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Cas Character

Alice Chantrey

Played by Sam Grey


S20 E31 ‘Going Under’ – S24 E35 ‘New Beginnings’

Job Title

Receptionist (S20-21); Healthcare Assistant (S22-24)

First Words

(to Sam) Pleased to meet you!


Alice is quiet, painfully shy and lacking in self confidence. The moment she starts work as a Receptionist in Holby’s ED department, she feels like she is going to fail. Alice lives at home with her overbearing and emotionally needy mother. Since her father, who she was extremely close to, died five years ago, her whole world has fallen apart. She now surrounds herself with plants to remind herself of her father, who was passionate about his plants and his greenhouse. Alice used to work in the archives department at North Wyvern Trust, but was transferred to the hospital as a Receptionist when the department was disbanded.

Sam shows Alice the ropes on her first shift on S20 E31. Sam notices her shyness and isn’t sure she will be able to cope with the job, however when she handles a patient complaint well, he changes his mind. We also notice Alice has a soft spot for Guppy, however he keeps calling her Alex, much to her dismay. In S20 E34, Alice surprises staff with her knowledge of spiders. In S20 E35, Alice packs up her plants as her four-week trial has come to an end and she’s certain she won’t be asked to stay on. However, Sam coaches Alice on how to impress Tess and she is thrilled to learn the job is hers. In S20 E40, wheelchair bound Chris Carter, who is in the department to speak with Nathan, takes a shine to Alice but ends up injured following a fight in the car park. In S20 E42, Alice is upset when a man is found unconscious in the toilets. She blames herself for not checking the toilets before putting an out of order sign on the door. In S20 E45, Alice attempts to ask Guppy out to a lecture she is attending, however he turns her down in favour of letting his hair down at Nina’s party, in which he ends up getting drunk and waking up naked in Kelsey’s bed, despite them only snogging. In S20 E47, Kelsey notices Alice’s crush on Guppy and gives her a makeover for Ellen’s party. But just as Alice makes her way to the venue, she overhears colleagues outside talking about Kelsey and Guppy being in bed together. Distraught, she leaves alone crying.

In S21 E3, an aggravated Kelsey decides to play a practical joke on Ellen, who is on a health kick, but her actions end up having unexpected consequences for Alice, who collapses from caffeine overdose. In the cubicles Alice speaks to Kelsey about Guppy, who confirms that she never slept with him, despite the rumours. In S21 E4, Alice persuades a teenage boy to own up about a man’s alcohol abuse. Meanwhile Alice tries to cheer up Kelsey with an idea for a staff game, which involves staff winning points for different ailments they treat, by which letter they begin with. This entertains for a number of episodes until Tess finds out. In S21 E9, Alice pretends to have a boyfriend in a bid to make Guppy jealous. Porter Ben is at first not keen to pretend to be her boyfriend but when he is injured in a scuffle in reception, Alice comes to his aid. In S21 E11, Ellen has a brainwave to draw the public’s attention to the closure of Holby ED. She ropes in Kelsey and Alice and they all jump into the City’s water fountain in white t-shirts, causing a media frenzy. In S21 E13, Kelsey is suffering financial difficulties and she tells Ben that she can set him up with Alice – but he’ll have to pay her £20 for the privilege. However, Sam intervenes when he finds out what’s going on, telling Alice that Ben is not good enough for her – but it seems he may have feelings for Alice himself. In S21 E18, Guppy becomes trapped in a burning building with a patient. Following his ordeal, Guppy speaks to Alice and asks her to go for a drink. Sam overhears and is not pleased. In S21 E19, Guppy and Alice are amongst staff who take a day trip to coast. However their attempts at getting close are thwarted when Guppy is poioned by a fish bite. In S21 E20, Alice is distraught when Nathan removes all her plants from reception. Harry acts on Maggie’s advice that he needs to be more personable if he wants to succeed in his election campaign when he comforts a distressed Alice – but Nathan sees an opportunity he can’t resist. In S21 E21, Nathan persuades her to make a formal complaint against Harry for sexual harrassment, and he is then suspended. In S21 E22, Nathan informs the staff about Harry’s suspension and they are in shocked disbelief. Alice is having doubts about her claims and later Sam finds her crying in the staffroom. She tells him that everyone hates her because she is the one who made the complaint about Harry. In S21 E23, Harry’s had enough when news of Alice’s harrassment claim is leaked to the papers. Still feeling regret over making the claims, Alice looks into Harry’s confidential file to see if Nathan’s story that others had complained against him are true but is upset to find out he was lying. When awaiting press come to talk to Harry, she stands forward and withdraws her complaint. She later tells Sam she plans to resign. Sam is determined to persuade Alice to stay in S21 E24 and when he hears she would like to go travelling in the South American Rainforests, he puts a plan into action. After a collection, Sam places a number of exotic plants around the reception so she has her own rainforest and has no need to leave. Alice is overwhelmed and decides to stay at Holby. In S21 E29, Alice stands up to Nathan who is being uncharitable for Comic Relief. In S21 E33, Sam has been on a night out with his mates and Alice finds herself uncomfortable due to her increasing feelings towards Sam, but is relieved to find his ‘wild woman’ night is down to a new tattoo. In S21 E34, Alice jumps to the wrong conclusions about Abs and Tess’ relationship when they start dancing sessions. She manages to convince Sam in S21 E36 that his mum Tess is having an affair with Abs when Sam spots them coming out of her office after what seems like a secret rendezvous. In S21 E37, when Sam fails to turn up for work a guilty Alice admits to Tess that she told Sam that she and Abs were seeing each other. Tess explodes with anger and informs Alice that this could have a devastating effect on Sam’s bi-polar condition. When Greg and Alice arrive at Sam’s to find that his bag and clothes gone but his medication left behind, a frantic Tess flees the hospital to find him. In S21 E38, Sam decides to go travelling. Alice is forced to face up to her feelings for him. She races to find Sam and bravely tells him how she feels, who despite feeling the same way says he must still leave. Alice is distraught.

