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Cas Character

Jacob Masters

Played by Charles Venn


S29 E40 ‘If You Could Bottle It’ –

Job Title

Staff Nurse/ Clinical Nurse Manager / Paramedic (>S37)

First Words

Are you OK? You hurt your neck? Are you mad?!


Mother, Omo. Son, Blake


Maverick Jacob Master’s unruliness often gets him into trouble. He oozes confidence and uses it to his advantage. He sometimes plays underhand tactics and will push his luck to get what he wants. He can be hot-headed and sometimes struggles to remain professional. But he has a down to earth and streetwise personality which can charm him to patients.

Elle is an old school friend of Jacob’s – and they have nicknames for eachother – Elle is ‘pancake’ whilst Jacob is ‘pudding’ because he was larger in his childhood days and used to take double desserts.

He also had past knowledge of Louise when they both previously worked in St Lawrence’s hospital together.

In Series 30, Jacob is shot by police who arrive to break up terrorists in the department. Jacob embarks on a vigilante approach for justice as he sets out to identify the police officer who shot him.

His first relationship at Holby is with Connie Beauchamp. Someone who she can finally meet her match with. She manages to reel him in and keep him under the thumb. Jacob comes to her rescue when she is held hostage by a convicted murderer and they become close when they both become trapped in a building collapse. However their relationship falters firstly when Grace disapproves of their relationship and in Series 31 following Connie and Grace’s devastating car crash, Connie refuses to withdraw her complaint against Elle.

In Series 32, Jacob is shocked to learn from Elle that Blake is his son. He supports Blake, who goes through a court case after he attacks another boy. Jacob also ends up flirting with paramedic Sam. Blake also finds Sam attractive but she rebuffs him when he tries to kiss her.

In Series 33, Jacob is sad following the death of Sam. We are also introduced to Jacob’s schizophrenic mother, Omo. He reveals he left home when he was younger as a result of it. Jacob discovers a woman, Jet has been taking advantange of Omo and is staying at her house. Omo pushes Jacob away. When Jacob discovers Jet dealing drugs outside of Omo’s house, he forces entry but knocks Jet over. Jet and Omo are both taken to hospital when Jacob learns Omo has pancreatic cancer. Dylan informs him that she is not strong enough for chemotherapy, and that she has up to a couple of months to live. Jacob has Omo’s medication tested at the pharmacy, and it is revealed that Jet has been selling her morphine and swapping it. In a later episode, Omo’s carer finds Omo collapsed on the floor and she calls for Jacob’s help. Ruby explains to Jacob that Omo has a suspected fracture. Dylan informs Jacob that any procedures on Omo would be too invasive. Omo directs Jacob to a piece of paper at the back of her bible with his father’s name on, but tells him to only look when she is dead. Jacob has Omo taken home in the back of an ambulance, and lies next to her in bed. When Omo dies, he takes the name of his father and burns the page rather than looking at it.

In Series 34, Jacob is made Clinical Nurse Manager. He also befriends a patient, Nate but feels guilty when he dies after failing to pick up his medication that he promised to. By the end of the series, Jacob disagrees with Connie over providing the nurses’ with as much training as the doctors, and Connie accuses him of abusing his new managerial powers. The pair get into a heated argument, which ends in them kissing.

In Series 35, the team struggle to cope during the coronavirus pandemic which results in Noel’s death. Jacob clashes with Connie when he demands she investigate how ethnic minorities are more at risk of contracting the virus. Connie, feels to blame for Noel’s death and doesn’t accept any support leading her to end her relationship with Jacob.  Disgruntled Roy Scaddon enters the hospital wearing an explosive belt, intending on avenging his wife’s death, which he blames Jacob for. Roy believes that Jacob does not care for her death, until he recites memories of her from when he treated her. He then tells Jacob to run away, before he activates the explosives outside the department. In the aftermath Connie attempts to tell Jacob how she really feels, however, she is left devastated when Jacob goes to the pub with nurse Tina.

