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HC Character

Jac Naylor

Played by Rosie Marcel


S8 E6 ‘Bird on a Wire’ – S22 E36; S23 E17 –

Job Title

Consultant Cardio thoracic Surgeon/ Director of Improvement

First Words

Which incompetent is responsible for the signs around here?


Confident Jac is a sexually manipulative, political animal. Desperate to climb the career ladder, she doesn’t care who she destroys along the way.

We are first introduced to Jac is S8 E6, when she arrives in her biker gear informing Ric that she intends to impress him enough to be offered a permanent registrar’s position. In S8 E14, Jac clashes with Diane over the treatment of a patient with bowel disease. In S8 E15, Jac is back at Holby helping out and tells Ric she wants to apply for the registrar’s position. In S8 E17, Diane is back at work but there’s still friction between her and Jac. Ric tells Diane that she should apply for the upcoming Consultants post, but says she has too much on her plate. Ric later suggests the position to Jac, who is obviously keen to get the job. In theatre, Diane and Jac clash again and Diane is infuriated when Jac takes credit for her work. Diane later realises, Ric still wants her to apply for the job so agrees to. In S8 E19, Jac feels undermined when Ric asks Diane to take over an operation in theatre. She feels Ric favours Diane. He takes them both for a drink to announce who has got the position but before he can – Jordan pulls up and announces he has got the job. It’s clear Jac knows him from the past. In S8 E20, Jac realises Jordan is offering Ric’s cancer patient a different treatment to one Ric has prescribed and threatens to tell him. He calls her bluff. In S8 E22, Ric is away from the hospital and asks Jac to keep him in the loop. Jordan wants to operate on a patient but Jac is concerned it may put extra pressure on his weak heart. Jac accuses Jordan of using the operation to impress Connie so he can work back in cardio. However, when Jac threatens to tell Ric, Nick blackmails her into keeping quiet by letting her assist in the operation. In S8 E24, Jordan continues to cause trouble by working on a patient with a CT condition. When the patient’s condition deteriorates, Jac decides not to involve Jordan again and doesn’t page him, instead involving Joseph and Connie. Jordan is furious when he finds out but tries to pass the blame. In S8 E40, Jac is left in charge when Ric leaves her with no consultant cover. Jac relishes the opportunity and promptly argues with Joseph over the preferred treatment of a patient, who is impaled after falling from a tree. When it turns out that Joseph was right, Jac has a new-found respect for him.