In Series 22, we learn Alice has now become a Health Care Assistant. In S22 E4, someone has spoken to the press about the recent handling of the bombing. Alice uncovers the truth and plucks up the courage to confront the whistleblower. In S22 E19, it’s New Year and Adam and Alice are stuck together in a lift which has broken down, along with a woman, who is in labour. Adam is claustrophobic, so it falls to Alice to help deliver the baby. In S22 E21, Alice and Kelsey are making profiles for their internet dating, lying about their interests. In S22 E30, Alice and Kelsey go on an internet double date, but Kelsey’s guy arrives too late. In S22 E34, Adam enlists Alice’s help so that he can woo Jessica on a breakfast date. In S22 E35, Alice is with her boyfriend, walking home after their date and planning another. They kiss, but Alice pulls away. As she enters her house and sees her mother, it becomes clear why she is so reticent. She later breaks up with him by text. In S22 E42, Alice comforts Kelsey whose internet boyfriend has ‘died’. However Big Mac has confided in Alice that he was infact her admirer and had made up the character of James who he now claims has died. In S22 E44, it’s Alice’s birthday. Kelsey discovers Big Mac was ‘James’ and is furious with Alice for knowing about it. At her party, Alice gets uncharacteristically drunk and technician Curtis over-reacts to her flirtatious behaviour on the dance floor.

In S23 E5, Alice joins Curtis on his paramedic shift and there’s clearly a spark between them. When they arrive at the chaotic Farmead Estate, Alice is intrigued by Curtis and the way he successfully deals with the situation. In S23 E11, Curtis is faced with his past when he sees an old acquaintance dealing drugs. He confronts him and nearly beats him up but, at the last minute, walks away. When Alice asks him what’s going on, he takes her to see his brother’s grave and reveals all about his past. In S23 E16, Alice and Curtis go on their first date, but it doesn’t go smoothly. In S23 E22, an old friend of Curtis’s is brought into the Emergency Department, having being stabbed by Tony – the man who killed Curtis’s brother. A wedge is driven between Curtis and Alice when Curtis refuses to talk to the police. However, when Curtis is later confronted with Tony, he has a dramatic change of heart and confesses everything. The police make an arrest but Curtis and his friends are left fearful. In S23 E23, a father takes his son mountain biking but his competitive nature means he pushes himself too far and falls down a ravine, badly injuring himself. His son runs to find help and discovers Curtis and Alice having a picnic. Curtis battles alone to save the father’s life, while Alice goes to find help. Curtis realises how much he loves Alice and resolves to tell her as soon as he can.

Memorable Moments

  • S20 E31 – Alice starts her first shift in the ED department.
  • S20 E47 – Kelsey gives Alive a makeover to impress Guppy, but is distraught when she overhears a conversation suggesting the pair spent the night together.
  • S21 E23 – Alice withdraws her harrassment claim against Harry to the press.
  • S21 E38 – Alice tells Sam of her feelings for him but althought reciprical, he decides to go travelling.
  • S22 E19 – Alice helps a claustrophibic Adam deliver a baby in a stuck lift.
  • S22 E44 – Alice gets uncharacteristically drunk at her birthday party
  • S23 E22 – Tension between Curtis and Alice when his old friend is brought in stabbed.
  • S23 E23 – Following a picnic, Curtis tells Alice he loves her.

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