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Man-eating Consultant Connie Beauchamp has become a popular figure on the wards of HOLBY CITY since she joined the show earlier this year.

Amanda Mealing, who recently finished filming the Casualty @ Holby Christmas special kindly talked to about her time on the show so far…

Do you enjoy playing your character Connie?

Connie is a dream come true for any actress. How many female characters do we have onscreen that are the boss?

What have been your favourite storylines to play so far?

The seduction of Will was great fun to play but generally the daily battles she has to run her hospital, her way, are spicy enough!

Have you had much response from viewers about Connie’s character? Why do you think she has become such a popular introduction to the show?

The response has been amazing – from men, women and children. I’m often stopped out shopping or dining etc and told ‘You’re so mean to (whoever).. but we love you!’ I think there’s a little in all of us that would like to say what we really feel, the way Connie does.

In real-life, do you think you would be able to work for someone like Connie as your boss?

I just have. She’s now gone to be Executive Producer for Eastenders and she was fantastic. Connie’s character is harsh but fair. If you do your job well there’s no problem. Also if she can see potential for more, she will push you to get the best from you. My boss was the same – except seducing all the men!

There’s not many men in Holby that haven’t fallen for Connie’s charm or manipulation – why do you think Connie acts the way she does around men?

Simply – because she can. The idea with this character is to ‘break the glass ceiling’ as they say – buisness, medicine, finance, whatever are all dominated by men. The few women who make it through obviously know how to play the game the man’s way but have the added advantage of a woman’s charm. So we have fun with Connie – a chance to turn the tables.

The Christmas crossover episodes are set to be very dramatic. Did you enjoy filming the scenes and working with the CASUALTY cast?

I think it was a fantastic idea to show the two dramas in one hospital – as it is supposed to be. Connie and Harry are the bosses of their individual dramas so to see how they work together is great. And yes, it is going to be very dramatic – fantastic Christmas viewing.

Who are your closest friends on the Set of HOLBY? Do you socialise outside of work hours with the cast?

Tina Hobley and I often go out after work. I would say we all work and depend on eachother and are so much of a team that we’re all very close.

Have there been any funny moments on Set that you can share with us?

There are often funny moments especially with saying some of the medical terms. I once did an operation scene using chopsticks – that was a laugh!

Who or what inspired you to become an actress?

I can’t remember who – I started aged six at Elstree where I’m still filming today. But I love the old Hollywood stars like Ava Gardner, etc.

Away from the busy filming schedules, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I don’t have much spare time. Dancing is where I started so I will often try to do a ballet class. But mostly I like to be at home with my boys. Cooking chocolate is our favourite hobby.

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