Ian Reddington

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APPEARANCE : S2 E8 ‘Cross Fingers’

CHARACTER : Vic Dancer

STORYLINE : A heavy gambler, Vic Dancer, wants his girlfriend, Judy, to come to the casino with him, as she’s his good luck charm. But she is ill, and says she will come later. Judy gets into Ted’s cab and asks him to take her to the casino, but Ted takes her to the hospital instead, and on her wish he goes to the casino where Vic, and his friend Harry, are playing to let him know. But he stays put as he’s winning, and doesn’t believe it’s serious. But Judy has meningitis. Vic comes to see her in the morning, where she tells him their relationship is over.


APPEARANCE : S2 E14 ‘Dispossessed’

CHARACTER : Ferguson


APPEARANCE : S6 E28 ‘When Lightening Strikes Twice’

CHARACTER : Glen Holiwell


ACTOR FAMED FOR : Tricky Dicky in Eastenders; Vernon in Coronation Street

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