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Cas Character

Chloe Hill

Played by Jan Anderson

Job Title

Staff Nurse


S13 E1 – S16 E20

Job Title

Staff Nurse

First Words

Looks like she was hit, punched


Staff Nurse Chloe Hill is a young woman – bubbly, energetic and full of life. Her optimistic attitude in life is to ‘live life to the full’. Chloe is also bold and forward, and is never afraid to speak her mind, which wins her friends and enemies alike. But despite her confident and flirtatious exterior, and her need for attention, she has a soft sensitive side too. Chloe grew up in the inner city, with her parents, who were also foster parents, to a number of children at a time, so she was used to many faces, which is where Chloe probably learned to be so chatty and friendly towards people. So it’s no wonder Chloe decided to become a nurse – she loves people and has a very caring attitude.

The first patient Chloe attends to in S13 E1, us Bonnie Russell, who has multiple cuts, she wrongly assumes her husband has hit her. Overkeen Chloe has to learn to not make the wrong judgment on first impression. Chloe and nurse Tina become firm friends early on, they are both young and enjoy going out and having fun. They decide to share a flat and in S13 E4, hold a housewarming party. In her love life, Chloe takes a shine to Policeman Pat Garratt, and they end up dating. In S13 E8, Chloe’s compassionate attitude is shown when she comforts an old man who’s wife has just died, and in S13 E10 she takes to the road by spending a shift with paramedics Josh and Penny. But in S13 E13, Chloe received some bad news of her own, understanding how relatives feel, when she hears her mother has died of a heart attack, she is very distraught. Things take it’s toll on her relationship with Pat, they argue over a matter involving his job and split up. Left alone in a cubicle with Sean (her best friend Tina’s boyfriend at the time), an upset Chloe kisses him. In S13 E20, it is clear they had a one night stand, both guilty, they are acting awkwardly towards eachother, but disaster follows when in S13 E26, Chloe discovers she is pregnant. In S13 E28, Tina confronts her, finding out she is pregnant, she assumes it’s Pat’s, but discovers the truth when Sean enters. Tina calls her a bitch, not believing she has been let down and hurt again.

At the beginning of Series 14, tension still runs high between the three of them – Chloe tells Sean she is pregnant, at first Sean is shocked and asks if it’s his child – Chloe slaps him, he then says he will support her financially in any way he can. But in S14 E7, Chloe tells Duffy she is to have an abortion, in turn Duffy tells Tina, after she has been avoiding Chloe, and as Chloe is about to go the clinic, Tina offers her a lift. Slowly they rebuild their friendship. In S14 E13, Chloe tells Sean she’s had her abortion, he is hurt she has already done it without telling him. At Christmas time, Chloe, along with Max and Adam don fancy dress, and visit the children’s ward. In S14 E18, Chloe is slowly showing a more confident approach to her work, Duffy lets her deal with a family, who’s son has died. Sensitively, Chloe asks them of the possibilities of organ donation, they agree, proving her abilities as a nurse. At the end of Series 14, Tina heads for Australia, Chloe is sad to see her leave, but glad that after all they’d been through, they managed to remain friends.

In Series 15, Chloe has moved into the nurses’ home to try and save money, and is babysitting to earn extra cash. In S15 E1, she oversleeps and rushes out of the home, not noticing two youths intent on stealing whatever cash they can find. Chloe is upset to find they have ransacked her room. In S15 E10, an angry patient calls the police when her purse is stolen. It’s common knowledge that Chloe has money troubles, and when she repays Amy the money she owes her she finds herself accused of theft. Sparks fly as she looks to her colleagues for support. In S15 E13, Chloe and Barney attend interviews for the e-grade nursing position. Chloe is dreading it, but Barney is calm – however is is Chloe who is successful. In S15 E15, Chloe and some other colleagues go to a club, but Barney is caught up in a fight after he finds some lads trying to spike Chloe’s drinks. In The Xmas episode, Chloe is trying to instill a bit of Christmas spirit into everyone, and goes around inviting everyone to spend Christmas with her. What she’s forgotten is that she was supposed to be spending a quiet Christmas at Amy’s, and hasn’t warned her about the growing guest list! In S15 E26, Chloe receives a letter from Tina in Australia saying that she is pregnant. In S15 E28, Student Nurse Anna joins the team and Chloe takes her under her wing and makes her feel part of the team. In S15 E33, Chloe and Barney attend a wrestling match, however their lives are put in danger when an arsonist, as part of an insurance scam, sets fire to the club, not realising that Chloe and an elderly lady, Louisa, are still in the building. Barney, waiting for Chloe outside, realises she is still in the building and rushes in to save Chloe and Louisa. Chloe and Barney share passionate kiss at the end of the episode. Next episode, they agree that they don’t want to ruin their friendship by getting involved with eachother. Louisa’s friend, Janine, is angry at Chloe for coming between them – when at the wresting match Chloe tells her Janine was using her, when it is revealed Louisa has left Chloe her house. In S15 E35, now that Chloe has money, she wants to pay off all her debts, and skates in in the morning and gives Barney a parcel with a bundle of ten pound notes. Janine decides to make a formal complaint about Chloe to Dan. Next episode, Chloe and Janine come face to face and she warns Chloe to get a good solicitor.

