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Cas Character

Colette Griffiths

Played by Adjoa Andoh


S15 E1 – S17 E38

Job Title

Staff Nurse/ Sister

First Words



Strong and capable nurse, Colette Kierney, is first seen in S15 E1, when she is visiting a pensioner, Rosie, who has been the victim of a burglary. When the paramedics arrive, Josh condescendingly praises Colette for her bravery and first aid skills – not realising she is about to join the A&E team as a Staff Nurse. In S15 E2, Colette comes up with a plan for Patrick’s arrogance – by fining him every time that he is rude. In S15 E6, Colette is treating a man, Billy, with a cut finger, who has come in with his partner, Elaine. However, Elaine collapses and dies, leaving Billy shell shocked. In S15 E13, Colette is embarrassed when an ex-boyfriend, Declan, brings his wife, Ashley, into A&E. After a miscarriage and marital problems, Ashley has had cosmetic surgery to boost her confidence, but it has become infected. Ironically, it is Colette who persuades Declan that this is a cry for help and he should try and save their marriage. In S15 E14, Duffy also confides in Colette that she fears she is pregnant. Colette advises her to take a pregnancy test to put her mind at rest, and her test is positive. Next episode Duffy is off sick, Colette covers for her but finds it hard, as Andrew doesn’t know yet. In S15 E26, she helps Duffy again when she collapses in pain in the toilets, fearing she is losing the baby. Colette is also becoming attracted to Josh, Penny is concerned after everything Josh has been through, but in S15 E28 she apologises to Colette for warning her off him, and in S15 E31, Penny bullies Josh into asking her out on a date. Although Colette agrees to cook an evening meal, their night is interrupted by her overbearing mother. Disappointed, Josh makes a hasty exit. In S15 E32, Colette is horrified to learn that a suicidal patient has endangered Josh’s life. In emotion, she has a go at the patient and tells him she could have lost someone special – Josh and Colette become closer. In S15 E34, Colette treats a boy who has bleached his face, in an attempt to become ‘white’ so his mum would love him. She later gets a call from her own mother, who turns up in the department – telling her the daughter Colette had adopted at birth wants to get in touch. In S15 E35, Colette’s wrapped up in her daughter’s arrival – Josh is left confused and asking Penny what she thinks. She suggests he asks Colette out for a romantic meal, he does and she agrees. Her daughter, Natalie McKay, then turns up in the department. They go for a walk, and Colette tries to explain why she had to give her away because her mum made her, but Natalie finds it hard to believe. Colette tells her about Natalie’s father, David, who left her when she became pregnant, and wishes she had kept her. Colette asks for Natalie’s address so she can see her, Penny then comes up to them but Colette doesn’t explain who she is – leaving Natalie to think she is ashamed of her, and she storms off. Josh takes Colette aside to ask her how she feels about their relationship, she says she is happy, then Natalie bursts in – Colette tells him she is her daughter.

In S16 E1, Colette tries to comfort a distraught Josh, when he is involved in a crash from jumping a red light, leading to the death of a teenage boy. In S16 E2, Natalie arrives to see Colette, and announces she is pregnant. Colette is pleased for her but Natalie goes on to explain it has made her realise she can never understand how Colette gave her up and no longer wants to meet her. Colette is upset at having to lose Natalie over again. In S16 E7, Colette goes to see Josh, to dissuade him from quitting – he wants her to post his resignation note, and she refuses saying she won’t let him throw away his career. They argue and Josh tells her that he doesn’t need her help, and just wants to sort it out himself. She later, reluctantly post his letter. She also has a run in with Chief Executive Jan when she tries to offer her some unwanted advice. In S16 E9, Josh arrives to hand his uniform at the depot. He tries to talk to Colette but she’s dismissive and says that’ll probably be the last time they see eachother. Josh looks crestfallen. Josh is later persuaded to return to shift, by Nikki, when they are short staffed. He deals with a woman who is dying in a car, and afterwards tells Colette that it has made him decide to return to work. In S16 E10, Duffy makes her return to work but is unhappy that Colette has made changes in her absence. Josh is also back and thanks Colette for helping to persuade him. In S16 E13, a patient’s father threatens Colette in the relatives room before Josh steps in. Later outside the department, he proposes to her. In S16 E14, Colette and her colleagues spend her hen night at a restaurant. The next day, pregnant Natalie comes to visit Colette, who is overjoyed to see her. But Natalie goes into labour early and delivers a baby girl in the ambulance. Complications occur when she hemorrhages, and she is taken to A&E. Colette and Josh are forced to put a hold on their wedding as Natalie fights for her life. In S16 E15, Natalie recovers in a ward with Colette beside her. Natalie’s foster mother, Sue, also arrives to see her, which Colette finds hard to deal with. Josh is beginning to think his and Colette’s relationship is cursed and Charlie sets on a surprise mission to get them married in the hospital that day. The female vicar is delayed, and Duffy calls upon Kev the Rev – who is wandering around in reception preaching, and is also hit by an irate patient’s husband – to carry out the ceremony, however his wife turns up and tells them he is not a real vicar! The real vicar finally turns up and carries out a quick ceremony, they also have a reception in the board room, which Max also attends, before Josh and Colette are whisked away in a limo to their honeymoon. In S16 E18, Colette is annoyed that her honeymoon photos haven’t come out. Later she disagrees on the treatment of a patient with Philippa – Lara steps in to agree Colette’ diagnosis. In S16 E24, Colette discovers a mother has been selling her child’s medicine for money and calls Social Services. In S16 E27, Colette is amused with Josh’s treatment of a man with urin retention. In S16 E32, new nurse Roxy already falls foul of Colette by wearing red nails. In S16 E32, Comfort confides in Colette about her affair with Fin. In S16 E34, Colette accidentally bangs a woman’s head on a door and later discovers she is a journalist reporting on the ‘corridor of death’ story. In S16 E39, Colette treats Lara who has has been attacked by DCI David Collier.

