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Cas Character

Finlay Newton

Played by Kwame Kwei-Armah


S14 E9 – S19 E5

Job Title


First Words

(to Amy) Hi! Cab for Staff Nurse Seabrook


Bright and energetic paramedic Finlay Newton joins the series in S14 E9, he replaces paramedic Mike – who was killed in a car accident the previous episode. On the road with his paramedic partner Mel, the paramedics are being filmed by a camera crew who are to make a documentary about their work. Fin’s first call his to a man with a slipped disc, they find him in a car with a woman he is having an affair with. As the couple worry about the camera crew, Fin decides to call the fire brigade out to cut off the top of the car, so as not to damage then man’s back. They are also called to other cases including a girl with firework burns, a domestic violence case, and their last call to a building site where a crane driver has collapsed leading to a concrete block landing on another’s chest. The man has troubling breathing, and Fin, who has been acting the hero all day, starts to panic. But manages to save him. In S14 E11, Fin attends a shout where a bomb has exploded. He also makes friends with SHO Sean’s grandad, who has turned up at the department to see him. Every year they go to the cemetery to visit the grave of one of his friend’s who died in the First World War. With Sean busy, it seems they won’t make it – Fin decides to hold a two-minute silence in Reception as a mark of respect.

In S15 E9, Mel is fed up with Fin for teasing her about her phobia of dogs, which is revealed when they are out on a job. In S15 E11 Fin and Mel spend a day on the A&E wards – while Mel reveals her maternal side, Fin becomes fascinated with a convicted murderer, who has cut himself with razor blades. In S15 E16, Fin and Penny rescue a man who has fallen off his roof after trying to fix his Christmas lights. In S15 E19, Fin and Penny are giving a first-aid demonstration at a sports centre when their skills are tested for real. In S15 E22, Penny confides in Fin about her search for her long-lost father. Fin advises her to follow her heart but to be prepared for potential disappointments ahead. In S15 E25, Fin along with Josh, Barney and Tom are transferring a burns patient to a special unit, when the ambulance gets stuck in traffic. The take a short cut and end up hitting a teenager who was trying to wave help for his girlfriend who has gone into labour. He’s not badly hurt, so Fin goes off to the cottage to help, while the others stay in the ambulance and are forced to leave without him. Fin gets to work but finds their are complications when he discovers the baby is breach. A healthy boy is delivered, but Fin insists that they need hospital treatment. They manage to hitch a lift to A&E in a hearse. In S15 E29, Fin probes Josh on his feelings for Colette. In S15 E33, Penny plans to see her father for the first time – Fin takes her for moral support. In S15 E35, Fin and Mel approach a woman on a park bench. Boys have stolen her wig and after a night clubbing she wanted to watch the sun rise. They take her in, and later realise she is suffering from leukaemia.

