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Cas Character

George Woodman

Played by Rebecca Lacey


S12 E1 – S13 E28

Job Title

Senior House Officer

First Words

(George is walking to work with her young son Tom and her mother) But I thought you said you liked your teacher, Tom?


SHO George Woodman joins the team in S12 E1. Both Mark and Richard are instantly attracted to her. Her first patient is a middle aged man called Robert, who has arthritis. He claims to have fallen from a ladder, but when his daughter arrives she suspects he tried to commit suicide, as he was in so much pain. In S12 E2, George treats a teenage prostitute, who was dumped outside the dept. George wants to help and gain her trust, but Consultant [ID 318]Jack[/ID] tells her that not only can they not spend all night on one patient, but she needs to be courteous to her colleagues. In S12 E4, teenager Zeph, is brought in with a deep facial laceration, following a fight. He refuses to have plastic surgery, until George intervene and shows him his face in a mirror. George and Richard arrange an after shift drink, but when Richard doesn’t show, she spends the evening with Mark, who’s also at the pub. In S12 E5, George receives an apology from Richard for not keeping their date. Later, George and Mark discuss their evening together and end up in a passionate clinch in Resus. In S12 E11, George feels guilty, when she fails to spot a knife wound to a young woman’s head and the woman arrests. George is shocked when in S12 E14, Mark reveals to her that before he became a nurse, he went to medical school to train as a doctor. He dropped out after he carried out a medical procedure unsupervised and made a fatal mistake. In S12 E16, it’s nearly Xmas. George treats a Santa complaining of back pain but he turns out to be a time waster. The Xmas party sees George and Mark in a passionate embrace with a jealous Mark looking on. In S12 E17, George is a part of a medical team sent out to help at a major RTA on a motorway. She’s horrified when Mark risks his own life to rescue one of the victims. George is concerned when in S12 E18, Richard calls in sick. There is a power cut and George ends up operating on a teenage stabbing victim in Resus by torch light. Mark tells her he wants to spend the evening with her, but she’s tired and stressed and wants to be alone. She tells him she wants to cool their relationship – leaving Mark feeling confused. In S12 E19, George and Mark have spent the night together but she doesn’t feel ready to let others know about them. Mark tells her he wants her to trust him. She tells mark that she and Richard are just friends. Later, Mark gets a shock when his ex, Laura, turns up at the hospital with his daughter, Jade, in tow – the daughter he didn’t know he had. George appears as Laura introduces Jade to her ‘dad’. George is stunned. George is thrilled to see Richard back at work in S12 E20. She’s been steering clear of Mark since his wife and daughter are ‘back in the picture.’ Mark tries to explain and says he’s sorry for the way things happened. He tells her that it doesn’t change how he feels about her. George tells him she can’t be in a relationship with a man who’s involved with someone else. She wants the whole deal – not a part time or shared relationship and won’t be hurt for anything less. A motorcyclist is killed, when a prank goes wrong and George has to break the bad news to his friend. She breaks down. Richard comforts her, but she regains her composure and apologises for being unprofessional. In S12 E21, George tells Richard he looks awful and asks if he’s OK. He bites her head off. Richard goes home feeling ill. George is concerned and after work, she visits him at home. He tearfully admits he has MS. George and the rest of the team are shocked when in S12 E22, they learn of Tina’s rape. In S12 E23, George and others take to the football pitch to raise money for a children’s home. At the end of the match, Mark finds Jade wandering alone. He finds a note from Laura, saying she’s left. In S12 E25, George is among the guest at Baz and Charlie’s wedding on a boat in the harbour, but an emergency delays the proceedings. At the Reception in S12 E26, Richard announces that he’s leaving and applying for a research post in Edinburgh – thus paving the way for George and Mark to get back together.

In S13 E1, George and Mark have been arguing. Later Mark is involved in a car accident outside A&E. Next episode, as George and Sunny take him up for a scan, his condition deteriorates. Sunny decides it’s best if they take him back down to Resus, where Max treats him. She later feels left out, when his sisters arrive to visit him. In S13 E3, Mark is now in ITU but George is worried about what his condition will be like when he awakes. This episode she also had to deal with a patient, refusing needed blood because he is a Jehova’s Witness. Later when she is by Mark’s bedside, he wakes and holds her hand. In S13 E4, Mark tells George, that he’s glad to have her as a friend, knowing nothing has changed since the accident. George also tries to find him a side room on his request. In S13 E6, there’s tension when George helps to treat a patient, Pam Wilson, that Mark has asked to see. They discover she is a prostitute while Pam makes it clear she realises there’s a history between Mark and George. In S13 E8, George treats Max’s son who comes in – unaware they are related. In S13 E10 George acts jealous about Mark’s relationship with Pam. In S13 E11, Frank is brought back in and George discovers he is Max’s son. George talks to Max and tries to get Frank to go to Rehab. But he walks out the department. In S13 E15, in the pub with colleagues, George admits to Sunny that she still likes Mark a lot. In S13 E17, it’s the Xmas party and George and Mark are getting on well and they discuss what went wrong in their relationship. Later Mark tells Max he’s decided to retrain as a doctor. Next episode, Max lets slip to George of Mark’s plans – she didn’t know. She’s angry and hurt. At the end of shift, Mark leaves – George decides their relationship is over before saying ‘I could have loved you.’. ‘I should have let you’ he replies. In S13 E21, Max needs work doing on an MI paper, to help improve Holby’s chances of not being closed, in favour of St Thomas’. He asks George to help with his research. In S13 E23, George thinks a patient, Angela, with chest pains, is suitable material for her research project. George is upset when she is delayed, meaning she misses her son’s parents evening. In S13 E24, Max complains to her that he’s worried the project is running too slowly. Her next patient to be involved is an elderly man, Arthur, but they have difficulty persuading him to stay. In S13 E25, George reveals to Duffy she’s thinking of taking on a new post which means spending more time with her son. Next episode she has an interview at Broadway General, which will mean promotion if she gets it. In S13 E27, George has been shortlisted for the job and Max finds out; he wants her to stay. Later she is involved in an armed robbery at the bank and is caught in the commotion. When they are all finally rescued, all George can think about his her son. She cries with relief when she finds out her childminder took him to A&E, where they are reunited. She tells Max she has decided to leave, and as she walks out – only tells Amy that she won’t be back.

Memorable Moments

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