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Cas Character

Heather Lincoln

Played by Nicole Faraday


S17E2 – S17E10

Job Title

Locum Senior House Officer

First Words

(to Simon) I didn’t – a year in Newcastle, then two months in Birmingham. Before that med school in Glasgow.


In S17 E2, new girl Heather, is shown round the department by Simon, who obviously fancies her. She invites him out for a drink after work. Her first patient is a man with a fish bone stuck in his throat. The x-ray is clear, so Heather is sure there is another reason for his discomfort. Duffy tries to be helpful, telling her that not everything shows up on an x-ray, and that if she’s unsure on anything, she shouldn’t be afraid to ask. Later Heather is in the staff room, consulting a medical book, when Dillon rushes in and gets changed – stripping down to his underwear. He’s unaware of Heather, who’s watching with admiration! He’s surprised to see her. She’s just about to ask him out for a drink, when Simon walks in. Harry is impressed with Heather’s medical knowledge (ie. The fishbone) which was partly derived from a medical book and partly from Duffy, who’s not happy when Heather takes all the credit. Later, Duffy’s mum is brought in after collapsing. Heather examines her and finds a breast tumour. Unaware that it’s Duffy’s mum, she tells her about the ‘dozy cow’ who’s got suspected breast cancer and is pretending its not there. Duffy is unimpressed by her attitude and offers her a lesson in ‘people skills’. When Duffy finally does discover the patient in question is her mum, she wants Harry to continue treating her, rather than Heather. After the shift, Heather invites Dillon out for a meal. Simon is in disbelief as he watches them leave together. In S17 E3, Heather and Dillon wake up in bed together. Dillon gets a phone call from Lara, who’s due in court – Heather is jealous and at work, she flirts with Simon to wind up Dillon. Simon enquires about her night with Dillon. During the shift, Heather treats an Asian woman who’s been involved in an RTA. The woman loses consciousness and Heather quickly realises this has nothing to do with the woman’s injuries, but is due to an opiate based overdose. She questions the woman’s sister, who admits that both of them have packets of heroin in their stomachs. The woman dies and her sister is rushed to the operating theatre. Heather arranges to meet Dillon at his place for a meal after work, but first Dillon goes to the court to offer Lara his support. In S17 E4, Simon asks Heather if she’s still seeing Dillon. She is. Heather is jealous when she hears Colette say that Dillon is with Lara in court. She bets £20 that Lara gets sent down – a bet she winds, when Lara is sentenced to 3 years in prison. Colette is disgusted by Heather’s bet and tells her ‘You make me sick!’ Later, Heather watches in amusement as Simon gets told off by Harry, who accuses him of using the department as his ‘personal pick up joint’ – he asked one of the patients out as a bet from Heather. In S17 E5, Heather asks Dillon if he fancies going to the movies. He’s going to visit Lara in prison, but says he’ll try to get back in time. A young boy, Robbie, is brought in with breathing difficulties. Colette asks Heather to take a look at him, but Heather is not over concerned and tells Colette to keep an eye on him, until she examines him. Colette tells Heather that she suspects a rare condition called epiglottis, but Heather dismisses it as a touch of asthma. Robbie deteriorates and his Dad starts creating a scene. Heather tells him to calm down or leave. Realising that the situation is critical and that Heather doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing, Colette calls Harry, who orders Robbie to be taken to Resus. Harry is angry that a child was allowed to get into that state before he was called. Heather looks accusingly at Colette. Dillon gets a phone call from Lara – Heather is jealous and asks Simon what Lara is like. Later as Dillon sets off for the prison, he tells Heather he’ll try to be back in time for the film. ‘If you can be bothered?’ she replies. AT prison, Lara asks Dillon about his new girl, but he tells her it’s early days and he doesn’t want to rush anything. At the end of the shift, Colette turns on Heather. She tells her next time she’s looking for a scapegoat for her screw ups she should find someone else, not her. Heather gets a phone call from Dillon. He’s going to be late, so she spends the night with Simon instead. Dillon is far from happy when in S17 E6, he discovers Heather and Simon spend the night together. Heather’s patients include a man with severe stomach pains. His female friend tells Heather that they were at school together and were recently reunited via a website. Heather is mystified by the man’s symptoms, and is shocked when the woman admits to serving the man shepherds pie containing rabbits droppings to get back at him for dumping her for her best friend at school. Dillon is jealous when he sees Heather flirting with Simon. Later in the staff room, Dillon asks Heather for an explanation. She admits that she’ seeing both him and Simon. She tells him she didn’t sign a contract giving him exclusive access to her body, and not to spoil things when they’re having such a good time. Simon walks in and an angry Dillon thumps him for sleeping with Heather. In S17 E7, an elderly lady is brought in after a fall. She has a suspected broken hip. Heather examines her and tells Duffy it looks as thought the woman has had a stroke, which would account for her ‘expressive dysphasia’. The woman’s daughter arrives and informs Heather that her Mum’s ‘garbled speech’ (As Heather calls it) is actually Scottish Gaelic. Duffy is far from impressed with Heather insensitive treatment/ attitude towards the old lady. The woman suffers a further stroke and will require 24 hour care. Heather and Duffy break the news to the woman’s daughter. As they leave the relatives room, Heather tells Duffy that the old woman would be better off dead, as ‘she’ll be incontinent, incoherent and incapable of feeding herself.’ Duffy calls her a ‘heartless bitch’ and questions her right to make such judgments. But Heather says she’d hate to be emotionally dependant on her job. ‘A job’s a job,’ she informs Duffy. Harry asks to see Simon and Heather in his office, as he’s ‘fed up with working in a kindergarten’. After a warning from Harry, Simon tells Heather they need to ‘cool it’. But she tells him there’s nothing to ‘cool’. She points out that she’s not there for long and is ‘just enjoying the facilities’. In S17 E8, Heather’s patients include a teenage boy, who claims to have taken an overdose and a man who’s suffered a heart attack. Heather tells Dillon that she’s sorry she upset him. He tells her he doesn’t like being used and being played off against people he works with. After the shift, the team meet for a drink. Dillon and Simon are already there, waiting for Heather. When she arrives, she tells them she wants them all to be friends. Both are shocked to discover Heather has a new man! In S17 E9 Heather’s patients include an elderly woman who’s been mugged. She has a broken hip, but she has a cancerous tumour. Later, Heather tell Harry about the x-ray and takes credit for spotting the tumour – eventhough she actually missed it earlier and Dillon was the one who spotted it. In S17 E10, annoyed at Heather’s incompetence, Simon and Dillon join forces to play a trick on her, on her last day. In the on call room they tie her up. Later, Harry confronts her to say he will also give her a bad reference.

Memorable Moments

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