Jonny Maconie

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Played by Michael Thomson


S14 E31 ‘Wolf’s Clothing’ – S17 E27 ‘Go the Distance’

Jonny makes a brief appearance in S17 E37 ‘Spiral Staircases’

Job Title

Staff Nurse & Transplant Co-Ordinator

First Words

Jonny is looking at her using her mobile phone.

Jac : What? (he nods towards a ‘turn off your mobile’ sign) I’m a surgeon, it doesn’t apply to

Jonny : So you’re saying if you turn off your phone right now, you’d be endangering lives?


Charismatic, cocky and roguish, Jonny has no qualms about telling a few white lies to stir up some mischief. But he’ll never compromise patient care and has a long-standing professional relationship with best mate, Mo. He’d easily settle down with the right woman but until then he’s happy to have a little fun!

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