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HC Character

Chrissie Williams

Played by Tina Hobley


S3 E30 ‘The Road Less Travelled’-

Job Title

Ward Sister

First Words

Jasmine : Excuse me, would you like to sign this petition?

Chrissie : And why would I want to do that?


Chrissie is confident, determined and described as a ‘man-eater’ when she first joined the show. Although she seems to have mellowed in recent times, every now and again her flirtatious behaviour rears it’s head – once she sets her sights on something, she is determined to get it! Chrissie runs a tight ship at work – she can be bossy and demanding of her colleagues, but gets good results.

Chrissie arrives in S3 E30 to replace Julie who has left for a new life in Brighton. Sandy and Jasmine take an immediate dislike to her when she is rude to everyone, but later decide she may be alright.

In S4 E1, Stan and Sandy are getting tired of Chrissie’s bossiness, but he cheers Sandy up when mentioning Chrissie was nicknamed Cruella de Ville at her previous hospital. Chrissie hits it off with Alistair, who has arrived to replace Meyer, who’s recovering from a gun shout wound. In S4 E2, Chrissie continues to look after Meyer who is recovering in hospital but berates him when she discovers him doing paperwork. In S4 E3, Chrissie’s love life becomes public property when an ex-boyfriend refuses to accept that their relationship is over. Bringing a collection of her belongings to the ward, he throws them at her infront of her colleagues, including Alistair. Chrissie, as ever, exercises her customary cool manner and remains unfazed by the episode. In S4 E4, Chrissie puts her foot in it at a dinner party, when Janice realises Alistair has already told her she’s pregnant. But Chrissie is also thrown to see Owen – who is also a former lover of hers. In S4 E7, Chrissie offers Alistair a shoulder to cry on after Janice suffers a miscarriage. It results in a passionate kiss and an affair ensues. In S4 E8, Owen and Kath both become suspicious of Chrissie’s relationship with Alistair. Owen confronts her but she denies his accusations. In S4 E11, Chrissie is sent some flowers signed only ‘A’ leaving staff to make their guesses. Chrissie is worried about overly keen Alistair and the situation getting out of hand, meanwhile Janice narrowly misses finding Chrissie’s name bade under her bed. In S4 E12, Alistair continues to harrass Chrissie but she wants him to leave her alone. He later brings her a diamond necklace but she refuses to take it, and slaps him in her office before walking out – Janice, who has just found out she is pregnant catches the last part of the argument. At home, Janice has found Chrissie’s name badge and confronts him. He makes excuses and gives her the necklace previously meant for Chrissie, and they hug. In S4 E13, Alistair tries to rekindle his affair with Chrissie, but she’s having none of it. Suspicious Kath confronts Chrissie but Chrissie says there’s nothing to it. Alistair tells Kath that if she breathes a word about him and Chrissie to anyone then he’ll tell the hospital about Simon, jeopardising Kath’s reputation and his career. In S4 E14, Owen and Chrissie are speaking when Alistair walks after her. He tells her they can have a quiet drink together, Chrissie tells him ‘Get off my back.’ He won’t leave her alone and grabs her. Owen comes to Chrissie’s rescue and there’s a scuffle between him and Alistair. In S4 E16, Sam confesses to Chrissie that she spiked Alex’s drinks leading to his drink drive accident. Chrissie is shocked and says she must tell him the truth. Janice dumps Alistair when she realises she can’t come to terms with his affair with Chrissie. Chrissie also tells him there’s no chance of a reunion between them. In S4 E20, Chrissie tells Owen about her cancer fears when a smear test reveals to have found pre-cancerous cells. In S4 E22, Owen takes Chrissie to her appointment at the doctors. In S4 E36, Owen is brought into work by his wife and Chrissie does not seem to get over this. She spends the whole day trying to tell him that she is not ready to give up on him and that boring family life does not suit him. She also continually flirts with Owen before, during and after the auction, until he succumbs to temptation. In S4 E38, Owen visits Chrissie at home to tell her he is getting back with his wife, mainly because of daughter Katie, and that they cannot continue acting like they have so far. He is, once again, unable to resist Chrissie and proceeds to jeopardise it, until Chrissie mentions that he should think about his wife. In S4 E40, Chrissie offers to drive Owen and Katie home when Ric’s wedding is cancelled. Katie falls asleep and Owen and Chrissie can’t resist the temptation to sleep together, even though she has refused to become one hundred per cent committed to him. Katie finds them in bed. In S4 E41, Chrissie is caught ina lift with Alistair. He warns Chrissie not to act so hostile towards people otherwise she may not further her career; she doesn’t seem bothered by his threat. In S4 E42, Chrissie speaks to Katie who is at the hospital after a day off school. She tries to persuade Katie not tell her mother about what she saw. However when Owen’s wife, Laura comes to collect her, Katie refers to Chrissie as ‘Daddy’s friend’ and spills the beans, leaving Laura furious and tells him it’s over. In S4 E43, Owen had planned to spend the night at home with Katie, but Chrissie unexpectedly turned up. After receiving a phone call about Janice, Owen has to rush back to Holby. Katie refuses to go home to her mum, so Chrissie is left to babysit. Chrissie refuses to make Katie some hot chocolate so Katie sneaks into the kitchen to make it herself. Chrissie catches her and the boiling milk spills onto her arm so Chrissie has to rush Katie to casualty with a scolded arm. In S4 E46, Owen throws a house-warming party, where he asks Chrissie to move in too, but she is too unsure to agree. In S4 E48, Owen arrives home to find Chrissie and her belongings waiting for him outside. She’s decided to take the first step of commitment and move in with him. He says he loves her, and asks her to say the same if she feels it. In S4 E52, Chrissie has a tough time trying to please Katie at her birthday party.

