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Well known actress Holly Aird makes a notable guest appearance in the Christmas episodes as the character of Laura; one of three characters whose perspective of a day is shown in the storyline.

holby.tv talk to Holly Aird about her role in the show…

How were you approached to appear in the CASUALTY Christmas Special? Is it correct Barbara Machin had you in mind for the part?

Yes. Barbara and I have know eachother for a few years now as ‘Waking the Dead’ is her show. We have become firm friends and she is someone I admire very much. She made it impossible to refuse!

What about the role appealed to you?

It was completely out of my comfort zone! Often in telly, one is hired to play themselves or what’s gone before and this was neither. I knew it would be a challenge and one that I was nervous about doing. But I think it’s good to be scared sometimes.

What can you tell us about your character?

Without giving too much away, she is troubled. Her childhood was not a happy one and this had affected her as an adult.

Did you do any research for your role?

Yes I read books and articles. I also watched some DVD’s.

Are you pleased with your performance?

I haven’t seen it yet!

Your onscreen husband is played by Spandau Ballet star Gary Kemp – did you enjoy working with him?

I actually know Gary from years ago although I hadn’t seen him for some time so yes it was good to work with him and catch up.

 What was it like working with the  rest of the CASUALTY cast?

I was quite nervous going into a team  of people who all knew eachother  very well. But I can honestly say with  hand on heart that it was one of the  happiest jobs I’ve ever done. They couldn’t have been lovelier!

Are you a fan of the show?

I certainly am!

Will you be watching the episodes this Christmas? Do you have any other plans for Christmas?

I will be watching, at home (in my new house) with my mum, 2 kids and husband.

Do you have any further acting projects lined up?

I have recently finished doing a play with The Royal Shakespeare Company and I start filming next week on a Channel 4 film called ‘Secret Life’.

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