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Top 50 Best Holby Characters Revealed

Results from fans Top 50 Holby City Characters ..

1. Jac Naylor
2. Henrik Hanssen
3. Fletch
4. Elliot Hope
5. Sacha Levy
6. Connie Beauchamp
7. Dominic Copeland
8. Donna Jackson
9. Serena Campbell
10. Mo Effanga
11. Frieda Petrenko
12. Ric Griffin
13. Arthur Digby
14. Bernie Wolfe
15. Zosia Self
16. Ange Godard
17. Raf di Luca
18. Essie di Luca
19. Joseph Byrne
20. Oliver Valentine
21. Chantelle Lane
22. Anton Meyer
23. Chrissie Williams
24. Derwood Thompson
25. Michael Spence
26. Chloe Godard
27. Nick Jordan
28. Kian Madani
29. Jason Haynes
30. Lola Griffin
31. Jasmine Burrows
32. Max McGerry
33. Lofty
34. Sam Strachan
35. Nicky McKendrick
36. Fleur Fanshawe
37. Jonny Maconie
38. Diane Lloyd
39. Morven Digby
40. Antoine Malick
41. Guy Self
42. Alex Adams
43. Kylie Madden
44. Mark Williams
45. Eli Ebrihami
46. Colette Sheward
47. Zubin Khan
48. Roxanna Macmillan
49. Cameron Dunn
50. Mary-Claire Carter

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