In S16 E1, New trainee, Nikki, is with Josh and Fin on her first day. Josh, who’s driving, jumps a red light and crashes into a car with four men inside. The ambulance careers into a railway bridge, and precariously hangs over the edge with Josh and Fin trapped inside. As Nikki deals with the injured, as Fireman pull Josh and Fin out of the wreckage before it crashes and burns to the ground. An investigation is held into the accident – in which teenager Danny dies, and Nikki blames Josh for driving too fast. Next episode, Sergeant Rachel James interviews Josh, Nikki and Fin. Fin is forced to agree Josh was driving too fast. Paramedic boss, Jeff Maguire suspends Josh from driving and talks to the staff, warning them not to go through red lights unless it’s necessary. Fin angrily shouts at him, as he doesn’t realise the pressure they are under. Later on, Comfort and Fin bring in a man, Tom, who has been mugged and has lacerations to his throat. He is saved in CRASH. Their next call is to a building site where worker, Joe, has suffered a panic attack high up in a crane. Fin talks him down on a deal that Fin will stick up to his boss. On his way home, Fin tells Jeff that he can wash the blood off his uniform tonight. In S16 E6, Josh faces an inquest. Fin, Nikki and Josh all provide evidence. Fin, who tells Comfort beforehand, that he is worried about what to say, stands by Josh and tells them that when he said ‘easy’ at the lights, he meant Josh could make it through them. A verdict of ‘Accidental Death’ is brought, however a guilty Josh tells boss Jeff , that he can no longer do his job and resigns. Next episode, it’s Danny funeral, and Josh decides to make an appearance – Fin finds him there, and tells him he shouldn’t throw away his career. In S16 E20, Fin helps Chloe make her escape to America with her unlawful boyfriend, when she hands her a parcel containing plane tickets. In S16 E25, Comfort’s husband is caught tailgating an ambulance and is shouted at by Fin. Fin is annoyed when he mentions that Comfort has called him a ‘hot head’. Later the paramedics take a call to a house which has been set on fire. It is only after Comfort and Josh set off in the ambulance, does Fin realise one of the patients, Roy, was the arsonist and he tries to warn them on their radio. In the ambulance, Roy gets distressed and throws paraffin over Comfort, threatening to flick his lighter on – Comfort pushes him out the ambulance. Fin tells Comfort how worried he was for her and as they cuddle – Comfort backs off when Fin tries to make a move, but before she can say anything more her husband Rob turns up to see how she is. In S16 E28, bikers Fin and Comfort are first on scene to a motorway crash and try to assess the casualties. Fin decides to drive the tanker away from danger, and is deflated when Comfort doesn’t congratulate him on his bravery and the fire brigade tell him he took a dangerous risk. Patrick is involved in the accident, and when he is pulled out of the minibus, Comfort and Fin make up with a hug. At Patrick’s wake the next episode, Comfort tells Fin she didn’t appreciate his untactful comments during they day when she wanted to attend Patrick’s funeral. He apologises and they have a lingering kiss – before her husband Rob shows up. In S16 E30, Comfort is, at first, frosty with Fin after their previous kiss. On their way to a shout, youths vandalise their ambulance. As they go to investigate, the youths steal the ambulance, and eventually make off with the defibrillator. Back at the station, Jeff Maguire is not impressed with their actions and threatens them with a disciplinary. Later during the shift, while repairing a puncture, a small girl asks Fin and Comfort to save her rabbit, Ben, who had been shocked with a defibrillator. Fin manages to save the rabbit, and she then shows