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Comic Relief Special

This year’s Comic Relief will be a memorable event for CASUALTY fans with a special episode.

This year’s Comic Relief will be a memorable event for CASUALTY fans when they are treated to a special episode co-written by Richard Curtis, which sees the guest return of original cast member Brenda Fricker and guest starring Angus Deayton and Stephen McGann.

During the episode, the entire staff are getting into the spirit of Red Nose Day – raising funds inbetween treating patients.

‘There’ll be chocolate brownies, coin rivers and a slave auction, as well as a few pranks on one particular member of staff,’ reveals Sam Grey, who plays receptionist Alice. ‘Alice is in charge of the swear box and at a pound a time, I’d say it was the easiest way to raise money for Comic Relief!’

However despite Alice and her colleagues getting into the swing of the day and raising money for a good cause; manager Nathan is less than impressed to see them all having fun.

‘If it was up to Nathan, he’d have  banned Comic Relief altogether,’  laughs Sam. ‘He’s very down on the  whole thing. He even tries to put a  top to the slave auction, which  provokes a very strong reaction from  Alice.

‘She really believes in the good Comic Relief money can do and she manages to put forward a brilliant argument based on her experiences at the A&E reception.’

But it’s not all fun and games, as the episode explores some key issues that Comic Relief funds, including mental health, refugees and elder abuse. It is Comic Relief’s intention to try to catch people before they end up in Casualty.



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