Craig Kelly : Previous Appearance

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PREVIOUS APPEARANCE : S8 E5 ‘Sunday, Bloody Sunday’

CHARACTER : Ian Wheater

STORYLINE : A man walks into his house to find it in a bad way. He has been burgled. He walks through the mess upstairs, shouting for his daughter, Kathy. He finds her huddled up in the corner of her room, crying. She looks as if she has been attacked so he calls an ambulance. At the hospital, she reveals to Duffy and Karen that she has been raped. The man who burgled the house was a friend of hers, and she’d agreed to let him stage a burglery and share the profits with him. She also tells her Dad Peter this, who won’t listen to her when she tries to apologise, and says he’s just glad that she’s okay. She tells him she only agreed to it because she didn’t think that her Dad loved her as he was never at home. The man that attacked Kathy, Ian Wheater, is also brought in with a deep cut to his leg. Kathy recognises him and tells Duffy that he is the man who attacked her. Ian’s girlfriend later comes in and finds out what he has done.

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