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Actress Jan Pearson is fondly remembered for playing one of HOLBY CITY’s longest serving female characters, Kath Fox. Her character had a number of tough but memorable storylines to contend with including euthanasia and domestic violence. Jan kindly shared her memories with holby.tv

You left HOLBY CITY nearly 2 years ago now, do you have fond memories of your time working on the show?

Oh yes very fond although it does feel like a lifetime away now.

Did you take any keepsakes with you when you left the show?

I took lots of things but don’t tell anyone! My name badge and nursing badge – my fake Holby ID…

Did you enjoy playing the character of Kath? You had some great storylines – what were most memorable/ challenging for you?

I loved playing Kath. My fave storylines were ofcourse the naughty affair with the priest and the challenging story about euthanasia.

Were you nervous when you first joined the show?

I didn’t enjoy my first day on Holby. I wasn’t introduced to anyone at all. I just turned up and did my scene and went home again – it’s not like that now, people are very well looked after when they join the show.

Do you still keep in touch with any cast members from HOLBY CITY?

Yes Tish and Thusitha and the others I bump into from time to time.

Do you ever watch the show now?

Don’t tell anyone – no.

Did being in HOLBY CITY increase your medical knowledge in any way? Would you be a good person to have around in an emergency?

Mmmm – a little and hopefully I would be OK in an emergency.

What have you be doing since leaving the show?

Working for the RSC and Scottish National Theatre plus guesting on TV.

Kath was an extremely popular character, do you still get recognised by fans from your time as Kath in HOLBY CITY?

Yes. Which is delightful that Kath is still remembered fondly!

What would be your dream acting role? Which actors/ actresses do you admire?

I don’t really have a dream role. And the actors that I admire are all the old movie actors, most of them long dead. Of the young ones – Laura Linney and Don Cheadle.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

Reading, gardening, going to the movies, walking, playing badminton and seeing chums.


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