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Cas Character

Ben ‘Lofty’ Chiltern


Played by Lee Mead


S28 E27 ‘The Last Saloon’ – S30 E27 ‘High Tide’; S31 E38 ‘Don’t Stand at my Grave and Weep’

Job Title

Staff Nurse

First Words

(comes down from the loft) Hello?


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Memorable Moments

  • S29 E4 – Timid Lofty stands up to an abusive husband who beats up his deaf wife.
  • S29 E15 – Lofty records New Year resolutions from his colleagues.
  • S29 E28 – Robyn finds it difficult keeping her feelings for Lofty under wraps.
  • S29 E29 – Lofty asks Max for help in how to let Robyn down gently.
  • S30 E6 – Dylan and Lofty work together to help a hapless patient. Dylan confides in Lofty who offers to take care of Dervla while he gets back on his feet.
  • S30 E17 – Lofty makes some healthy New Years resolutions but fails to stick to them.
  • S30 E18 – Lofty fails to impress Rita as he campaigns for promotion – she catches him mid spray tan  in the on-call room – and feels he has left himself down.
  • S30 E19 – Lofty has an interview for the Band 6 nursing position. When the hospital is put on alert, Lofty impresses his bosses and gets the job.
  • S30 E22 – Lofty struggles with being a boss and a friend to Robyn.
  • S30 E25 – Whilst in charge of the nursing staff, an agency nurse dies after being defibrillated. Lofty is distraught.
  • S30 E26 – Lofty resigns following the death of Diana.
  • S31 E38 – Lofty returns for Cal’s funeral.

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