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Cas Character

Jessica Harrison

Played by Gillian Kearney


S22 E21 ‘Adrenaline Rush’ – S24 E24 ‘An Ugly Truth’; S24 E35 ‘New Beginnings’ – S24 E36 ‘A Better Past’

Job Title

Staff Nurse (specialised in Paediatric)

First Words


Jessica specialises in paediatrics. She likes to be organised and in control, but that’s not always possible when she arrives at the ED, as conflict between her personal and private life comes to the fore.

We first meet Jessica in S22 E21, when Adam, who is attending a engagament party, meets Jessica and chats her up. In S22 E22, it’s the morning after the night before and Adam sleepily says goodbye to Jessica. He thanks her for a fantastic night, and she quickly leaves. Neither imagines their paths will cross again, or so soon. However Jessica, arrives as an agency nurse in the ED for her first shift. Tess is disappointed to be getting only one agency nurse and, on top of that, Jessica hasn’t worked in ED for five years – they don’t get off to a good start. Tess is too busy to spend time showing Jessica the ropes, but Jessica proves herself a fast worker and a quick learner. Meanwhile Jessica and Adam are surprised to see each other again, but are forced to work together. Adam is initially cold, but Jessica is calm and professional – albeit unnerved by the situation. Jessica’s expertise impresses both Tess and Adam. In S22 E24, Adam struggles to deal with a autistic child patient and argues with Jessica over his treatment. There is still a spark between Jessica and Adam, but Jessica tells him she is not looking for a relationship. In S22 E27, Tess is asking where Jessica is, and Adam covers for her. Later, Tess spots Jessica and comments on how long it took her to deal with the child in paediatrics. Jessica is puzzled and reminds Tess she had booked some time off and wasn’t due to start till 4pm. Adam is there too and feels stupid when he realises his cover for Jessica was unnecessary. In S22 E32, there is tension between Adam and Jessica as he reveals a family secret to a patient; Jessica is hurt that Adam hadn’t told her. Later, she starts to open up to Zoe and hints about her feelings for Adam. In S22 E33, throughout the night shift, Adam flirts with Jessica and suggests they have breakfast together. Jessica almost agrees but, at the last minute, can’t make it. In S22 E34, we discover Jessica’s reticence; she’s secretly married to Consultant Sean Anderson. This episode we see an insight into their home life; as Jessica and Sean drop the children off at school, but Sean’s mind is on other things. Having recently enjoyed an affair with Zoe, he’s intent on texting her but Zoe has decided to turn over a new leaf, which means there’s no room in her life for Sean. Meanwhile, determined to make Jessica see what she’s missing, Adam whisks her away for lunch – he’s been cooking a meal on the engine of his car, which Alice has had to drive around the car park for an hour. Jessica is won over and they steal a kiss but, when she spots her husband, she breaks away and gets out of the car. In S22 E36, Jessica and Adam are drawn to each other, unable to keep apart. However, an innocent mistake in resuscitation reveals Jessica’s secret to everyone. Jessica retrieves Sean’s watch, which has fallen off in surgery. When he comes back for it, her simple act speaks volumes, and it is clear they are husband and wife. Adam is hurt and furious, while Zoe is astonished. In S22 E37, Zoe and Adam are still reeling from the revelation that Sean and Jessica are married. Zoe is livid that Sean didn’t tell her, and Adam feels he can’t trust women any more. Jessica tries to approach him, but he walks away. As the shift ends, Adam feels that he might have acted hastily, blaming Jessica and shutting her out. He approaches her to talk but, as he starts to speak, Sean appears. In S22 E38, Adam and Jessica snipe at each other all day, but at the end of their shift they agree to stop bickering and work as professionals. However, instead, they fall into one another’s arms. In S22 E39, having slept together, Jessica and Adam have been flirting until Sean appears and Jessica starts to panic. They argue but, later in Adam’s office, they kiss passionately, and Jessica’s glad to have made up. In S22 E44, Sean resumes his affair with Zoe whilst Jessica and Adam are excited about going to Alice’s birthday party that evening and are clearly enjoying every moment they spend together. Sean then arrives in ED with his and Jessica’s two children in tow – he has a ‘problem’ with childcare. Jessica trusts Adam enough to ask him to help out and, despite himself, Adam bonds with the kids. In S22 E45, Jessica faces every mother’s worst nightmare when her son, Lucas, is hit by a car. Jessica’s agony is compounded because she ignored the call from her childminder as she was in bed with Adam.A guilty Jessica arrives at the hospital to find that Lucas may lose a foot unless the team acts quickly. Sean insists on doing the foot realignment but the pressure of working on his son proves too much. In an awkward and emotional scene, Sean and Jessica come together at their son’s bedside while Zoe and Adam battle to save Lucas’s foot. Taking a turn for the worse, Lucas loses consciousness and a devastated Jessica takes her woes to God. If he will only make Lucas better, she promises to give up Adam. For good. In S22 E46, Jessica’s son has regained consciousness and a delighted Adam goes to tell Jessica the good news. He declares his love for her, but she pulls away saying that she wants to stay with Sean – family must come first. In S22 E48, Zoe takes the stand at a coroner’s court case which seals the fate of Maggie’s career. Despite strong blackmail from Marilyn, Zoe decides to tell the truth but is forced to admit her affair with Sean in the process, leaving Jessica shell-shocked.

Memorable Moments

  • S22 E22 – Jessica and Adam are shocked to see eachother working in Holby following what was to be a one night stand.
  • S22 E34 – Jessica’s marriage to Sean is revealed to viewers whilst Adam continues to woe her.
  • S22 E36 – Adam and Zoe are shocked to discover Jessica and Sean are married.
  • S22 E45 – Jessica’s son is involved in a car accident. The incident makes her vow to give up on Adam.
  • S22 E48 – Jessica discovers Sean has been sleeping with Zoe.

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