effanga


Played by Petra Letang


S16 E14 ‘Intuition’ –

Job Title

Healthcare Assistant

First Words


Outgoing, friendly and fun-lovely, Mo Effanga’s younger sister, Adele, joins the team in S16 E14 as a Health Care Assistant. Having previously worked as a holiday rep, Adele has come to Holby for a career change and to prove to her family and friends she is growing up and can be taking seriously. Adele has a sharp intuition and a great bedside manner, treating everyone the same regardless of their position or power.

During her first shift on AAU, Mo is doubtful she will make it through her first day but Adele is desperate to prove her wrong. In S16 E15, Adele is upset when Mo pulls rank on her over a patient, shattering her sister’s trust. In S16 E25, Serena enlists Adele’s help with pushing the new patient satisfaction surveys, eager to impress after hearing that Connie has been appointed head of ED. In S16 E28, Mo takes up the challenge of coming to work on AAU but ends up clashing with her sister and turning down an opportunity to become a radio DJ. After making up with Adele, Mo decides to accept the radio job after all, only to discover it’s already been taken; Adele’s on the radio posing as Dr Mo! In S16 E31, Adele proves she’s got the gift of the gab as she assumes Mo’s identity on a local radio show, but finds herself in the deep end when she is questioned on medical matters and Mo is forced to bail her out. In S16 E32, Mo is still annoyed with her sister after discovering she’dbeen impersonating her on the radio. Unwilling to cut her any slack and holding her to impossibly high standards, Adele sets out to prove that she is a capable member of the team. In S16 E33, Adele escapes sister Mo and finds herself on Darwin, where she immediately gets on the wrong side of Jac. Jonny tries to help prove her worth and reveal her true potential. In S16 E34, Mo’s enjoying her celebrity status as Dr Mo while being dismissive of Adele’s career aspirations. Chastised by Adele for forgetting her mother’s birthday, Mo has to re-assess her priorities. And when a starstuck patient turns violent, she also has to acknowledge Adele’s professional know-how. In S16 E37, Elliot, Mo and Adele fail to work out what’s been causing a fisherman-turned-sea shanty singer’s ailments until he admits he has been using botox. In S16 E43, Mo’s breathing fire all over Darwin as the pressure of running the ward gets to her. To teach her a lesson, Adele, Jonny and Mr T conspire with a patient to burst her bubble and get her smiling again. In S16 E48, desperate to convince Mo she has ambition, Adele tells her sister she’s going to do a nursing degree and gets some much-needed support from Jonny. But when an oversight from Adele causes problems for a patient, Jac takes her to task over her future career and Adele begins to wonder if she belongs at Holby. In S16 E49, Adele decides to put her heart  on the line and kisses Jonny in the staffroom, but both have to think if a relationship will only complicate things. In S16 E51, Elliot is making plans for retirement, having lost the Herzig project to Jac and been forced out of the consultants’ office but Adele is intent on keeping him at the hospital and fights his corner.

In S17 E4, having seemingly worked his magic on Mo, anaesthetist Jesse‘s now trying to get the other Miss Effanga to join his gang, but Adele’s determined not to be fooled by his smooth moves. However, despite her best efforts, Jesse still gets under Adele’s skin. In S17 E6, Adele finds it tricky balancing her student nurse coursework with her day job. Jesse sympathises with Adele’s situation and offers friendly advice. In S17 E10, Mo’s elated when Jessie asks her to perform a duet with him at the Christmas Party, setting her on a path to finally follow her heart and admit she’s fallen in love with him. But heartbreak is in store for Mo, when she finds him kissing Adele.

Memorable Moments

  • S16 E14 – Adele makes her debut into Holby
  • S16 E31 – Adele lands herself in trouble impersonating her sister on the radio
  • S16 E48 – Jac tramples over Adele’s career ambitions
  • S16 E49 – Adele kisses Jonny
  • S16 E51 – Adele fights to keep Elliot at the hospital
  • S17 E10 – Jesse kisses Adele at Christmas Party


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