Jane Hazlegrove Interview

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Jane Hazlegrove joined the cast of CASUALTY in September 2006 as gay paramedic Dixie.

Her first storyline involved Dixie’s infatuation with her paramedic colleague Cyd and her recent partnership with Jeff has brought much comic value to the show. Jane agrees ‘I haven’t had big storylines but I think the arrival of Jeff changed Dixie’s place in the work environment.’

However this series, sees a big storyline for Dixie which will change her life forever…

Jane explains the events leading to what happens, ‘ There’s a documentary crew following the casualty department throughout the day,’ she says. ‘Dixie and Jeff are trying to prove they’re the A-Team and are better than Snezana and Curtis. There’s a bit of rivalry going on between the two teams’

The crew film the pair as they attend a shout on the rough Farmead Estate, ‘They go to a flat fire which turns into a complete inferno. Its all a bit scary,’ says Jane.

After the shout, the paramedics are delighted to have saved a patient’s life infront of the cameras. But their cockiness has consequences, Jane reveals, ‘Coming back from this shout, she has an incident in the ambulance and that dictates what happens to Dixie over the course of the series – the wheels fall off’.

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