Goodbye Josh

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After 18 years on CASUALTY, one of the show’s longest serving actors Ian Bleasdale is leaving the show this week.

The downtrodden paramedic, Josh Griffiths, has had his fair share of strife over the years from the death of his family in a house fire, his second wife, Colette’s affair with womaniser Simon Kaminski as well as last year’s stabbing which saw him fighting for his life. However will the character finally leave Holby a happy man?

Josh is cautious over his relationship with new love Devika who is planning to return to India with her daughter Sajani. It’s time the paramedic deserves some happiness and his colleagues are convinced the couple are made for eachother however Josh needs some persuading to follow his heart.

However it’s a horrific road accident that makes Josh see where his future really lies. When a drug smuggler ploughs his car into a family after overdosing on heroin, Josh attends to the victims, then imparts some wisdom to Toby before agreeing to head overseas with Devika.

After an emotional goodbye with close friend Charlie, Josh rushes to the airport and proposes to Devika for third time. Will she accept?



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