In S5 E3, Owen suggests Chrissie could be pregnant when sheis showing symptoms. Chrissie, refuses to believe it and drinks at Tom’s party but ends up being sick. In S5 E4, Owen tells Chrissie off for her behaviour at the party and says she must apologise to Tom. Chrissie starts being flirty with Ed, and tries to arrange an evening out with him, which she unhappily has to cancel when Owen changes his plans. In S5 E5, Ed confides in Chrissie about his father. They end up in a pasisonate clinch and it looks as if Chrissie is up to her old tricks again. In S5 E8, Chrissie is still aftert Ed, but he has doubts as he doesn’t want to hurt Owen. Chrissie persuades him that it’s only sex. Meanwhile, Owen has laid on a romantic evening at home and after she arrives home late, he decides to propose. In S5 E9, Chrissie sleeps with Ed in the lockeroom. She is undecided about who she want though and later in the shift when Owen asks her response to his previous proposal. She decides to accept. In S5 E11, Chrissie’s made her decision and says it’s over between her and Ed, whilst showing off her engagement ring to anyone who’ll see. In S5 E12, Chrissie discovers she is pregnant, leaving her again in a conflict of emotions. She wants to marry Owen – but not if she may be carrying someone else’s child. Owen finds out she’s pregnant and confronts her, saying he’ll stand by any decision she makes. In S5 E13, she decides to have an abortion and refuses Owen’s offer to go with her. However she later changes her mind, much to Owen’s pleasure, but Ed is not so thrilled and tells her she shouldn’t keep it in S5 E14. In S5 E15, much to Chrissie’s embarrassment, Owen asks Ed to be his best man. In S5 E16, Chrissie has her hen night. But is taken into hospital by Lisa when she suffers spotting. Chrissie tells Mubbs the baby might not be Owen’s – and after a previous conversation with Ed, Mubbs realises who else’s is could be. Chrissie returns home to find Ed has helped take a drunk Owen home and he will be staying on the sofa. In S5 E17, it’s the day of Chrissie and Owen’s wedding. Chrissie discovers Mubbs knows and questions his reliability to Ed. With a few minor setbacks, the couple marry and head off on honeymoon. In S5 E21, Owen and Chrissie return from their honeymoon but their happiness is short-lived when Chrissie’s scan reveals that the baby may have Down’s Syndrome. In S5 E23, an argument between Owen and Mubbs leads to him letting slip about Chrissie having slept with half the hospital including the best man. In S5 E24, Mubbs tries to back track on what he said saying it was just rumours, but Owen starts to get suspicious. After a stormy row with Chrissie, he throws her out of the house and into the rain. In S5 E25, Owen dumps all of Chrissie’s belongings at work. Chrissie tries to talk to Owen, but all he can think of is the baby may not be his. When Ed sees Chrissie upset, they hug – however Owen sees them and bursts in shouting more abuse. In S5 E27, Chrissie’s mum, Tricia, arrives and asks her what has been happening. Chrissie reveals all – Tricia is not surprised and says they are both alike. Chrissie has been staying with Lisa since she was dumped by Owen, but when Lisa finds out Chrissie is a character witness for Kath at the trial, she tells Chrissie to leave. In S5 E28, Chrissie moves in with Tricia and also takes the stand at Kath’s trial. In S5 E34, Chrissie is rushed off her feet and takes a turn for the worst. Owen is forced to give her a caesarean, delivering a baby girl. The baby has irreversible brain damage, and Owen decides to wake Chrissie up so she can have a few moments with her daughter before she dies. Chrissie says a tearful goodbye to her baby she calls Amanda. In S5 E35, Chrissie is back at work despite Amanda’s funeral being later that day. Chrissie wants to go aloe, but Tricia and Owen both show up to pay their respects. In S5 E39, Chrissie is annoyed when she hears Tricia has gone to speak to Owen about her. Chrissie decides she wants a divorce. In S5 E42, Tricia starts an affair with Owen behind Chrissie’s back. In S5 E46, Chrissie narrowly misses seeing Owen and Tricia together, whenm she turns up early at the house. Chrissie tells her she regrets the divorce. In S5 E51, Tricia and Owen return from a holiday together and she thinks she is ready to tell Chrissie the truth. In S5 E52, Chrissie and Owen get reacquainted at Jess’ party.

