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Cas Character

Adrian ‘Fletch’ Fletcher

Played by Alex Walkinshaw


S26 E39 ‘Zero Sum Game’ – S28 E43 ‘Falling (Part Two)’; S31 E1 ‘Too Old for This Shift’

Job Title

Staff Nurse

First Words

“The state of this engine Tess! I’d have you down as a boy racer or something!”


Two sons, Mikey and Theo and two daughters, Ella and Evie.


Adrian Fletcher, fondly known as ‘Fletch’ first trained as a mechanic before becoming a nurse.

During the recession, Fletch lost his business and was unable to provide for his family for the first time. When his wife, Natalie, went into labour with his third child, witnessing the work of the staff; Fletch decided to retrain as a nurse.

Despite his  lack of experience in nursing, he isn’t afraid of taking orders or questioning authority. However his does bring a lot of life experience to the job and shows his maturity. He also has a good sense of humour, and is the ultimate ‘cheeky chappy’.

Fletch joins the team in S26 E39, he makes a favourable impression with everyone – except for  Lloyd. But they are forced to work together to help Amy, whose initial joy at discovering she is pregnant turns to horror when the true diagnosis is made.

In S27 E6, Lloyd also spends the day suffering after Fletch shows him a night on the tiles. In S27 E14, Zoe and Fletch treat a young mother with Down’s Syndrome, Meg, and her baby, Amy, following an accident at home. But Meg’s mother accuses Meg of not being able to cope. In S27 E17, four new student nurses join the team and Fletch is left with the task of being mentor to Aoife. In S27 E19, the paramedics bring in a young boy, Wayne, who has been set upon by local bullies when they’re leaving a hoax call-out. Back at the hospital Fletch is concerned by Wayne’s behaviour after Aoife finds him stealing medical supplies. She’s convinced he’s just a thief but Fletch is not so sure. He’s proved right when it turns out Wayne is the sole carer for his sick mother. In S27 E22, Tess overhears Fletch giving his trainee relationship advice. She warns him Aoife has developed feelings for him. Fletch laughs it off, insisting he’s simply a father figure to the pretty, young nurse. In S27 E23, Fletch finds a Valentine’s card in his locker, which turns out to be from Aoife, he realises Tess was right – and he is forced to talk to the young nurse about it. The awkward conversation comes just as the hospital is critically understaffed due to a flu epidemic, and Fletch then has to endure a tense shift with an embarrassed Aoife and watchful Tess. All that changes, however, when Tess hears Fletch has set the record straight with Aoife and starts warming to him again. Once the working day is over he invites Tess out for a drink and she eagerly accepts. Several drinks later, though, a peck goodnight turns into a passionate kiss. In S27 E24, Fletch is determined to help an elderly gentleman in love. Meanwhile he and Tess step their flirtation up a level. But Tess is confronted with the reality of her situation when Fletch’s family turn up in the department. In S27 E31, the paramedics bring in a patient, Mike, with chest pains. Jeff reveals he is struggling trying to get concert tickets for Dixie‘s birthday, Mike spots an opportunity to take money for him on the promise of tickets. Fletch thinks Jeff is a fool to trust Mike especially when he does a runner from the hospital. In S27 E35, Fletch and Tess try to sort out their relationship. In S27 E37, Tess has being followed home by the mother of a patient who was involved in a violent stabbing incident, which Tess witnessed earlier that day whilst out jogging. Fletch has followed Tess home to talk to her, and after the scary incident is over, the two succumb to their passion and in the next episode S27 E38, they are both still on cloud nine.

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Memorable Moments

  • S26 E39 – Fletch joins the ED Team.
  • S27 E19 – Fletch discovers a young patient thief is the sole carer for his mum.
  • S27 E23 – After rebuffing Aoife’s advances, Fletch and Tess passionately kiss.
  • S27 E37 – Fletch and Tess succumb to a full blown affair.

Love Interests

  • Natalie Fletcher
  • Tess Bateman

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