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As one of HOLBY CITY’s original cast members, Angela Griffin played nurse Jasmine Hopkins in the first three series of the show. Angela’s first major role was in Coronation Street and since her appearance in the soap and also HOLBY, Angela has continued to work steadily, noted for other roles in Cutting It, Down to Earth and most recently Waterloo Road. Currently taking a break from acting whilst expecting her second child, Angela kindly talked to…

As one of HOLBY CITY’s original cast members, do you have fond memories of working on the show?

I have unbelievable memories. It was a great job to be on, especially establishing a show that has gone on to be so successful. But I also met my best friends there.

Did you enjoy playing the role of Jasmine? What were some of your most memorable storylines?

I loved playing Jasmine and the most memorable storyline for me has to be when she was stabbed and then lost the baby.

Can you still remember your first scene/ words filming on HOLBY CITY? Were you nervous at joining the show?

I can’t remember my first scene but I know we were more excited than nervous, as it was everyone’s first day.

You made some close friends in Nicola Stephenson and Lisa Faulkner during your time on the show. Are there any other cast members you still keep in touch with?

These two are my bestest friends ever. If I see other cast members we speak and say hello but nothing like my girls!

Do you ever watch HOLBY CITY now?

Very very occasionally.

New police drama HolbyBlue recently made it’s debut, was there pressure on spin-off HOLBY CITY at the time to continue in the success of CASUALTY?

There wasn’t any pressure at all. It was such an experiment and everyone was surprised by the success.

Since leaving HOLBY CITY, you’ve appeared in a number of high-rated show. What have been some of the highlights of your career so far?

I loved filming Cutting It as I had such a laugh with the cast and also Waterloo Road.

Do you have any future work ambitions?

I’m very pregnant at the moment so my only ambition is to give birth safely. I’d like to do some theatre and some film work though.

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