By Series 17, Josh and Colette are already experiencing marriage difficulties. Colette wants to start salsa classes but Josh refuses to join her – in S17 E4, Josh is annoyed when he sees her practising dance moves with Simon. In S17 E5, Colette is angry that Locum Heather tried to use her as a scapegoat over the treatment of a young ashmatic boy. In S17 E7, with Josh still frosty towards Colette, she confides in Simon about her problems. Josh is furious when Simon then confronts him about them. In S17 E9, Colette finds out Josh has gone to a medical centre to check out his medical fears without telling her – she confronts him and is relieved to discover he is suffering the male menopause and has been prescribed viagra. In S17 E10, she tells Simon that Josh will be taking her to salsa from now on. In S17 E11, Josh asks Colette about starting a family – she is not happy. They become cold towards eachother again and next episode Josh confides in Charlie while Colette speaks to Simon. In S17 E13, Colette attends a charity auction with Simon, who buys her an expensive necklace. The head for after drinks until Josh arrives to pick her up. In S17 E15, a disillusioned Colette turns to Simon when Josh fails to turn up for the Christmas party. But while she has a one night stand with him, Josh is trapped in a car with a mentally ill patient who drives into the ambulance shelter outside A&E. Josh manages to escape before the car explodes. In S17 E16, Colette challenges an elusive Simon following their tryst at the party, to find he thinks it was a mistake and they should forget it. But she tells Comfort she thinks her marriage is over. Next episode she tells Josh she is leaving him. In S17 E22, Colette is given promotion since Duffy’s departure and Dillon finds it difficult working under her. In S17 E23, Colette is shocked when she discovers she is pregnant. Next episode she confides in Comfort. Duffy returns as an agency nurse and things are tense between the two. In S17 E25, Colette breaks the news to Simon – but he tells her to terminate. In S17 E28, Colette is knocked to the ground by a patient’s relative and fears for her baby. When Josh comes to check on her she is focred to own up to her pregnancy – he is ecstatic but she is adamant nothing has changed between them. In S17 E32, Colette informs Charllie of her pregnancy. In S17 E34, Colette is caught unprepared for bad news when a routine scan shows her baby has club foot. When she tells Simon next episode that he could be the carrier of the condition he loses his temper. In S17 E36, Colette braces herself for more tests results but is shocked when Josh turns up for the meeting – in time to hear that neither of them carry the gene for the abnormal condition in the baby. The full realisation hits Josh hard. Bitterly upset, he throws Colette’s belongings in the street. In S17 E37, Colette breaks the news to Simon, their conversation ends abruptly when Josh bursts in on them and an argument breaks out. Colette talks to Comfort about the difficult decision she faces and is touched when Comfort offers her unswerving support. However after a jolt in the back of an ambulance – Colette suffers severe pain and ends up losing her baby. With all their differences, Josh stays by her side. In S17 E38, Colette is discharged and initially feels ready to return to work resigned to the fact that Josh hates her. However, Simon’s bumbled excuse for an apology only upsets her. She just cannot work with both men. Comfort makes one last ditch attempt to get husband and wife to reconciled and informs Josh. He overcomes his pride and tells Colette he loves her – but it’s too late. She cannot forgive herself and asks him to let her go. Colette drives off, alone, and Josh is so incensed that he tells Simon that he is going to ruin his life at the first given opportunity.

By Series 18, we receive news from Josh that Colette has filed for divorce and has a new life and a new partner. He still struggles to come to terms with losing her.

Memorable Moments

  • S15 E31 – Colette and Josh”s dinner date ends in disaster when her overbearing mother turns up.
  • S15 E35 – Colette”s long lost daughter turns up to see her for the first time
  • S16 E2 – Natalie tells Colette she”s pregnant, and no longer wants to see her
  • S16 E15 – Colette and Josh get married.
  • S17 E15 – Colette and Simon sleep together at the Christmas party.
  • S16 E37 – Colette loses her baby.

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