them the flat where the youths live. Fin gives chase to them, but falls down some steps – they then corner Comfort and threaten to shock her with the defibrillator – Fin manages to get up and save her in time. They then kiss. Back at the station, cleaning their ambulance, they jokingly spray eachother with water and Fin suggests they better get out of their wet clothes. In the locker room, they kiss again. In S16 E31, Comfort visits a church to confess her sins, after sleeping with Fin. With Josh off sick, she is surprised to find herself working with Fin that shift and finds it awkward. Comfort tells Fin that it was wrong to have an affair with him and that people will get hurt. Fin tells her he can’t stop thinking about her and they share another kiss. In S16 E32, David, who has just split up from his girlfriend, Helen, falls of his ladder while decorating. He has broken both his arms and sprained his leg, and manages to call 999. He discusses his relationship with paramedics Fin and Comfort, Fin makes him realise he has no-one to look after him with his injuries, so he decides to make up with Helen for the time being, just so she can help him. Comfort is disgusted. Comfort tells Colette about her fling with Fin, and later tells Fin that she wants to end their affair, but he makes it hard for her to say no and they kiss again outside. In S16 E33, Fin tries to persuade Comfort to leave her husband, Rob, but she says it’s not that easy, next episode he pushes Comfort again into telling her husband about their affair – when she does, he angrily kicks her out. In S16 E35, Comfort is confused. Rob comes to see at work and wants to forgive her and make amends on their marriage. He says he will meet her after work. Meanwhile, Fin, on his day off also comes to visit her. She tells him to back off a bit, and decide to meet for lunch. During the day, Fin, who is out jogging, falls down a hole, where diggers are working. He calls for help, where aimless Paul comes across him. Fin asks him to go for help, but instead he tries to get Fin out himself – and fails by also falling in the hole, injuring his wrist. Stuck in the hole together, Fin misses his lunch appointment with Comfort, but Paul advises him to see her after work and fight for her love. They manage to get help, by Paul climbing onto Fin’s shoulders and gain the attention of a worker. Fin drops off Paul at home, and then rushes to meet Comfort at work – where Rob has also arrived. They both tell Comfort how they feel and she is told to choose – she decides Fin and Rob is heartbroken. In S16 E36, after spending the night together, Fin asks Comfort that he hopes she will move in with him permanently, instead of staying with Josh and Colette. During shift, Nikki and Comfort are called to a house where 5 year old Emma has fallen down the stairs. While there she discovers Emma is the daughter of Fin. In A&E, she tells him his daughter is injured and is angry that he kept her a secret. Fin’s ex, Liza, speaks to Comfort and tries to persuade her there is nothing between them anymore, but Comfort feels let down and angry that she has given everything up to be with Fin. Next episode, Fin tries to asks Colette how Comfort is, but she tells him to leave her alone. In S16 E40, Nikki takes on a shout with Fin to an estate. When Nikki and Fin arrive at the flat door – they find a pool of blood. Fin wants to wait for police back up, but Nikki decides to head on in. They find a man, Wayne, stabbed in the groin, but as they try to deal with him, his attacker tells them they must let him die as he had an affair with his wife. In the scuffle, he stabs Nikki in the abdomen and Fin’s hands. Fin is chased out of the flat and retreats to his ambulance where he calls for immediate assistance ‘Code Red’. Nikki is later rushed into A&E to be saved.

