Elle Gardner


Played by Jaye Griffiths


S30 E34 ‘Hello I Must Be Going’ –

Job Title


First Words

(to Zoe) Hi, new doc first day!


Three sons, (Kalen, Carl & ?)


Prior to joining Holby, Elle is a mother of three teenage boys , who took a career break from medicine to look after them. Elle used to know Jacob from childhood, where she gained the nickname ‘Pancake’ due to her late development. She went on to study at Exeter University.

She returned to medicine to escape the chaotic domestic life but is thrown into the breach everytime she steps in through the ED doors. She is easy going, has an integral medical instinct and an amazing ability to multi task. Her quick instinct and rebellious streak can sometimes lead to arrogance and recklessness, but no one could ever say that she lacks confidence or courage.

Hanssen calls on Elle to keep an eye on the department which doesn’t initially go down well with Connie, doubled by the fact that she gets on well with Jacob. When Charlie is suspended, this also puts a mark against her name with other staff. As acting Clinical Lead, Elle faced a number of further staff issues including Seb’s complaint against Dylan but her relationship reaches a head with Connie following the fateful car crash involving Grace and a later tribunal due to her treatment of a teenage boy with brain damage. When Elle saves Grace’s life when she collapses at the court, Connie admits she blamed her for something that wasn’t her fault but Elle resigns her role of Clinical Lead.

In Series 31, we meet one of her Elle’s sons, Kalen. After a fling with paramedic Jez, he opens up to his mother that he is gay. She is initially shocked but supports him.

Memorable Moments

  • S30 E34 – Elle is thrown in the deep end on her first day.

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