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Cas Character

Anna Paul

Played by Zita Sattar


S15 E28 – S18 E3

Job Title

Staff Nurse

First Words

Man : Don’t bother sweetheart, they’re closed.

Anna : What?

Man : Sending people to St Thomas’ (concerned Anna heads towards Josh)

Anna : Is it really closed?


Petite and bubbly Student Nurse Anna Paul joins the cast in S15 E28, it’s her first day in A&E and she is nervous when she sees the number of patients. Chloe takes her under her wing and makes her feel part of the team, where Anna ends up having a really positive day. In S15 E29, she is devastated when she sees a patient die for the first time, Max assures her that it gets easier to cope with in time. In S15 E31, new receptionist Jack also joins the team, and finds himself being the butt of a practical joke played by Anna and Barney. He makes his plans to get his own back – next episode they send Anna on an initiation prank, by sending her on a wild goose chase around Holby and is left to walk miles back to A&E in a flying squad uniform. She is saved by a policeman, who gives her a lift back. In S15 E34, Anna teases Chloe, on her fling with Barney in the previous episode, it takes them a whole shift to realise that neither Chloe or Barney want to ruin their friendship by taking things further. In S15 E35, Anna plays another trick on Jack by telling him an artist friend of hers will pay £200 for every kilo of crisp packets he gets, he spends the shift munching away, till she finally tells him it was a wind up on his twelfth packet.

In Series 16, it is revealed Chloe and Anna are sharing a flat, Anna is concerned over Chloe’s financial problems, when she starts a second job to pay off her debts. Chloe starts to get tired during shifts, and in S16 E7 Anna finds her asleep in the staff room. She warns her to get her act together. Chloe then loses a packet of pills – which Colette finds. Anna helps cover for her, but Colette already knows they are lying. Colette is furious and tells Anna how disappointed she is in her. Anna is not happy with Chloe’s behaviour. In S16 E8 Anna is chuffed when Dillon agrees to go for a drink with her, although when they get to the pub, other staff members are there and she seems a little deflated. In S16 E11, she gets increasingly concerned for Chloe, now she has started to be a hostess of her boyfriend’s new club – but Chloe ignores her warnings. In S16 E12 Chloe’s boyfriend, Jason gives her money to see a client, Lenny, but she can’t get out of her shift at the hospital. She begs Anna to take her place. Anna turns up at the restaurant, nervous and quiet, and eventually tells Lenny she is not Chloe. She goes to the toilets, and escapes, however he corners her outside. Next episode Anna rushes home after being beaten up by Lenny. Chloe fees guilty but urges her not to call the police. Anna turns up for work, but during shift collapses after hemorrhaging, and is treated in Resus. Charlie calls Chloe in, who confirms Anna’s story that she fell down some stairs. In S16 E14 Jason goes to see Anna in a ward and warns her not to go to the police, by blackmailing her by saying that she was acting as a prostitute. Anna begs Chloe to stop seeing him, to her face she agrees, but behind her back, Chloe still sees Jason. In S16 E17, Anna returns to work – Charlie tells off Philippa for shouting at her, while they are under pressure. Jason takes Chloe home after she helps his injured friend, Anna sees them through the window. Chloe admits to Anna that she is still seeing him and that she loves him, but wants to be there for Anna. In S16 E18, Anna asks Tony out on a date – he tells her he’s gay. Embarrassed, she makes the wrong impression that he does drugs and one night stands, but later apologises. Meanwhile, Chloe is getting herself into more trouble, by helping Jason’s convict brother escape from the hospital. In S16 E19, Chloe confides in Anna, who doesn’t want to know, but loyally stands by her. Tony sees the video footage of Chloe with Jason – Anna tells him to burn it – but with his previous convictions, he’s worried the police will chase after him. This episode also, Philippa takes her anger out on Anna, when she misdiagnoses a patient – Anna sticks up for herself and Patrick hastily leaves. Next episode the police call to Anna and Chloe’s flat, but Anna tells them she’s not in. Trying to keep a low profile, Chloe takes Anna’s place shadowing the paramedic team. Later Jason sends a parcel to A&E including flight tickets – Anna makes sure Chloe gets the tickets, where she heads to the airport and leaves. In S16 E21, left without a flat mate, technician Nikki moves in with her and they have a flat warming party. In S16 E26, Tony discusses with Anna about the upcoming EDA position but fears his criminal past will let him down. Anna takes his application form to Charlie without him knowing. She also discovers Gilly selling drugs in the toilet. Next episode, she tries to warn Spencer about his daughter’s behaviour, but he refuses to believe it. In S16 E28, Anna is called out to where Patrick has been involved in a motorway accident. In S16 E30, Anna calls the police on Gilly, and Spencer is forced to wake up to the truth. In S16 E33, Roxy also moves in with Anna and Nikki. In S16 E37, Anna becomes increasingly annoyed at Roxy’s boyfriend who is also staying. While they are at work, he steals all their belongings but is found after when a fridge falls on him and the paramedics are called. In {KYWORD:S16 E38, a young patient asks Anna to help her contact her birth mother. Anna visits the mosque for her but Tony warns her for becoming too involved, as she has drawn on her own experiences of not being in contact with her father.

In S17 E1, Anna and Nikki are unhappy that Roxy’s baby is keeping them awake at night. In S17 E6, Harry asks Anna to help him choose lingerie for his wife over the internet. In S17 E8, the wife of a patient confides in Anna that she has been giving him her HRT tablets as she was unhappy at his constant need for sex. After shift, the team go for drinks and Anna ends up sharing an illicit kiss with Harry back at his house, before backing off. In S17 E15, Anna discovers her date at the Christmas party is married and throws her drink on him. In S17 E17, she awaits a blind date at a cafe. When he doesn’t show up she ends up getting friendly with Merlin. Next episode, she is shocked to discover Merlin is the new PR House Officer at A&E. In S17 E23, Anna tries to keep her mother away from seeing Merlin and embarrassing her. Merlin also admits to being adopted. Merlin decides to meet his birth mother, but Anna is in for a shock when she finds out in S17 E31 that her mother, Lyn, is also Merlin’s mother. In S17 E32, Lyn demands that Anna should tell Merlin the shocking truth and next episode she tells him they are related. He walks off while she sobs inconsolably. In S17 E34, Merlin and Anna find it difficult to come to terms with but Merlin still wants to carry on their relationship, she says it would be wrong. In S17 E38, Nikki asks Anna to be bridesmaid at her wedding. In S17 E40, as the wedding day arrives – tragedy strikes.

By S18 E1, Anna and Merlin can’t escape their feelings for eachother. They’ve been way for the weekend together and Anna has told Merlin she is pregnant with his baby. She insists they can’t keep it. On the way back to Holby, Anna is involved in a train crash and, through the trauma, she realises she does want to keep the baby. The life-and-death situation makes her realise there is no right or wrong for her love for Merlin and she is no longer scared. She loses both of her legs in the crash and her condition deteriorates until she dies in S18 E3.

Memorable Moments

  • S15 E29 – Anna is upset when she sees her first patient die.
  • S15 E32 – Jack and Barney play a practical joke on Anna.
  • S15 E12 – Anna is attacked after taking the place of Chloe, for one of Jason’s clients.
  • S17 E33 – Anna tells Merlin that he is her half brother.
  • S18 E3 – Anna dies after her train crash injuries.

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