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HC Character

Dominic Copeland

Played by David Ames


S15 E28 ‘Second Life’ – S15 E34 ‘Home’; S16 E14 –

Job Title


First Words

(introduces himself to Malick in bar) Dominic, new F1. Had my induction on Kellar this morning.


Parents, Carol and Barry.


Ambitious Dominic is a troubled young doctor, who likes to glamorize his life to try and fit in. He’s intelligent and quick-witted but can also be manipulative and a schemer to get what he wants. Being quite sensitive, sometimes he believes himself to be the victim so as to justify his actions as self-defence.

Dominic was born to parents, Carol and Barry, who christened him ‘Darren’. Embarrased by his mother and his father, who we later learn is homophobic, he comes to Holby claiming his mother is dead.

Dom’s first run is with Malick. Despite Malick being in a relationship, he cheats on Nathan with Dom who later seeks out revenge which leads to Malick facing a Coroner’s inquest. When he returns to Holby the following series, it’s under a cloud as he is forced to re-take his first year. Digby is initially cautious of him, as he knew what happened with Malick and the pair don’t get on, however Zosia is intrigued by Dom’s psyche and invites him to live with them. Despite being enemies, the pair go on to forge a close friendship and Digby was the best friend that he had been searching for so it hit Dominic hard when Digby got terminal cancer and died.

Dom’s love life has been far from successful, after a fling with Malick and a brief liaison with Kyle that was ruined by Dom’s deceit, he went on to date patient Lee. But their relationship faltered after Lee stole from him and lied about being married. After being confronted, Lee sets out to attack Dom but in self defence, Dom stabs him with a knife which he is later cleared of. To ruin Dom’s confidence futher, his next relationship is with doctor Isaac Mayfield. Their relationship is toxic and ends in domestic abuse. After one too many beatings, Isaac leaves Holby.

With the arrival of Lofty in Spring 2017, there are hints of a potential romance. Could he be the one to give Dom the romantic happiness that he so craves?

Memorable Moments
  • S15 E31 – Malick ends up in a clinch with Dom
  • S15 E33 – Dom takes his revenge on Malick
  • S15 E34 – Dom lies under oath at the Coroner’s Inquest in an attempt to ruin Malick.
  • S16 E14 – Dom makes a return to Holby under a cloud to re-take his first year.
  • S16 E17 – Tension between Dom & Arthur leads to near fatal consequences.
  • S16 E27 – Arthur uncovers Dom’s lies when an old class mate of his arrives.
  • S16 E30 – Dom tries to prove himself when he finds himself on AAU for the day.
  • S16 E42 – Dom and Arthur comes to Zosia’s aid after she suffers an overdose.
  • S16 E50 – Kyle offers Dom the possibility of a long term romance.
  • S16 E51 – A surprising encounter with Kyle leads Dom to make risky decision.
  • S17 E2 – Dom and Kyle’s relationship is challenged over whether Dom is ready for a committed relationship.
  • S17 E12 – Returning from LA, Dom is forced to treat Malick’s fiance Nathan.
  • S17 E36 – Baby-phobic Dom assists in a neuro procedure with a pregnant patient and discovers he is a natural midwife.
  • S17 E38 – Dom’s day is thrown into turmoil when his mum Carole turns up at the hospital.
  • S17 E39 – Dom’s hopes that his mother won’t be staying around long are dashed when she gets a job at the hospital.
  • S17 E45 – Dom tries to impress Hanssen when he is left in charge of some students.
  • S17 E48 – Hanssen saddles Dom with a tricky patient.
  • S17 E50 – Dom and Arthur head to his parents’ caravan site, when they also turn up. The pair are forced to confront their problems.
  • S18 E7 – Dom is intrigued by patient Lee.
  • S18 E8 – Dom becomes distracted by Lee, who asks him out for a drink.
  • S18 E10 – Dom is keen to buy the perfect Christmas present for Lee with the help of a willing patient. However, a shocking revelation leaves him reeling.
  • S18 E13 – Dom, Arthur and Morven head out to an outdoor pursuit centre to battle for a research grant.
  • S18 E17 – Dom tries to keep a secret from Ric while juggling a challenging patient.
  • S18 E18 – Lee makes an unwelcome return to Holby with his patient wife. Agression from Lee, results in Dom defending himself by stabbing him.
  • S18 E19 – Lee puts in a complaint against Dom.

Love Interests

  • Antoine Malick
  • Kyle Greenham
  • Lee Cannon
  • Isaac Mayfield

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