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Cas Character

Dan Robinson

Played by Grant Masters


S15 E1 – S15 E36

Job Title

Directorate Manager

First Words

(to Duffy) Careful where you tread, is that you Duffy?


Charming and enthusiastic manager, Dan Robinson, has previous experience in managing a hospital in America and also trained as a nurse, so likes to get his hands dirty down in A&E.

In S15 E1, we see in his short time at the hospital he is already exercising his charm by introducing improvements to the department – although Duffy is not so keen, who is in charge in Charlie’s absence. When Charlie returns in S15 E2, he is no mood for compromise and has a few choice words with Dan when they first meet, saying he won’t tolerate money or policy issues being put above patient care. In S15 E5, Dan has a lot to deal with when the press get hold of the fact that Nurse [ID 284]Adam[/ID] is HIV, him and Charlie discuss ways of protecting Adam, but looks on in dismay next episode when Adam faces the press and gives them a direct statement. In S15 E9, the A&E department are short staffed, and Dan reveals his hidden depths when he gets stuck in and helps out. He has to deal with an angry businessman, who has waited for over four hours to get the tip of his finger stitched back on and has lost a lucrative deal in the process. In S15 E10, Dan organises a bonfire party for the staff – after a bad tempered day, they need to put their differences behind them. His smooth talking also shows next episode when he helps persuade Duffy to go to a pub, where the staff are holding a surprise birthday party for her. In S15 E15, Dan plays a ‘friendly’ game of squash with Patrick, and casually mentions that he admires Holly, unaware that Patrick had a previous relationship with her. In S15 E18, Dan tries to gather staff together for a new year toast on shift. Holly starts to get mysterious romantic gifts, unaware of who they are from. In S15 E19, Dan agrees with Max’s decision to give a teenage drug addict clean needles who then overdoses, when his mother turns up demanding an explanation. In S15 E22, casualty is teeming with patients waiting for beds and Charlie and his team have their work cut out for them. Charlie’s getting inundated with complaints and asks Dan to find more beds. He agrees on the condition that Charlie implements the new hospital guidelines on patient delay. But when Charlie follows everything to the last detail, Dan’s plan backfires and results in him apologising to a number of patients in person. A series of patients also come in with Legionnaires disease, unaware at first of where the source is, Dan is keen to keep a lid on things – however Charlie and Max contact Public Health much to his annoyance. Dan’s love life is also looking far from promising when he is given the brush off by Sister Julie Fitzjohn when he asks her on a date. Next episode, he asks Holly for a drink after shift, which she is keen on, until she discovers her mystery admirer has been watching her at work. In S15 E27, A&E is chaotic with patients, Dan is trying to persuade other departments to free up beds and has some success. In the midst of all this, Dan tells Charlie that due to budget cuts, they are going to have to reduce the number of agency nurses they use. Charlie blames Dan for Duffy’s recent collapse, saying that she was under too much pressure. Charlie speaks to the Director of Nursing, who agrees that he can shut down the department until the backlog clears. However, Dan finds a patient collapsed in the corridor and is livid when he bring him to A&E to find it has been closed. Next episode Dan and Charlie have a heated argument over the closure of the department. Holly is getting increasingly terrified over her stalker ordeal, concerned for her safety Patrick offers her a lift – only to find his tyres have been slashed. Dan asks [ID 387]Tom[/ID] to take her home instead, he happily agrees, but we find out he is the stalker. In S15 E30, Dan does some investigating work into revealing the stalker’s identity and leads come to Tom. He rushes to Holly’s flat and discovers she is at Tom’s flat. When he turns up there, Holly gives him a frosty reception. He does her best to warn her, but she doesn’t listen. Tom spikes Dan’s drink, and he collapses and is taken to one of the bedrooms – Tom persuades Holly that a ambulance isn’t needed. Holly finally realises the truth when she comes across a room, covered in her pictures. Trying to escape, she calls the police on her mobile. Meanwhile, Dan revives, only to be overpowered by Tom and knocked down the stairs. Holly picks up the closest weapon to her and knocks Tom unconscious. With the ordeal over, desperate Dan, nursing his injuries, tells Holly how he feels about her. But a shaken Holly says they should stay just friends. In S15 E32, Dan entertains a retired consultant, in the hope that he’ll donate a generous sum of money to the department. In S15 E34, Charlie thanks Dan for the incident involving Holly. He also bumps into Holly, who he hasn’t seen since the ordeal, he suggests she’s been avoiding him. They go to his office and talk. In S15 E36, a woman makes a complaint to Dan, that Chloe has blackmailed an old lady to put her name on her will. Holly also goes missing, Dan along with Patrick and Spencer search the hospital until they discover her in a disused part of the building. Dan chases after Tom, who had kidnapped her, and Tom threatens to jump from the edge of a building. Tom slips, and Dan grabs his hand as Tom dangles mid air, but he is unable to hold on, Tom falls to the ground and dies. He returns to see Holly and Patrick in each others arms, he sighs, realising he has no chance with Holly.

Memorable Moments

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