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Gemma Atkinson Interview


Gemma Atkinson makes a surprise return to CASUALTY this weekend after a one and half year break from the show. She kindly talks to about what’s in store for Tamzin…

What has happened to Tamzin since we last saw her?

Since Tamzin was last at Holby she’s got engaged to a guy named Dave. However, she still remembers that Jeff was prepared to lie for her when she left last time so feeling wise, she has unfinished business with him, but morally with a ring on her finger, he has to be off limits.

How does it come about her returning to Holby?

She returns to Holby basically as she has come to terms with what happened with the footballer and dealt with it. She now feels ready to walk back in with her head high knowing she is great at her job. She has her confidence back.

How does Jeff react when he sees Tamzin again?

Jeff is both shocked but pleasantly surprised to see her back again, I think he feels they have unfinished business. Although learning of her engagement is something he wasn’t expecting and it kind of knocks him for six.

How were you approached about coming back into the show, was your return already pre-planned?

I was approached around August / September last year although I wasn’t allowed to say anything as we wanted Tamzin’s return to be a shock. With Dixie’s suspension story line happening they saw it the right time to bring Tamzin back to stir things up a bit. I was flattered to be asked back to such a great drama.

Has Tamzin learnt anything as a paramedic from her past experiences?

I think Tamzin has learnt to be more patient this time around, a bit like me as I’ve gotten older. In fact! She’s more mature and she knows what she wants and what she must do to get it this time around.

Any upcoming storylines coming up for Tamzin you are able to talk about?

Tamzin and Jeff have a great story line which develops over a good five months. It’s been amazing shooting with Matt. We are hoping the audience are going to laugh and cry with them both. They have a chance to be happy together, but a few issues arise and its a case of doing what’s right for yourself, what’s right for others or losing everything & everyone. We’ve shot some dramatic scenes which I hope people will enjoy.

Will there be any chance of romance for Tamzin this time round?

Hopefully yes! It just may not be with the person she had hoped…

What’s it been like working with the cast again? Are you enjoying it?

It’s been fantastic being back with the cast. Myself, Matt, Charlie, Dale and Jane have all been having lots of laughs. It’s kind of a mini family. We all get each other lunch and whenever I’ve needed help or advice they are all there. Matt has actually been like a surrogate dad to me which has been amazing. I’ve been away from home in a hotel for six months so it can get lonely. His daughter Peggy, is extremely lucky to have him.

Who would you say is the biggest joker on Set?

The biggest joker is probably a mixture of Matt, myself & Jane.  Jane left a pretend dog poo in my room from the joke shop, Matt is forever pinching the makeup wigs and putting them on before a take without us knowing, and I’m known for doing doodles on scripts… I won’t tell you what of though! Lol!

What acting work had you been doing in between your Casualty stints?

Between Casualty I’ve shot a Bollywood film called Fever which is due for release in November. We were in Switzerland for three months for that. I’ve shot an American movie called The Dyatlov Pass Incident which we filmed for 7 weeks in Russia and I also shot a short film called My Bloody Valentine which will be ready for screening later in the year.

How long are you hoping to stay on Casualty this time round?

At the moment I’m here for six months, but who knows? I don’t want to give too much of the story away for Tamzin, she goes through a lot in this series emotionally, she could potentially return after this stint, but if she did it wouldn’t ever be the same for her. That’s all I’m saying!!! 😉


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