In Series 16, Chloe, who is now sharing a flat with Anna, admits to her that she is over £7,000 in debt and that she is going to get a second job to help pay them off. In S16 E3, it is revealed she is moonlighting as a waitress – when Max sees her at the restaurant she is working at. In S16 E7, Chloe is tired from working two jobs, and Anna finds her asleep in the staff room and warns her to get her act together. Later she makes another error, when she drops a pill packet on the floor – Colette confronts her and she tries to cover her tracks with Anna backing her up – but Colette shouts at them both. In S16 E8, Chloe is still feeling the strain, but is happy with her relationship with her restaurant boss, Jason. He asks her to be a hostess in his new club – which she is very excited about. In S16 E10, Anna tells Chloe she is worried about Jason and what he’s getting her into. But she says she’s having fun and that Anna doesn’t understand. In S16 E12, Jason asks Chloe to get off work early so she can entertain a friend, Lenny. But she can’t get out of her shift, and asks Anna to take her place. She reluctantly agrees, but after the evening is out, she is attacked by Lenny. Chloe feels guilty next episode when she sees the state of Anna, and Anna collapses later on at work. Chloe and Anna still refuse to tell the truth about the situation, although Anna begs her to stop seeing him. Jason apologises to Chloe, and their relationship seems set to continue. In S16 E14, Chloe sees Anna in a ward, Anna wants to tell the truth, but Chloe says Jason will be sent to prison. Jason, later calls in to give Anna a visit and threatens her not to tell. In S16 E18, Chloe, Lara and some prison guards take a convict patient, Lewis, up for a scan – not realising the prisoner is Jason’s brother and it has all been a ploy to help him escape. Jason, is forced to get Chloe involved to help them escape. Distraught, she leads them to safety through the basement. Chloe wants to go with them in the getaway car but Jason refuses. He tells her he’ll be in touch and that he owes her for this. He kisses her and tells her she is one of the gang and then drives away. Chloe is left alone crying, not realising it has all been caught on security camera. In S16 E19, the police are sniffing round the department since Lewis’s break out, thinking it’s an inside job – Chloe is worried about getting caught and is unable to get hold of Jason. She confides in Anna, who doesn’t want to know, but loyally stands by her. Tony sees the video footage of Chloe with Jason – Anna tells him to burn it – but with his previous convictions, he’s worried the police will chase after him. After shift, Chloe goes to Jason’s warehouse, and finds it empty – she bursts into tears, thinking he has deserted her. In S16 E20, Chloe is depressed after Jason has left her in the lurch and she faces police questioning. She avoids them by taking Anna’s place out on observation with the paramedics, Nikki and Comfort. After treating a number of patients, Chloe decides to tell Nikki and Comfort about what she has done – Comfort wants to turn her in, but they are called to another shout before she can. They go to a house, where three drugged up men have serious cuts after a dog fight. The gang leader pushes the paramedics around and urges them to not take them to hospital – angrily Comfort punches him, before the police finally arrive. Comfort decides, after Chloe’s help, not to turn her in. Meanwhile, a package arrives for Chloe at A&E – Tony and Anna make sure she gets it with the help of Fin. When Chloe opens it, she finds flight tickets to Miami and a letter from Jason asking her to join him. Their next call is to a newly married man, Dave, who is severely burned by an explosion in his garage. His wife is distraught when he dies in the ambulance. An upset Chloe, realising life is too short, gets out the ambulance and tries to flag a taxi. As she does a man informs the paramedics of a motorway accident nearby, with many injured. Chloe, in the taxi, sees a girl trapped in the car and rushes out to save her. The car explodes – Comfort rushes towards them, luckily Chloe and the girl manage to escape. Comfort and Nikki drive Chloe to the airport and say goodbye. As they leave, a police car after Chloe, pull them up – but it’s too late, Chloe has already left.

Memorable Moments

  • S13 E1 – Chloe’s debut episode.
  • S13 E19 – After Chloe breaks up with PC Pat, she shares a passionate kiss with Sean Maddox.
  • S13 E28 – Chloe reveals to Tina she is pregnant by Sean.
  • S16 E20 – Chloe”s makes a departure from Holby with the police on her tail.

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