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Holby City.. Best of 2004

We take a look at some of the most memorable storylines and acting performances of HOLBY CITY of 2004.

The highs and lows of the staff at Holby continued into 2004. The year started off with the deaths of siblings Nic and Kelly Yorke. Other departures included duo Campbell-Gore and Ed who left in disgrace, Kath, Carlos and Rosie.

But there were also some exciting introductions this year. Donna and Mickie – actresses Jaye Jacobs and Kelly Adams – joined after being filmed on a Making it at Holby documentary. Maneater Connie and Will also were popular.

Love was also all around in Holby during 2004, most notably Zubin and Jess controversial romance and Diane and Owen’s rocky relationship which ended in a marriage proposal.

We take a look at some of the most memorable storylines, acting performances and couple of HOLBY CITY of 2004…



1. Paris/ Jess & Zubin – The controversial romance between Jess and Zubin has been one of the most hotly discussed Holby storylines of 2004. The will-they-won’t-they saga came to a dramatic head when Jess followed Zubin to Paris to make him admit his feelings for her. He did, but his strong friendship with her father Ric amongst other things made him decide to stay and take a job in the French capital. ‘Zubin had shut down the romantic part of his life after his wife died and if he wanted sex he’d pay for it. But Jess is breaking through his hard facade and rekindling his romantic side. He runs away from her to come to Paris – but she follows him there’ said Art Malik. Incase you thought this was the end, a new dramatic chapter begins in 2005 as Jess learns she’s pregnant with his baby – and Zubin makes his return to Holby.

2. Tricia/ cancer – HOLBY’s most emotional storyline of the year came when Tricia learnt she had breast cancer. Her relationship with Carlos hit breaking point when he felt unable to support her through her ordeal but a closer bond with her daughter Chrissie emerged. ‘It really pulls at the heartstrings. It makes me cry – it’s so lovely’ said Sharon Maughan. ‘Chrissie is there for her and it’s really sweet. It’s a very bonding experience for the two of them’

3. Diane/ sister’s death & baby Jack – Diane has had a traumatic year than most. After her sister died in a car crash, she was left to bring up her baby son when the father Simon failed to take responsibility. ‘Jack is a beautiful reminder of her sister. To lose him would mean going through that terrible grief again’. But unfortunately she did when a course case ensued and Simon won custody of baby Jack.

4. Transplant/ Tom & Ed exit – Partners in crime, Campbell-Gore and his sidekick Ed were bound to get in trouble sooner with their rule breaking. But in their last venture, neither were prepared to stand by the other so they both got dragged down. ‘Tom believes that allowing Ed to take the blame when the hospital enquiry gets under way is the right thing to do,’ says Denis Lawson. ‘He doesn’t think twice about ruining Ed’s career. Tom believes himself to be a gifted surgeon and that it would be a loss to the health service if he were struck off.’

5. Connie’s seducing – Connie’s only been in the department 6 months but she’s already had her claws into Ric, Mubbs, and teased with Will, just to show who’s boss. ‘It’s a power game for Connie – she works in a man’s world and enjoys using her position to turn the tables on men. She reasons if they can do it, then so can she,’ says Amanda Mealing.

6. Mubbs & Rosie love story – The romance between Mubbs and Rosie has been a turbulent affair. With womanizing Mubbs unable to keep his trousers on no matter how much he loves Rosie and being displeased with the news that she was pregnant. It took a drastic near death experience for Rosie in the hospital fire for Mubbs to come to his senses. ‘I have been justifying Mubbs’ behaviour for so long, but I can’t defend him this time’ said Ian Aspinall at the time of Mubbs’ infidelity with Connie. But unfortunately for him, Rosie decided she couldn?t settle for second best and transferred out of Holby.

7. Mickie’s sexuality – Virgin Mickie first dalliance came with her best friend Donna. Naive Mickie thought she had found love and was devastated when Donna said it was just a bit of fun for her. But she’s moved on and is now happy at realising her sexuality. ‘She’s fine that she’s found out who she is,’ says Kelly Adams. ‘At the same time she goes to great lengths to keep it a secret’.

