Cas Current Character

  • Dylan Keogh

    Played by William Beck Appearance S25 E28 ‘Only Human’ – S27 E16 ‘I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus’; S29 E8 – Job Title Consultant in...

  • Elle Gardner

    Played by Jaye Griffiths Appearance S30 E34 ‘Hello I Must Be Going’ – Job Title Consultant First Words Background Memorable Moments Save

  • Ethan Hardy

    Played by George Rainsford Appearance S28 E20 ‘Bad Timing’ – Job Title Specialit Registrar. Emergency Medecine First Words Date of Birth 28th November 1986 (as...

  • Iain Dean

    Played by Michael Stevenson Appearance S26 E31.1 ‘Under Fire’; S26 E33 ‘Appropriate Force’; S28 E5 ‘Waiting for a Star to Fall’ – S28 E30 ‘The...

  • Jacob Masters

    Played by Charles Venn Appearance S29 E40 – Job Title Staff Nurse First Words Background Memorable Moments Extra Images

  • Jez Andrews

    Played by Lloyd Everitt Appearance S30 E27 ‘High Tide’ – Job Title Paramedic First Words Background Memorable Moments Save

  • Lily Chao

    Played by Crystal Yu Appearance S28 E1 ‘Bedside Manners’ – Job Title F2 First Words Background Memorable Moments

  • Lisa ‘Duffy’ Duffin

    Played by Cathy Shipton Appearance S1 E1 ‘Gas’ – S8 E13 ‘The Good Life’; S12 E25 ‘Everlasting Love’ – S17 E31 ‘The Point of No...

  • Louise Tyler

    Played by Azuka Oforka Appearance S26 E7 ‘Wild Horses’ – S26 E12 ‘Natural Selection’; S27 E1 ‘Kansas’ – Job Title  Ambulance Control Officer (Series 26);...

  • Max Walker

    Played by Jamie Davis Appearance S28 E9 ‘Love Hurts’ – Job Title Porter First Words Background Memorable Moments

  • Noel Garcia

    Played by Tony Marshall Appearance S22 E20 ‘Broken Homes’ – Job Title Receptionist First Words Background Noel is described as a real Del Boy, and...

  • Robyn Miller

    Played by Amanda Henderson Appearance S27 E17 ‘Rabbits in the Headlights’ – Job Title Student Nurse / Staff Nurse First Words (to a smoking Zoe)...