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Cas Character

Honey Wright


Played by Chelsee Healey


S29 E6 ‘The Last Call’ – S30 E4 ‘Cradle to Grave’

Job Title


First Words

Oh nice one.. right back at you as well pal


Father, Noel Garcia


Honey arrives in Holby with the intent of getting to know her father – receptionist Noel Garcia – who has no idea she exists. It comes as a shock to him at first but the pair eventually bond.

We also discover besides her barista job, she has also been working as a pole dancer in a strip club to earn extra money.

Honey also has a short romance with Ethan during her time at Holby and she eventually decides to leave to study in aromatherapy and holistic healing.

Memorable Moments

  • S29 E6 – Honey ruffles some feather on her first day.
  • S29 E12 – Ethan discovers Honey has been working as a pole dancer in a strip club.
  • S29 E14 – Honey reveals to Noel that she is his estranged daughter.
  • S29 E15 – Honey tries to give hope to alcoholic Molly.
  • S29 E16 – Honey and Noel struggle to find common ground – until Honey comes up with an idea and buys them tickets to a comedy gig.
  • S29 E18 – Ethan helps Honey who has been injured at the strip club she has been working in.
  • S29 E19 – Lily gives Honey advice on how to bag her man.
  • S29 E21 – Ethan tries to pluck up the courage to give Honey a Valentines Day card. Honey decides to leave for Manchester.
  • S29 E41 – Honey returns to the hospital scuppering Lily’s romantic plans with Ethan.
  • S30 E3 – Honey has serious doubts about her relationship with Ethan.
  • S30 E4 – Ethan and Honey call off their romance. She also hands in her notice and leaves the hospital to study in aromatherapy and holistic healing.

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