In S9 E1, Joseph struggles to cope with the pressure of a drill, with disastrous consequences when he collapses after an accidental overdose. Jac finds him and promises she won’t tell anyone. However she tries to use the situation to her advantage by telling his father, Lord Byrne, but her plan backfires when Lord Byrne offers Diane a new post and she alienates Joseph in the process, when he finds out. In S9 E4, Jac goes against protocol to help grant a patient’s last wish. Realising she also needs Joseph on side, Jac steps up her charm offensive and makes him an offer he can’t refuse and later goes with him to the Holby Foundation party as his date. In S9 E7, Jac asks Joseph out for a drink to keep up appearances. In S9 E8, Dan suspects Jac of having wound up his ex and warns her that, if she wants to take him on, she will have a fight on her hands. In S9 E9, Joseph asks Jac out. She says no until she realises he’s going to an event that his Dad, Lord Byrne, is also attending. Joseph later questions where he stands with Jac, she makes out that she now has feelings for him and they kiss. But her genuinity is questionable. In S9 E10, Joseph invites Jac to stay with his family at Christmas. She is happy to go but makes excuses so that she can sleep in a separate room. In S9 E11, Jac warns an infatuated Martha that Joseph is hers, but Martha isn’t going to give up without a fight. In S9 E13, Jac’s manipulative behaviour causes Elliot to catch Joseph and Martha kissing during their assignment leaving Elliot is furious. In S9 E14, after learning from her father that Jac has ben stirring things between her and Joseph, Martha tries to warn Joseph about her behaviour. But Jac uses her feminine charms to convince a gullible Joseph that her feelings for him are genuine. In S9 E15, Lord Byrne has set up a team to go to Dubai comprising of Joseph and also the recently departed Abra, so Jac is keen to take his place. Whilst Jac is also attempting to impress Dan, when she realises both her and Diane are up for promotion to Consultant. She is upset when Dan offers Diane the position. Seeing her disappointment, Joseph pulls strings to get Jac a place on the trip to Dubai. In S9 E17, Joseph and Jac are back from Dubai. Faye arrives at the hospital looking for them – she wants them to help her get a job at Holby. In S9 E19, Dan persuades Diane to do an on-call night shift as a Consultant which displeases Jac, who attempts to set her up for a fall. Jac’s plan backfires though when Dan praises Diane. Later, a patient attempts to kill himself with electrical pads. Jac tries to stop him but they both go flying. In S9 E21, Joseph asks Jac to go on a walking holiday with him – she’s not impressed. Jac scores brownie points with Lord Byrne when she offers to treat a former patient, Bruno, that he has shown a keen interest in. But when she discovers that Joseph has requested that another doctor take over, Jac tells Lola that she will continue to treat the patient and orders Joseph to stop interfering in her professional life. Realising she doesn’t need Joseph anymore, she tells him it’s over however when Lord Byrne tells her how pleased he is of their relationship, she decides to carry on her relationship with Joseph. Meanwhile, Jac shares an emotional moment with Bruno as he dies from cancer. In S9 E22, Joseph is not happy with Jac’s over-friendly approach to Lord Byrne. Faye witnesses Jac’s game and Joseph’s discomfort and decides to do something about it. Whilst Diane also witnesses a moment between Lord Byrne and Jac. She correctly perceives this as Jac working Lord Byrne. S9 E23, flashback’s show Jac time in Dubai with Joseph and how they came to meet Faye. In S9 E24, Jac asks Faye why she’s being so secretive about her husband James’s death and Faye tells her that she needs help. In S9 E25, Joseph struggles to hide his jealousy when Jac and Sam arrive at the hospital together, having spent the last 12 hours in each other’s pockets. Jac learns that by failing to answer Joseph’s calls, she’s missed out on lunch courtesy of Lord Byrne, and realises that she must convince Joseph that nothing happened with Sam to get her long-term plan back on track. In S9 E26, Jac asks Dan if she can be involved in the pioneering remote robotic procedure that’s taking place in Holby he refuses, and Jac’s disappointed to learn that Diane is on the team. Lord Byrne and Dan get frustrated when the patient, Alan Simpson, withdraws his consent for the surgery but when Jac manages to get the op back on track (betraying Joseph and Elliot in the process), Lord Byrne rewards her with Diane’s place on the surgical team. Later, everyone’s drinking in a hotel bar and Jac and Lord Byrne are clearly enjoying each other’s company. When Jac lies that she and Joseph are finished, Lord Byrne invites Jack to stay the night with him. In the morning, Jac gets dressed as Lord Byrne sleeps. In S9 E27, after their ‘night’ in the hotel, Jac’s convinced that she’s got Lord Byrne on side – but he’s doing everything he can to avoid her. When Byrne hears Joseph invite Jac around that evening, he tells Jac that Joseph must never find out about their affair, leaving Jac safe in the knowledge that she’s got Byrne right where she wants him. In S9 E28, Lord Byrne tells Jac that they were spotted by Diane at the hotel and wonders who else might know. But Jac’s more worried about her career and gives Lord Byrne an ultimatum – a consultant’s job elsewhere in exchange for her silence. In S9 E30, Jac and Joseph attend the Royal Surgeons Association event where an elusive Lord Byrne secretly confesses to Jac that he’s really fallen for her. In S9 E32, Jac is under pressure from both Joseph and Lord Byrne: Joseph wants them to live together while Lord Byrne is offering to help her get a job in Edinburgh. When Lord Byrne’s influence results in Jac being bumped off the shortlist, Joseph mistakenly suspects that his father blocked Jac’s move for his sake. When Joseph thanks him, a guilty Lord Byrne reveals all about his own relationship with Jac. In S9 E33, keen to spend more time with Jac, Lord Byrne invites her to a reception with the Junior Health Minister. To Lord Byrne’s surprise, Lady Byrne appears at the hospital and things becomes very awkward as Joseph, Jac and Lord and Lady Byrne all attend the reception together. Joseph attempts to convince Jac not to get involved with his father and insists that Lord Byrne will never leave his wife for her. Later, Lady Byrne tries to persuade Lord Byrne to have dinner with her but he says he has other plans. Joseph then offers Jac a chance to resume their relationship, providing she ends things with his father. Jac declines and leaves the hospital with Lord Byrne. In S9 E35, Lord Byrne comes into the department to see Jac – he gives her a bracelet (a family airloom ). His wife follows him to the hospital, she is suspicious of her husband. Joseph forewarns Jac and his father. But when Lady Byrne confronts Connie, accusing her of having an affair with her husband – Jac rushes in to stop her. She sees the bracelet Jac is wearing and realises it is infact her who is having the affair with Lord Byrne. She chucks him out and he goes home with Jac. In S9 E37, Jac is persuaded by Dan to take on a patient, Ali, who was a former patient of Diane’s – hoping it will better her chances of promotion. Jac agrees to take on the case of Ali, who thinks she has cancer but Jac discovers she has a non-malignant ulcer and does not have sickle cell however Diane did not tell her as it would have meant revealing her father was not biologically hers. Jac upsets Ric by questioning Diane’s ability. But realising she’s fallen into Dan’s trap, Jac pretends to Ric that it was her mistake. In S9 E41, Lord Byrne begins proceedings to divorce Lady Byrne, and is pulling strings for Jac to get Diane’s old position. Joseph is frustrated that his father never helped him in any way. Lord Byrne later has a stroke. In S9 E42, after his operation, Lord Byrne wants to make amends with his son Joseph, but Jac’s presence at his bedside makes this difficult. On Lady Byrne’s advice, Joseph goes to see his father but he can’t resist berating him for failing to see that Jac’s only using him to further her career. As Joseph storms out, Lord Byrne suffers a heart attack. Later, Lord Byrne turns to Jac for comfort, he begins to see her true colours and tells her that he just wants to be with his son. In S9 E43, Jac turns up at Lord Byrne’s funeral, a furious Joseph tells her to leave. At the hospital, Joseph tears into Jac for the hurt she’s caused his family. When Jac fails to show any remorse, Joseph hits her. In S9 E44, Louise needs a registrar for the Stent Trial. Jac goes for the position, but Dan stirs things up by telling Joseph to go for it, too. He does well, but Jac tactically shows Louise the bruises that Joseph inflicted on her, and she gets the job. In S9 E47, Jac is tending to Alan, the patient who denied raping his wife, but neglects him when she runs into Graham, an old school pal. After work, Jac is planning to meet Graham when Alan appears from the shadows and attacks her.

