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Cas Character

Archie Hudson

Played by Genesis Lynea


S33 E28 – S34 E27

Job Title

Specialist Registrar, Emergency Medicine

First Words

(Archie is getting frustrated with the course she is attending and decides to leave midway through) Course leader, Gregory : Dr Hudson, you’re leaving?

Archie : I am

Gregory : I was just warming up

Archie : Gregory, you seem like an intelligent guy so I won’t waste your time telling you I’ve got somewhere to be or something’s come up. I do have better things to do but that’s not why I’m leaving. I’m leaving because I resent wasting a whole day of my life being told how to talk and how to behave, pick things up. I know how to talk, I know how to pick things up

Last Words

Connie : Dr Hudson, I take it from the hugs and the dewy eyes that you’re leaving

Archie : Connie, I don’t want to ..

Connie : Good luck Archie


Archie is clever, passionate and headstrong. She’s a brilliant doctor but cannot keep her mouth shut. If she sees any injustice, she won’t keep quiet. She’s got a short fuse and playing the game is not Archie’s forte. Despite priding herself on her intelligence, it’s absolutely her heart that rules over her head.

Archie’s last post was at the Ostwyn’s ED. She found her best friend, an overworked registrar, unconscious and the hospital tried to cover it up as an accidental overdose. She was let go from the hospital, after she emailed every consultant with her views of the incident.

Archie joins at the same time as locum Will, who eventually gets the Consultancy post over her. The pair often clash but also have eachother’s backs. During Series 33, Connie’s behaviour spirals which is affecting her work – however when she blames Archie for making a mistake with a patient, it alerts Archie to a potential future issue. Ciaran is brought in to oversee the department and when another incident leads to Duffy being blamed, Archie is intent on proving Connie’s at fault. It ends up in a hostage situation involving Connie and Archie at a pharmacy in which Archie is stabbed, but Connie admits to her addiction and leaves the department under a cloud.

In Series 34, Archie again shows her need to get justice when she helps an abused ex-student escape the police after he acid attacks his old school teacher. The teacher, is later readmitted in a further episode where Archie reveals to him she vandalised his car. Midway through the series, Connie returns which at first displeases Archie but following the death of Duffy, she sees Connie is struggling and offers to go for a drink with her and their friendship thaws a little. Archie admits to Will that she has received a job offer from Megan Harrison in Sudan, and Connie later finds out through Megan. Connie is hurt and informs Archie that she should take the role as she expects full commitment from her team, but quietly she is disappointed as Archie leaves.

Memorable Moments

  • S33 E28 – Maverick Archie makes her debut
  • S33 E29 – New locum Will clashes with Archie
  • S33 E35 – After Will gets the Consultancy post, Will and Archie put aside their differences when patient Toby is rushed into the ED
  • S33 E39Connie makes a mistake whilst treating a patient alongside Archie but is quick to pass the blame onto her
  • S33 E41Archie confides in Will that it was Connie who made the mistake with a patient, not her
  • S33 E43 – Connie makes another error which results in patients getting the wrong syringe. Archie notices her blame Duffy
  • S33 E44 – Will tells Archie she needs proof of Connie’s latest error which leads Duffy to resign
  • S33 E45 – Ciaran and Archie try to catch Connie out, after she finds out she is taking diazepam but Connie continues to cover her tracks
  • S33 E46 – Connie and Archie are caught up in a hostage situation in a pharmacy which ends up in Archie being stabbed. Connie finally admits to her addiction
  • S34 E4 – Archie helps a wronged patient, Seb get justice (after being abused by a former teacher Vincent) by helping him escape from the police
  • S34 E9Archie is shocked when Vincent, the retired school master who was acid attacked by his abused ex-student Seb, returns after being readmitted
  • S34 E23Connie finds it increasingly difficult to hide her emotions following Duffy’s death, which could bring her and Archie closer together.
  • S34 E27 – Archie leaves after being offered a job in Sudan

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