In S6 E1, Chrissie and Owen are back together. Ed is concerned though as he knows that Owen has been with Tricia. In S6 E2, Owen is torn when both Chrissie and Tricia vie for his attention. Ed warns Chrissie to be careful. In S6 E3, Tricia is shocked to see Chrissie and Owen kissing at work. Chrissie apologises for not telling her earlier. Later a flustered Tricia drops her bag infront of Chrissie – she sees Owen’s house keys. Tricia relustantly confesses all and a fight ensues. In S6 E4, Chrissie returns to work after her suspension and heads straight to an unaware Owen to confront him. In S6 E11, Tricia returns to complete a nurse’s refresher course and is stuck with Chrissie. Her defiant and unapologetic manner causes friction. In S6 E14, it’s New Years Day and Chrissie regrets waking up with.. Mubbs! He is annoyed when she uses him to wind up Owen and reminds her not to let their secret out. She puts him in his place and tells him it was only a drunken fling because there was nothing better on offer. When Chrissie cuttingly rejects Owen’s offer of friendship, he decides to forget about building bridges and goes for a drink with nurse Rubinda. Tricia has been transferred to the Darwin ward, having completed her training and will be working permanently with Chrissie. Chrissie gets short-shrift when she asks Zubin to rectify the situation; he tells her it is tough. In S6 E18, Chrissie becomes irrationally jealous when she sees Owen flirting with a nurse and wants to put him in his place. In S6 E32, After hearing a suitable heart is in the building, Ed breaks the rules to ensure his patient receives it. Unknowingly, Chrissie helps him and subsequently arouses Zubin’s suspicions when she questions Ed’s actions. In S6 E33, Ed and Chrissie’s statements conflict when both give evidence at Ed’s suspension hearing. Tom is shocked when Chrissie informs him of Ed’s murderous past. Chrissie is unahppy to see Owen and Diane kiss.

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