In S10 E2, Joseph tricks Jac by posting a fake advert for a consultancy position. In S10 E3, Jac has an interview for a consultant post but is shocked to find Lady Bryne is on the panel. Jac blackmails Joseph into making his mother support her application by claiming her headaches are due to Joseph hitting her. However, Jac still loses the job as she is recommended for sick leave. In S10 E7, there is tension between Donna and Jac as they both fight for Michael’s attention. In S10 E19, Joseph returns to Darwin following his brother’s death and is shocked to find Jac on trial as Sam’s replacement. Neither Joseph nor Connie wants her there and, when Philip Lawlor arrives looking for a new registrar, Connie plans to showcase Jac for the position. Joseph unintentionally ruins her plan and Connie is forced to appoint Jac as the new CT surgeon on Darwin. In S10 E20, Jac is becoming increasingly frustrated with her lack of career progress and is determined to become a good CT surgeon. She tries to gain popularity with the team on Darwin by covering up for a missing Faye, whom she later finds out has gone to her dead husband’s graveside as he is exhumed. In S10 E24, Jac is shocked to see Alan Clooney, the man who tried to rape her six months previously. He has arrived with his wife, who has considerable bruising. Jac attacks him and Lola and Joseph have to pull her away. Later, Alan is found by Linden stabbed in the heart with a pair of scissors. He is rushed to theatre and survives but the ‘HolbyBlue’ police arrive and after questioning Lola, Joseph and Jac, arrest Jac for attempted murder. The story following her arrest is shown in HolbyBlue episode S2 E1. Despite the overwhelming evidence against her, Jac passionately denies any involvement. Co-workers are called up as character witnesses and DS Luke French asks Jac’s colleagues if they think she is capable of murder – shockingly, their opinion is divided. Lola is prepared to stand up for her colleague, but others are not so confident in Jac and her defence begins to crumble. The facts are stacking up against the beleaguered doctor: there are no traceable witnesses and her former lover, Joseph, doubts her innocence. Consequently, when the victim dies in hospital, Jac’s self-belief starts ebbing away as she realises things are not looking good – until a chance meeting at the station leads detectives to their mystery witness. Jac is cleared. In S10 E25, Joseph is called in to the police station for questioning regarding the scissor-stabbing incident involving Jac and Alan Clooney. After telling the police that he believes Jac is capable of murder, Joseph’s statement plays on his conscience. This complicates Joseph’s relationship with Faye as he appears ‘supportive’ to Jac. In S10 E28, Maddy is shocked when an unusually friendly Jac covers for her mistake in theatre. Dr Greene suspects that Jac thinks she’ll be Linden’s golden girl by either saving a patient or helping a colleague – but when Jac gets in trouble with Linden over her actions, she continues to cover for Maddy’s mistake. Jac is becoming suspicious of Faye and in S10 E36, follows her when she goes to meet a man, claiming to be her first husband. However as she is on her way back, she is thrown from her bike and is left lying unconscious in the road. In S10 E37, still unconscious from her motorbike crash, Jac is now back at Holby and is rambling odd words about ‘Faye’ and ‘Lucas’ to a confused Linden. Faye tries to keep Joseph from seeing Jac, but when Linden tells Joseph about Jac’s ramblings, a confused Joseph quizzes Faye, who claims that Jac is still traumatised from her accident. When Jac eventually wakes, she tells Joseph that Faye is married to Lucas. In S10 E39, out of intensive care, Jac quizzes Joseph about what happened in his recent trip to South Africa, but he’s reluctant to tell. As Jac digs for information, Joseph reveals that he and Faye got engaged but that no one knows, and Jac shows a softer side. Later, Jac develops breathing problems and is rushed into theatre where Joseph and Elliot manage to stablise her. In S10 E41, Faye is annoyed when she finds out Joseph told Jac about their engagement. In S10 E47, Jac walks in on Faye looking at wedding locations and discovers that she’s planning a quiet, non-Byrne affair. After some meddling from Jac, Joseph is upset to learn Faye wants a small wedding. In S10 E48, tension between Faye and Jac continues and Faye confronts Jac about meddling in her and Joseph’s private life. When Faye receives a phone call, Jac presses redial to hear “Greenlands” on the other end. She visits and finds out about Faye’s son, Archie. Jac confronts Faye but she tells Jac that Joseph knows and he’s fine with it. Jac isn’t convinced. In S10 E51, Jac looks on in envy as Joseph and Faye work together in theatre. In a bid to separate them, Jac tells Ric all about Faye’s disabled son, suggesting Faye’s too close to the situation. Ric tells Faye she’s no longer needed in theatre.

