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Favourite Character Vote


Top 25 All-Time Character Vote

Members of the forum recently voted for their all-time favourite CASUALTY and HOLBY CITY characters.

The results were used for an advent banner over the Christmas period and showed a mix of notable characters from different era’s of the shows.

Charlie Fairhead, the only surviving character from the first series of CASUALTY was voted in first place whilst HOLBY CITY’s Jac Naylor came a deserved second.

Here were the full results…

1st Charlie Fairhead
2nd Jac Naylor
3rd Patrick Spiller
4th Holly Miles
5th Duffy
6th Lara Stone
7th Maggie Coldwell
8th Jeff Collier
9th Connie Beauchamp
10th Ric Griffin
11th Baz Hayes
12th Dixie
13th Sam Nicholls
14th Anton Meyer
15th Nick Jordan
16th Diane Lloyd
17th Henrik Hanssen
18th Julian Chapman
19th Tina Seabrook
20th Dylan Keogh
21st Jonny Maconie
22nd Jude Korcanik
23rd Mike Barratt
24th Harry Harper
25th Josh Griffiths

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