Dominic Copeland


Played by David Ames


S15 E28 ‘Second Life’ – S15 E34 ‘Home’; S16 E14 –

Job Title


First Words

(introduces himself to Malick in bar) Dominic, new F1. Had my induction on Kellar this morning.


Ambitious Dominic is a troubled young doctor, who likes to glamorize his life to try and fit in. He’s intelligent and quick-witted but can also be manipulative and a schemer to get what he wants. Being quite sensitive, sometimes he believes himself to be the victim so as to justify his actions as self-defence.

We first meet Dominic in S15 E28, as Arthur struggles with the demands of winning the coveted F1 prize. In S15 E31, Malick finds himself heavily embroiled in a case involving a convicted murder accomplice, Amanda Leyton. Despite being in a relationship with Nathan, he ends up in a clinch with Dominic. In S15 E33, after being rebuffed by Malick, a vengeful Dominic leads Malick to being suspended by Hanssen and his career hangs in the balance. In S15 E34, Malick takes the stand at the Coroner’s inquest into Amanda’s death, where Dominic gives evidence against him.

After Dominic leaves Holby in shame after jeopardising the career of his colleague and mentor Malick and lying under oath in order to get revenge following their one-night stand, he makes his return in S16 E14. Desperate to redeem himself and to still progress in his career, he is forced to re-take his F1 year. Arthur is stunned by his arrival and tries to discredit Dominic in front of Zosia – but his bad boy reputation just serves to impress her. Later, Arthur returns home to cook a special meal for Zosia, only to discover she’s invited Dominic to be their new flatmate. In S16 E15, Arthur assures Sacha he can work with Dominic, but instead embarks on a sabotage mission. Sacha discovers this and gives Arthur a brutal dressing down. In S16 E17, the ongoing battle between Arthur and Dominic intensifies. Arthur’s efforts to prove he’s earned his Doctor of the Year award lead to devastating consequences. The trouble begins when the pair have to work together to treat Danny Lewis, a young man who’s having breathing difficulties after being involved in an explosion at a plastics factory. Dominic gets off to a flying start when he diagnoses Danny with cyanide poisoning then suggests the best course of treatment and, in doing so, manages to impress boss Sacha – and antagonise Arthur. Dominic’s put out when Sacha then leaves Arthur in charge of the ward. The power goes straight to Arthur’s head, and when Danny stops responding to treatment, Arthur dismisses Dominic’s suggestion to call Sacha. But Arthur’s decision proves almost fatal when Danny’s condition deteriorates and Sacha’s forced to perform life-saving surgery. Later, Dominic smugly informs Arthur that he’s told Sacha he rejected his suggestion to call him. In S16 E21, Dominic stumbles in late, unaware that Guy is on a mission to boost the Tressler Neurosurgical Foundation’s profile. Desperate to prove himself, Dominic is paired with a difficult patient who pushes him to the limit. In S16 E24, Arthur voices his concerns to Sacha and Zosia about Dominic’s malpractice. When both refuse to listen, Arthur takes it upon himself to handle Dominic the only way he knows how. But when he refuses to accept Dominic’s diagnosis of a patient, putting them at risk, Arthur realises he’s out of his depth. In S16 E26, Sacha puts Dominic under pressure to deliver on the ward. Dominic rises to the challenge but when he offends his best friend Zosia in the process he has to go all out to win her back, by making up a story about his own mother dying to empathise with her. In S16 E27, Dominic treats a patient called Kevin, who turns out to be an old classmate of his. Dominic is keen to get him swiftly discharged. When Arthur is assigned over Dominic on the case, he soon realises why Dominic’s so keen to see the back of Kevin when he reveals, as well as Dominic’s real name being ‘Darren’ that more importantly his mother, Carole, is alive and well. Arthur takes delight in revealing his lies to Zosia, but despite being shocked, she finds Dominic’s psyche fascinating.

Memorable Moments
  • S15 E33 – Dominic takes his revenge on Malick
  • S15 E34 – Dominic lies under oath at the Coroner’s Inquest in an attempt to ruin Malick.
  • S16 E17 – Tension between Dominic & Arthur leads to near fatal consequences.
  • S16 E27 – Arthur uncovers Dominic’s lies when an old class mate of his arrives.

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