8. Jess/ stalker – Before Jess’ romance with Zubin began, Jess had a brief fling with patient Robert Pullman until he became an obsessed maniac. Attacking her in her house, Donna saved the day by rescuing her. ‘It’s a nightmare scenario every woman will empathise with,’ said Verona Joseph.

9. Kath exit – Kath has had some harrowing storylines since her time in Holby began including domestic abuse, her husband Terry dying of cancer and being accused of being the Kellar killer. But it was her exit storyline that left Kath happy at last in the arms of Larry. ‘For me it was important that Kath left on a happy note and it was almost a condition of my leaving,’ said Jan Pearson.

10. Ric/ gambling bankrupt – Ric’s never seemed to get over his gambling sessions even when he was reduced to being bankrupt and doing community service. Even in Paris, he managed to lose his and Donna’s money that his patient had paid them.


1. Sharon Maughan (cancer) – In Sharon’s biggest HOLBY storyline to date she excelled. ‘I’m pleased we’ve covered the issue,’ said Sharon of her character’s cancer ordeal. ‘I hope it encourages women who have had a scare to deal with it straight away’.

2. Patricia Potter (sister’s death/ baby Jack) – Patricia has had some emotionally draining scenes including her sister’s death and fighting for custody of Jack. ‘Against the odds she has managed to juggle her job with bringing up a baby. Just when she was beginning to cope, her life is rocked once again,’ said Patricia at the time of the custody hearing.

3. Rocky Marshall (Father/ transplant exit) – Ed deceived and fought against the book to get his father the best treatment but it was bound to come back on him. ‘Ed believes he owes him a huge debt. So when he finds out his father has a congenital heart condition and needs an urgent transplant, he’s prepared to do anything. Everything he’s achieved is because of the sacrifice his dad made,’ says Rocky Marshall.

4. Amanda Mealing (seducing) – Amanda has been a popular introduction to the show this year particularly seeing her toying the men. ‘Doctors are modern day heroes anyway, and it’s not often women get to play heroes so I’m enjoying that enormously,’ says Amanda Mealing.

5. Denis Lawson (transplant/exit) – Campbell-Gore was a powerful force on the Holby team but he only just managed to salvage his career after Ed tried to drag his Consultant down with him. ‘He’s driven by a desire to save patient’s lives but it’s also wrapped up in his own ego’ says Denis Lawson.


1. Zubin & Jess – Their relationship had fans in two camps – those who were against their romance and the other side that were desperate for them to ignore the pressures and get it together. ‘Its fascinating because everything about it is forbidden,’ said Verona Joseph. ‘The age gap, the fact he’s a professor while she’s a student nurse. And Zubin’s her dad’s best friend and a godfather figure.’

2. Chrissie & Owen – Although they haven’t been an item this year, fans are still hoping they will get back together. Chrissie is pining and even told Owen that baby Amanda was his but it hasn’t stopped him from planning to marry Diane. ‘There’s always going to be a spark between Chrissie and Owen.’ Patricia Potter agreed.

3. Diane & Owen – Their relationship hasn’t been solid with Diane’s mood swings from her traumatic year but Owen has stood by her. ‘He believes he really loves Diane. But you mustn’t forget with Owen there is always the Achilles heel – his ex, Chrissie, who is still lurking in the background,’ says Mark Moraghan.

4. Mubbs & Rosie – Despite his love for Rosie, he’s still been unable to remain faithfull leading to the eventual breakdown of their relationship. ‘Mubbs loves Rosie and he’s tried so hard to make it work with her but he’s a natural flirt, who has slept with most of the female staff at the hospital,’ said Ian Aspinall.

5. Connie & Will – Will one was of the few men who resisted Connie?s advances when she first arrived, so Connie set herself a goal to seduce him ‘She wants to break Will down because he’s too arrogant,’ said Amanda Mealing. When things eventually gets steamy at Ric’s party, Connie backs off just to prove that she could and is the one in charge. Fans are still hoping there’s more to come for the pair, but with Will leaving in 2005, will it happen?

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