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Cas Actor

Helen Baxendale

APPEARANCE : S8 E11 ‘Give Us This Day’

CHARACTER : Emma Hayes

STORYLINE : Helen plays Emma, who is a member of a religious cult. She appears thin and emaciated. Her father’s attempt to snatch her away does not go according to plan. She’s out walking when her father and a few friends grab her and put her into their car. Struggling to escape, Emma opens the car door and is dragged along – the car is moving. When she is taken into A&E, Emma refuses treatment, telling staff that she believes everything is provided by God and he will help her. Tom Harley talks to her and eventually gets her to agree to some tests. Emma’s mother later arrives, and in an emotional reunion, Emma begins to rethink some of her beliefs. The cult she is in doesn’t allow her to see family and takes money from her. However, just when it looks as if Emma is in safe hands recovering Abraham, the cult leader, turns up to reclaim his disciple. Despite the team’s efforts, Emma goes with him.

ACTOR FAMED FOR : Rachel Bradley in Cold Feet; Emily Waltham in Friends

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