Memorable Moments

  • S29 E40 – Jacob makes a dramatic debut.
  • S30 E1 – Jacob implements a ‘gun and gangs’ procedure when a gunshot victim is brought in.
  • S30 E4 – Connie turns down a date with Jacob.
  • S30 E5 – Jacob is accidentally shot by police who arrive to break up terrorists in the department. Connie battles to save him and the pair become closer.
  • S30 E7 – Connie pays injured nurse Jacob a visit. But fails to admit her growing feelings for him
  • S30 E9 – Jacob returns to work but is furious when he learns the result of the Police Complaint inquiry of the terror attack in the department.
  • S30 E10 – Jacob tries to find out the name of the police officer that accidentally shot him when he learns no disciplinary action against him has been taken.
  • S30 E11 – Jacob takes a vigilante approach to justice as he sets out to identify the police officer who shot him.
  • S30 E13 – Jacob and Connie have an arm wrestling competition.
  • S30 E15 – Connie and Jacob wake up in bed together but she is still concerned with her personal life affecting her career.
  • S30 E21 – Connie gives her boyfriend Jacob the best gift she can think of for his birthday.
  • S30 E22 – Connie and Jacob’s Valentines plans are put on hold when Connie discovers Sam and Grace are in Holby with Tom’s ill girlfriend.
  • S30 E28 – Jacobs comes to Connie’s rescue when she is held hostage by a convicted murderer.
  • S30 E29 – Connie and Jacob become trapped in a building collapse.
  • S30 E30 – Jacob turns vigilante to track down a dangerous drug dealer in Holby.
  • S30 E33 – Jacob reveals his fear of spiders, but Lily is on hand to take charge.
  • S30 E40 – Connie and Jacob end up getting intimate in a hotel following heading off for a presentation but end up coming across a man stuck in a drain.
  • S30 E42 – Connie admits to Grace she’s back in relationship with Jacob. Before her car is pushed off a cliff by an irate mother.
  • S31 E1 – Jacob rushes to find Connie when her car overturns on a cliff edge.
  • S31 E6 – Elle takes pleasure in winding up Jacob as he prepares for his promotion interview.
  • S31 E18 – Jacob stands up to Connie and tells her that she either has to drop the allegation against Elle or their relationship is over.
  • S31 E32 – Old wounds are opened up for Jacob, when racist thug Roy Ellison arrives in the department.
  • S32 E16 – Elle’s son Blake gets into trouble with his friends when they persuade him to rob an off license. Elle tells Jacob that Blake is his son.
  • S32 E19 – Elle reveals to Blake that Jacob is his father.
  • S32 E20 – Elle and Jacob deal with Blake who injures his friend Miles in an attack.
  • S32 E23 – Elle and Jacob attend Blake’s trial.
  • S32 E38 – Sam and Jacob flirt when they discuss which of the ED staff she would be able to beat in a boxing match.
  • S32 E41 – Sam stands up Jacob after his son tries to kiss her.
  • S32 E42 – Jacob lies to Sam and tells her that Blake knows about their relationship.
  • S33 E3 – Jacob helps clear out Sam’s locker.
  • S33 E4Blake and Jacob bond over their shared feelings for Sam.
  • S33 E6 – Blake searches for his grandmother, Omo. Elle warns Blake to be careful around Jacob, as she believes Jacob’s relationship with Omo is strained.
  • S33 E8 – When Omo is brought in to the department, he reveals she is schizophrenic.
  • S33 E36 – Jacob learns a woman, Jet, is taking advantage of Omo but she pushes Jacob away.
  • S33 E39 – Jacob discovers Omo has pancreatic cancer.
  • S33 E40 – Jacob pushes for treatment despite Omo’s disapproval.
  • S33 E41 – Jacob is devastated when Omo dies.
  • S34 E19Jacob is still to coming to terms with Mason’s death but saves the life of a gang member, who is about to be stabbed.
  • S34 E28Jacob is troubled by Charlie’s lack of engagement at work and tries to have a heart to heart with him.
  • S34 E38 – Charlie steps down to make Jacob Clinical Nurse Manager full time.
  • S34 E40 – Jacob feels bad when a patient, Nate, that he has befriended dies from a cardiac arrest, after he promised to pick up his medication.
  • S34 E43 – Jacob and Connie get into a heated argument, which ends in them kissing.
  • S35 E1 – During the pandemic, Jacob clashes with Connie when he demands she investigate how ethnic minorities are more at risk of contracting the virus.
  • S35 E2 – Jacob confronts Connie for working too hard and not accepting his support, she cancels their plans and ends their relationship.
  • S35 E5 – A disgruntled man, blows himself up outside the hospital, intending on avenging his wife’s death, that he blames Jacob for. Connie tries to tell Jacob how she feels but he heads to the pub with Tina.


Jacob Masters Twitter Moments – Clips

Pinterest – Jacob Masters – Charles Venn

Love Interests

  • Connie Beauchamp
  • Sam Nichols
  • Tina Mollett


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