Goodbye Zosia

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Fans said a sad farewell to popular actress Camilla Arfwedson this week as her character, Zosia March, decided to quit Holby and follow her dream to study in the US.

Camilla joined the show in September 2013 and has been involved in a number of storylines including Zosia’s bipolar, her romance with Ollie and her fragile relationship with her father Guy Self.

Speaking to Digital Spy, she said ‘It’s been a real honour to play Zosia and to work at Holby. I have loved playing her with all her ups and downs, battles with her mental health and close relationships.

“She has been inspiring and challenging in equal measure. A truly wonderful part to play. I hope she comes back to the wards one day, as this is where she grew up and where she found her true love. So, we’ll see…”

Check out some of Zosia’s memorable moments…

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