In S17 E1, Fin arrives at the scene of a helicopter crash. Fin, is a friend and colleague of new father, Terry, who is in the crash and is with him as he dies. In S17 E2, Fin is annoyed to see his name mentioned in Comfort’s divorce papers. In S17 E20, Fin gets trapped in a power station with a young girl, while he discovers his daughter Emma is seriously ill back in A&E. Comfort finds it difficult as Fin and his ex become closer for the sake of Emma. But she makes a full recovery. In S17 E24, Fin and Comfort are called to the house of a domestic abuse case – Comfort becomes too involved. In S17 E26, Fin are on a shout where a prominent doctor has collapsed at his leaving do. His colleagues try to help, but turn out to be more of a hindrance as Fin is stopped from doing his job. Josh is called in to take control of the situation but Fin is furious when he is later reprimanded for speaking out against the senior doctors, even though they were entirely at fault.

In S18 E1, Fin, who is carrying a diamond engagement ring, is travelling on a packed train with Comfort While Fin and Comfort share a passionate embrace in a toilet cubicle, the carriage is de-railed to the thunderous sound of screeching breaks and breaking glass. Fin prises open the door to find hundreds of passengers in a blind panic. Initially phased by her fall, Comfort quickly gauges the seriousness of the accident and leaps into action. In the chaos which ensues, a multitude of casualties are tended to by the arriving team who are shocked by the catastrophe. And Comfort clambers through the rubble into a carriage of school children with their young teacher. Everyone works with urgency to evacuate the carriage which is under the weight of a collapsing tunnel when a sudden explosion signals disaster. In S18 E2, at the site, the tunnel has collapsed, trapping Comfort and the school children. Several children and the teacher have died and Comfort struggles to reassure those who remain alive. Comfort manages to signal for help but the pressure gets to her when she fails to revive yet another child. Fin watched anxiously and eventually breaks through the debris to reach her. He manages to lead Comfort and the remaining children out of the wreck but Comfort is inconsolable. Back at the hospital, she lashes out at Father Frank. In S18 E3, Comfort is feeling depressed and rejects Fin’s offer of help. She is suffering from flashbacks from the train crash and Fin is reluctant to tell her of the memorial service that Father Frank is holding. In S18 E4, Comfort is not dealing with the emotional aftermath of the train crash very well. Thinking she sees one of the children who died at the crash site crossing the road infront of the ambulance, she slams on the brakes and causes a crash. Later, she is deeply affected by the grief of a widow. Eventually, she admits to Josh that her experiences at the crash are affecting her work and he signs her off. But Fin is upset that Comfort went to Josh for help instead of coming to him. In S18 E7, Fin is furious with Comfort when she puts herself in danger on her first day back on the job. In S18 E16, Comfort is feeling bleak with Christmas looming and has no reason to celebrate. Fin cannot bear to see her so despondent and comes up with a plan to cheer her up. In S18 E19, Fin is disgusted by Comfort when he has to cover for her when she has a hangover. He is frustrated that he has to keep one eye on her all the time. She attends an emergency in their block of flats and it infuriates Fin, who tells her the drinking has got to stop. In S18 E20, Fin produces a shopping receipt with proof that Comfort has been lying to him and buying more alcohol. He cannot take it any more and tells her she needs serious help, but she is adamant that she does not have a problem. In S18 E21, Comfort breaks down when a young child dies in front of her, and Fin is furious when he discovers she has been drinking to ease the pain. In S18 E22 ,Fin has to send Comfort home drunk and is forced to finish the shift alone. His solo effort has consequences when Josh finds out he has been covering for her again. Fin lashes out by punching the side of an ambulance. In S18 E23, Fin is making Comfort a romantic meal when she arrives home drunk. He firmly tells her that the drinking has to stop but she is past reasoning with. When Comfort blames Fin for her drinking, he lashes out. In S18 E24, Luke is disgusted when Fin admits he lost it with Comfort and hit her, but still offers him a bed at his place. Fin apologises to Comfort, saying he hates himself for what he did, but she turns to Tess as a shoulder to cry on. Tess is fuming and unrelenting and tells Fin to back off when he tries to speak to Comfort. In S18 E25, Fin tries to build bridges with Comfort and pens her a heartfelt letter. He suggests they go to a relationship counsellor and she agrees. In S18 E26, Comfort misses her counselling session when she falls asleep at home after a drinking session. In S18 E27, Fin and Comfort are called to a block of flats where an obese woman, is suffering respiratory problems. They diagnose a pulmonary embolism and badly gangrene feet, but are unable to move her, with the flat’s lift being broken. Lara is called out to assist, but her condition deteriorates and she dies. In S18 E28, Fin is convinced their relationship is over but an awkward shift turns into a dangerous one when Comfort becomes trapped inside the boatyard with a young boy she cannot help. The boatyard is live with electricity and, if she touches the boy, they will both die. With the horror of the train crash still haunting her, Comfort does not want history to repeat itself and begs Fin to talk her through the procedure. As he does so, she confesses her innermost fears to him and he admits that he let her down. Comfort sees Ric, the little boy from the crash, throughout the situation and finally cries out to God for help. Fin, thinking she has been injured, comes to her rescue and is amazed to find her unaffected by the electricity. When she, Fin and the boy survive, Comfort credits God for the ‘miracle’ and walks away feeling purged. It is a turning-point for her and she resigns in order to heal herself. The real challenge now is to convince Fin, who thinks she has gone mad. In S18 E29, Comfort is certain that leaving is the right thing to do but she does not want anyone to know. Her faith in herself and God is restored and she tells Fin she is going to attend AA. Fin is wary, having heard it all before, but he offers to drop her off to show support. Comfort knows what is at stake and takes the first steps towards changing her life. In S18 E30, it is Comfort’s last day at work but she is not telling anyone. When she runs into Cal, they talk about her reasons for leaving. Fin admits to setting up the meeting and then finally persuades her to stay. Comfort lets Fin know she wants him back home. In S18 E36, Fin learns that the ring he was going to propose to Comfort with has been found at the train-crash site. In S18 E37, Fin takes Comfort to a surprise picnic in a secluded spot. They enjoy a romantic lunch together but Comfort has no idea of his real intentions. When he tells her to look in amongst the picnic items, she finds a ring with a note that reads ‘marry me’. In S18 E40, as Fin and Comfort’s wedding day dawns, Fin is stressed because Luke has gone missing. But just as Fin asks Josh to stand in as his best man, Luke turns up – and he has a big surprise for Fin. The couple we d infront of family and friends. In S18 E42, Nina and Fin attend to a man trapped in a sewer. Against Fin’s instructions Nina decides to go in alone to rescue him. Back at Holby, Fin reprimands her for breaking the rules. Comfort tells Fin that if he does not report her to Josh, she will.

