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HC Past Character –

HC Past Character

  • Anita Forbes

    Played by Kirsty Mitchell Appearance S5 E25 ‘A Tear in my Eye’ – S5 E43 ‘Carpe Diem’ Job Title Psychiatrist First Words Background Memorable Moments

  • Annabelle Cooper

    Played by Nina Wadia Appearance S17 E28 ‘All About Evie’ – S17 E32 ‘The Ides of March’ Job Title Consultant Neurosurgeon First Words Background Memorable...

  • Annalese Carson

    Played by Anna Louise Plowman Appearance S11 E3 ‘Labour of Love’ – S12 E55 ‘Misfit Love’; S14 E28 ‘Half a Person’ Job Title Consultant Anaesthetist...

  • Antoine Malick

    Played by Jimmy Akingbola Appearance S13 E12 ‘Running the Gauntlet’ – Job Title Specialist Registrar, General Surgery/ Clinical Skill Teacher/ Consultant First Words   Background...

  • Anton Meyer

    Played by George Irving Appearance S1 E1 ‘Whose Heart Is It Anyway?’ – S4 E46 ‘Pawns in the Game’ Job Title Consultant Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon &...

  • Arthur Digby

    Played by Rob Ostlere Appearance S15 E12 ‘Blood Ties’ – S18 E35 ‘I’ll Walk You Home’ Job Title F1 Year 1/2 / Core Training Year...

  • Ben Saunders

    Played by David Paisley Appearance S4 E17 ‘Life Goes On’ – S5 E29 ‘Desperate Measures’ Job Title Midwife First Words Background Memorable Moments

  • Berenice ‘Bernie’ Wolfe

    Played by Jemma Redgrave Appearance S18 E17 ‘Serenity’ – Job Title Consultant General Surgeon First Words Ah great, Guy Self – good to meet you!...

  • Bonnie Wallis

    Played by Carlyss Peer Appearance S15 E52 ‘Like a Prayer’ – S16 E25 ‘The Cruellest Month’ Job Title Staff Nurse First Words Background Memorable Moments

  • Bradley Hume

    Played by Scott Adkins Appearance S8 E32 ‘One Tender Kiss’ – S8 E52 ‘Moondance’ Job Title Assistant General Manager First Words Background Memorable Moments

  • Cara Martinez

    Played by Niamh Walsh Appearance S17 E36 ‘The Children of Lovers’ – Job Title Staff Nurse First Words Background Memorable Moments Pinterest – Cara Martinez...

  • Carlos Faschola

    Played by David Bedella Appearance S6 E42 ‘While the Cat’s Away’ – S7 E7 ‘Moment of Truth’; S7 E34 ‘Patience’ – S7 E42 ‘Soft Centred’...

  • Chantelle Lane

    Played by Lauren Drummond Appearance S13 E34 ‘Rescue Me’ – Job Title Agency Nurse First Words Chantelle : Late on my first day, he’s going...

  • Chrissie Williams

    Played by Tina Hobley Appearance S3 E30 ‘The Road Less Travelled’- Job Title Ward Sister First Words Jasmine : Excuse me, would you like to...

  • Clifford George

    Played by Geff Francis Appearance S17 E29 ‘Small Disappointments’ – Job Title Porter First Words Background Clifford is Mo Effanga’s estranged father. Memorable Moments

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