In S11 E3, Michael goes behind Elliot’s back and performs a dangerous procedure for a new medical paper on one of his patients. Jac gets wind of it and is desperate to get in on the action. Michael is impressed with Jac’s work and offers to take her for a drink, but is suddenly put off when he bumps into the new anaesthetist – his wife. In S11 E6, Faye and Joseph’s relationship takes a turn for the worse. Faye takes some time out, while Joseph seeks solace in a bottle. The next morning, Joseph wakes up with a hangover and calls out for Faye – but sees Jac standing in his room, naked but for a towel. In S11 E7, Joseph tries to convince himself that nothing has happened between him and Jac. He tries to contact Faye but gets no answer. He believes Jac has told Linden about their night together but she denies it and says their secret is just between them. In S11 E14, Joseph thinks Jac may be pregnant, when she says she feels queasy and faint in theatre, and finds her with a pregnancy testing kit. Jac does nothing to dispel his fears. In S11 E16, Joseph hears Jac has gone to the obstetrics and gynaecology ward and tries to find out the results. He confesses his one-night stand to Linden. As Joseph and Jac fight, Linden steps in and tells Joseph he can’t keep deceiving Faye. In S11 E18, Faye is suspicious that Jac is pregnant. Joseph decides that he needs to get rid of Jac before she ruins his life and so he decides to set up a new job opportunity for her and tries to pay her off. In S11 E19, Joseph is distracted, fearing Jac’s expected announcement that evening. He confesses to Faye, but it transpires that Jac’s announcement is about a paper she’s written – and not the fact that she slept with Joseph. In S11 E20, Joseph is furious with Jac for allowing him to believe she was pregnant. In S11 E22, Jac is knocked over on the stairs by Elliot’s dog. Linden finds out about Jac’s fake baby scan so realises she was only pretending to be pregnant. When he tells Faye, she thinks this is wonderful news, as Jac was leading Joseph on. In S11 E24, Joseph and Jac are trapped in a cordoned-off operating theatre. They are operating on a man who, they later discover, has been transporting contaminated waste. Locked in the theatre, they declare their feelings for each other, however Joseph says their time has passed and he now has to move on with Faye. Jac is visibly distraught.

Memorable Moments

  • S8  E6 – Biker Jac arrives determined to impress.
  • S9  E1 – Jac covers for Joseph when he suffers an accidental overdose.
  • S9  E9 – Joseph questions Jac’s feelings for him – she kisses him.
  • S9  E14 – Jac steps up her game to persuade Joseph her feelings are genuine.
  • S9  E21 – Jac shares an emotional moment with a cancer patient.
  • S9  E23 – Joseph and Jac’s time in Dubai, meeting Faye.
  • S9  E26 – Jac ends up in Lord Byrne’s bed.
  • S9  E30 – Lord Byrne confesses his relationship with Jac to Joseph.
  • S9  E35 – Lady Byrne discovers Jac’s affair with her husband.
  • S9  E42 – On his death bed, Lord Byrne sees Jac for who she is.
  • S9  E43 – In fury, Joseph hits Jac, following the funeral.
  • S9  E47 – Jac is attacked by Alan Clooney.
  • S10  E24 – Following Jac’s threat on Alan, she is arrested when he is later found stabbed.
  • S2   E1 – HolbyBlue episode following events after her arrest.
  • S10  E36 – Jac has a motorbike crash after following Faye.
  • S11  E6 – After a break up with Faye, a drunk Joseph sleeps with Jac.
  • S11  E24 – Stuck in a contaminated ward together, Joseph and Jac declare their feelings.


“I’m a bitch, not a snitch”


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