Holly Davidson

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Plays Tally Harper


BROUGHT UP : Ludlow, Shropshire

LIVES : London .

FAMILY : Three sisters, Sadie Frost, Sunshine Velvet and Jade.

PARTNER : Four year relationship with Ben Jackson, PA to Jude Law and ex-model

HOBBIES : Kick boxing and self defence, theatre, cinema, going to gigs

ON SIMILARITIES WITH TALLY : ‘She is going through a very difficult time. She hasn’t got over her mum’s death and she is very mixed up emotionally and is very vulnerable. I’m a lot more stable!’

IF SHE COULD PLAY ANYONE BESIDES TALLY : ‘Probably one of the paramedics so I could drive an ambulance and be out on location.’

ON WORKING WITH SIMON MACCORKINDALE : ‘I love working with Simon. He’s such a talented actor and I really enjoy the relationship we have on and off screen. He is always there to help and advise me whenever I need it.’

FUNNIEST MOMENT ON SET : ‘There are a lot of funny moments. To mention one – we were doing a scene the other day and it was a really tricky shot. Loads of people in it and loads of things happening. Right at the end of the scene, I have to (very simply) get up from behind reception and walk away. So we’re on about the 8th take and its before lunch – everyone is hungry and wants to get it finished. It’s all going very well until my big moment. Just stand up and walk away. I trip up on some wires, fall flat on my face and everyone thought it was very amusing.’

PREVIOUS CASUALTY APPEARANCE : Holly played Carmen Humphries in S10 E20 ‘Asking for Miracles’.

HOLBY CITY APPEARANCE : Holly played Ali Harding in S13 E14 ‘My Hero’. [More Info]

TELEVISION CREDITS : Pigeon Summer; The Bill; The Last Musketeer; Renford Rejects; The Broker’s Man; Casualty; The Stepfather; Holby City

FILM CREDITS : Essex Boys; Final Cut; Food of Love; Bent; Flirting with Flamenco; Van Wilder 2: Rise of the Taj; Flirting With Flamenco; Van Wilder 2; The Other Side of my Sleep

AGENT : Narrow Road Commercials, 3rd Floor, 76 Neal Street, London WC2H 9PL.



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