Jack Diamond

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Played by Alistair Brammer


S30 E14 ‘Maybe This Year’ – S30 E32 ‘A Clear Conscience’

Job Title


First Words

(on phone) Hello, I’m here, I’m ready, I’m immaculate well I say that but you should see the shirt.


Camp, fun and over the top, Jack loves being centre of attention. Jack brings his boundless energy into the department but he eventually struggles with the sights he sees on the front desk and quits Holby.

Memorable Moments

  • S30 E14 – Jack joins the reception team.
  • S30 E15 – Jack is fuming with Big Mac for taking away his Christmas decorations but he was only following orders.
  • S30 E18 – Rita catches Jack spray tanning Lofty in the hospital.
  • S30 E32 – Jack has had enough of reception and decides to quit his job


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