In S19 E3, Fin and Comfort are called to a blazing building with children trapped inside, Fin makes the shocking discovery that his daughter is one of them. At the scene, a man, Karl Ackerman, asks Fin to help his wife, who is ill in a nearby car. Fin refuses, saying his daughter is his priority. He enters the building, saving all of the children and is hailed as a hero back at Holby. But the man he refused to help earlier tells Fin that his wife has died and he is holding him responsible. In S19 E4, Josh arranges for a journalist and photographer to come to the hospital, Fin reluctantly goes along with it. But Karl finds out and calls Fin a killer in front of the press. In S19 E5, Comfort and Fin attend a bogus call and, when Fin drives off, he discovers the brakes aren’t working. The ambulance crashes but they are unharmed. Engineers later inspect the van and discover that the brakes have been tampered with. Comfort confides in Tess that she is pregnant and says she intends to tell Fin over a romantic meal that evening. When he doesn’t come home from work she phones Josh, who says he left hours ago. Comfort rings everyone she can think of but no-one has seen or heard from him. In S19 E6, Comfort wakes and realises Fin has not been home. When she arrives at work she discovers no one has heard from him. By the end of her shift she is frantic with worry and decides to call the police. In S19 E7, Fin’s disappearance is featured in the local paper and Comfort is frantic with worry. She breaks down in front of Tess and wonders whether Fin will ever find out that she is pregnant. By S19 E8, Fin is still missing. When a patient leaves his jacket in Josh’s ambulance he finds Fin’s penknife in a pocket; the boy says he found it near the railway line. Comfort overhears Josh telling the police and insists that they go there. A number of police cars arrive at the scene with Selena in tow, who tells Comfort they have found a body that matches Fin’s description. In S19 E9, a distraught Comfort goes to identify the body that was found last episode and is devastated to confirm that it is Fin. Police tell her that she cannot take the body home to be buried as the death is suspicious and they are still investigating. In S19 E10, Tess discovers an article in the local paper about a woman, Ruth, who claims to be Fin’s wife. Comfort persuades Bex to let her search for the woman’s address on the hospital computer and goes to visit her. Ruth tells Comfort they were indeed married, but had separated, and that they had a son together. Comfort then receives a visit from the police, who tell her that Fin was murdered. In S19 E11, It is the day of Fin’s funeral, and Comfort tells Tess she is unsure whether to keep the baby. The police visit Comfort, asking for permission to attend and explaining that it has been known for killers to turn up at their victim’s funeral. Comfort agrees but, when Ruth and her son turn up, she screams at them to leave. Tess, however, allows them to stay. During the burial, Comfort collapses with stomach pains and is taken to hospital. A scan reveals there could be a problem with the pregnancy. In S19 E12, Karl is admitted to the hospital with chest pains, Selena examines him and finds a tooth embedded in his arm. She is immediately suspicious and, when Abs tells her that Karl had a vendetta against Fin, checks Fin’s post-mortem results and discovers that he had a tooth missing when he died. In S19 E13, Comfort is distraught when she discovers who killed Fin. She tells Josh that she suspects it was Karl who tampered with the ambulance brakes. Later, she thinks she sees Karl and runs after him. She hears a call on the radio asking for attendance at a possible suicide attempt – it is Karl. She runs to the roof to confront him, where he admits to killing Fin. He asks for forgiveness but she refuses to give it. Before the police can stop him he jumps to his death. In S19 E14, Comfort checks bank statements for her joint account with Fin and queries a standing order for £200 a month. She finds out that the recipient is Ruth. Comfort realises this means that they must have been married and the child at the funeral must have been Fin’s. Comfort goes to see Ruth, telling her that the monthly payments will stop. Ruth says that as Fin’s legal wife she is entitled to have his flat. Following Fin’s death, Comfort’s luck goes from bad to worse when she is chucked out of her flat by Ruth and loses the baby. Tess sends her out to be with Fin’s father in Barbados to recuperate.

Memorable Moments

  • S16 E25 – Fin delivers a baby in a deserted cottage.
  • S16 E2 – Fin tries to make paramedic boss Jeff understand the pressures of the job.
  • S16 E35 – Fin falls down a hole while jogging.  Later Comfort is asked to choose between him and her husband.
  • S17 E20 – Fin is trapped in a power station with an injured girl while his daughter lay ill in hospital.
  • S18 E1/ S18 E2 – Fin involved in train crash.
  • S18 E23 – Fin hits Comfort.
  • S18 E40 Fin and Comfort wed.
  • S19 E3 – Fin is hailed hero for saving children from a fire.

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