Claire Goose Interview

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Taken from ‘The CASUALTY Fan Club’ newsletter in August 2000


Q. Why did you decide to leave CASUALTY?


A. I’d been there for three years and although it was hard leaving all the cast and crew, I need to go on and do other jobs – be scared again


Q. What will be your best memories of being in CASUALTY?


A. All the cast and crew. Obviously I’ve made some fantastic friends and still see Rebecca Lacey and Vince all the time. And ofcourse I met Jon.


Q. Out of all your storylines in CASUALTY, which ones are you most proud of?


A. I guess it would have to be the rape storyline. It required a lot of research and the terror of tackling such a sensitive subject – also I didn’t know whether I would pull it off. Luckily, I had Barbara Marten supporting me all the way through the scenes – she was just amazing!


Q. In CASUALTY, you went to Australia. Would you like to go back there again and are there any other countries you’d like to visit?


A. I would go back there as I’d like to meet up with John Gibson, who played Byron. We got on so well and he wants to show me and Jon other parts of Oz. I’d also love to go to Cambodia and Vietnam.


Q. You were recently seen on ‘Kick the Habit’ trying to give up smoking, did you succeed and do you feel better for it?


A. Pass!


Q. You’re about to appear in a new BBC Drama ‘Waking the Dead’. Was is strange playing a different role after playing ‘Tina’ for three years?


A. Not at all because it was a completely different environment and I didn’t know any of the actors. They were all brilliant and it was a challenge working with them – but we all got on very well and there were many laughing fits on Set.


Q. Do you take any interest in any of the internet websites about yourself?


A. Not at all – obviously it’s flattering, but why would I want to read about myself? There are far more worthwhile websites that I’d look up.


Q. What’s the most romantic thing Jonathan has ever done for you?


A. Too many to mention!


Q. What ambitions do you have left to fulfill?


A. To hopefully continue working and to find every job a challenge.


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