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Actor Ben Price joins the cast of CASUALTY next week as tough Corporate Director Nathan Spencer, whose set to clash with Harry with his new rules and regulations. Best known for his role as Conrad in Footballers Wives, who was killed off in the last series, his new role is of stark contrast to that of his previous role. Ben talks to about joining the show…

How did you get the role in CASUALTY? Where were you when you found out you had got the part?

I went for a meeting with the Series Producer and then left straight after to shoot a film in the Alps. I found out I had the job halfway up a mountain!

Were you nervous about joining the show?

I wasn’t that nervous. Everyone has been incredibly friendly.

How would you describe your character Nathan?

Nathan is very sharp, driven and abrupt. He has come from a business background and only really cares about the hospitals efficiency rate.

Did you used to watch CASUALTY before you joined the show?

Through the years I have caught the show.

Your famed for your role in Footballer’s Wives, how does this compare/ differ to working on CASUALTY?

Footballers Wives was filmed entirely on location. The make up, the hair, the costumes – it could take two hours to get ready! Luckily my character in CASUALTY is a lot more down to earth than Conrad!

Have you always wanted to be an actor? Are your family supportive of your chosen career?

Yes this is all I’ve ever done!

Which actors/ actresses do you admire?

Any actor who follows their own path and takes on challenging and different parts.

Where were you born/ brought up? Do you enjoy working in Bristol?

I was brought up in Newcastle. I’m just getting to know Bristol. I’ve only been here three weeks, but it seems nice.

Away from the busy filming schedules, what do you like doing in your spare time?

I write and direct short films. I also enjoy taking my motorbike out into the country.

Would you be a good person to have round in an emergency?

No I’m afraid I wouldn’t, if it required medical assistance. However I think in the spirit of Nathan, I would be good at organising people!


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