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Horses And Ponies

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#4761 Tylah


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Posted 17 September 2010 - 05:20 PM

Poor horsey sad.gif sad.gif

I love all your horses Amy, jealous much tongue.gif And staying on sounds like a great idea, but I want photos of all the lovely racehorses!

Went to the yard today for college, got attacked by Eli the goat, seriously he scares the hell out of us! He got in the minibus last week, so we hid in the feedroom, but he climbed the stairs and cornered us ohmy.gif Fortunately we were rescued by our teacher!
We did tail washing, tail bandaging and catching + turning out. We have to start with the easy stuff so they know what we can do, but then we get to do more fun stuff smile.gif We are going to try and teach one of the shetlands Jim to long-rein biggrin.gif

I'm not riding for a month now sad.gif Not happy at all sad.gif

EDIT: Can I just say how p!ssed I am that on the USA WEG team is Amy Tryon, she should have been banned from competition for what she did mad.gif mad.gif

For those who have never heard of what happened while in the lead at Kentucky 4* a few years ago, her horse Le Samurai brokedown at the second to last fence, did she pull him up...no. She carried on riding him even though he kept breaking into to trot and jumped the final fence and finished only to be shocked at her horses injury. Apparently she said the horse had looked onto the final jump and the fact that everyone was shouting at her to stop didn't make her think something was wrong. Le Samurai was later put down, but how she couldn't realise her horse injured is beyond me, the poor thing was on 3 legs... sad.gif

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#4762 Amy*


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Posted 17 September 2010 - 06:32 PM

Aww thankyou happy.gif I kinda love them too ;D <3

I shall try & get you piccies biggrin.gif If I survive getting them fit + the stupid behaviour, I can not wait to start jumping them haha!

laugh.gif At the goat! Bless you all! & Good luck with the long reining smile.gif

Ahh that's gutting about riding sad.gif Feel free to ride some for me, I'm on 5 a day atm!

& Yes I totally agree, what happened to horse welfare first?! sad.gif

#4763 Tylah


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Posted 17 September 2010 - 06:38 PM

Is it quite a big race yard? Do you have any famous horses or anything?

Send me horses this way wink.gif Anything considered as long it doesn't rear tongue.gif

I just cannot believe she hasn't been banned, if I was an owner I would never let her near one of my horses! How could you not feel something was wrong?!

I'm very excited to watch the WEG soon though biggrin.gif Just a shame more of it won't be on the tv sad.gif

#4764 Amy*


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Posted 17 September 2010 - 08:26 PM

Nooope + nope I don't think so. They are fabby though, they have won lots round here smile.gif

Hahaa! Well you know Mac is a bit loopy wink.gif Blue only rears if you try and hold him back in a group or out hunting, so he'll be fine! + I can't say any of the race horses won't, they've only had a week in work + they are already spinning with me a bit! Bless.

I knowwww, what gets me is why would you not think something is wrong when you have galloped round a xc course and then the horse starts trotting into the fence?!

I know, fingers crossed for team GB!

#4765 Ems


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Posted 19 September 2010 - 02:54 PM

QUOTE (Tylah @ Sep 14 2010, 07:26 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Yay well done to a Amy's sister biggrin.gif & Racehorse riding, sounds fun! Are they natioanl hunt I'm guessing if they have just started work?

Ems - That last photo made me laugh! They are all so cute, I need one sad.gif

So i've started my Horse Management Diploma, yay I have the worst timetable ever though.

Monday - Anatomy & Physilogy(sp) for 2 hours
Tuesday - Theory Of Equitation for 1 hour
Wednesday - Either at the yard or Animal health & Welfare
Thursdays - Animal Health & Welfare then Investigative Project & Work experience
Friday - At the Yard for 3 hours

All the days are good, apart from thursday, but I have so much waiting around

Shetlands are awesome happy.gif your timetable makes me miss my national diploma days!! sad.gif I hope its going well though!!! biggrin.gif

QUOTE (Amy* @ Sep 16 2010, 08:03 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Thankyou Ems happy.gif & Arrrrgh with the getting caught out in the rain, I've been there before + it's horrible isn't it! I don't mind riding in the rain, it's just a pain when everything is soaked when you have finished! Tack needs cleaning, horses are soaking, boots are wet + you are soaked laugh.gif Loving the pics again smile.gif

Erm Ty, I think so wink.gif All I was asked to do was stay on (as I helped out with the swimming a couple of days a week over summer) + do the race horses, I have never been to a point to point in my life so y'know!! hahaa. Hope you are enjoying the diploma OOh & thankies for liking the pic on facebook, I love that pic, he's so adorable <3

Thanks smile.gif Yeh I don't mind the riding in the rain as much and the sorting out after does kinda suck! though I have to say last week it was more like riding in a storm!!

I spent thursday and friday with the ponies but thats gonna have been the last time for a month or so sad.gif I'm already missing them!!

On Thursday I went to see all the ponies (literally ALL!) took the camera for most of it too so be prepared for a photo spam!!

The Mares
They all came to greet me!

(They all followed me around the field!! laugh.gif )

First picture - One of the mares with a leaf hanging out her mouth laugh.gif Second picture - The Yearling fillys - at the front Ellaray and the back Calbeck (sp)

First picture - Velvet on the left and another of the mares watchign me over the fence!! Second picture - Velvet on the right htis time and I think the mare on the left is Cloudy!

Kendal with Ellaray and Calbeck in the background!

Kayman the stallion & his mares
First picture is Kayman the second is amythest

Amythest on the left and Whinlatter on the right

Ginger & Blue
First picture is Ginger (Lauras old pony - 24 years young!) & the second Blue (Ravenstone) 3 year old colt who they are hoping to keep on as a Stallion

Mares and Foals!!

First picture - Wasdales mum Nyla, second picture - Bailey has a bit of an itch...

First Picture -Ravenglass (yearling) and Catsycam (whos become really brave sicne I first met her!!) Second picture - Naptime for Wasdale!

First picture - Bleaberry Tarn, Second picture - Sunshine, Catsycams mum! Usually the first mare to come say Hi!

First Picture - Bleaberry and his mum Jasmine, Second picture Wasdale and Catsycam grooming each other

Bleaberry with his head in the fence...

I had a lovely two days too lovely rides one on Rosie and one on Scooby!! No shows this time (they finished the season last saturday with Velvet getting championship again and Elena getting Junior championship too!!!) But also on friday I went to the field to play with the foals and I got to put a headcollar on Wasdale (for the first time!!) and have a bit of a play to see what he made of it!!

Whats on my face?!?!

Ah well I'll just eat and hope it comes off

Bleaberry attempts to help (or should that be hinder...) - I actually also put the headcollar on Bleaberry and didnt know until Steph got home that he'd never had one on or been lead either!

Look I can groom Ravenglass with my headcollar on (hes got a proper first crush on her rolleyes.gif )

I should hopefully be back up at the end of october for the foal shows smile.gif

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#4766 Amy*


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Posted 01 October 2010 - 07:13 PM

How awesome did we do at the dressage?!! Laura's test was amazing! As was Totilas, as always. That horse is seriously one in a million!

We've done okay at the eventing dressage as well! & The xc course looks lovely, roll on tomorrow smile.gif

Anyone going to HOYS?

#4767 Tylah


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Posted 02 October 2010 - 11:27 AM

Yay Laura B for 3 silver medals biggrin.gif biggrin.gif I'm so looking forward to xc this afternoon!

I'm not going to HOYS, but I am going to Olympia instead (possibly twice if I go with college) biggrin.gif

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