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Cas Character

Kelsey Phillips

Played by Janine Mellor


S19 E45 ‘Aftermath’ – S23 E31 ‘All You Need is Love’

Job Title

Staff Nurse

First Words

(to Sam) So you new to this?


Kelsey has a warm and fun character and is very flirtatious. She’ll always be found making people cups of tea and running errands instead of taking the initiative and tending to medical needs. She’s got a short attention span and is forgetful but is always well meaning. Perhaps the most striking thing about Kelsey is her big heart, she’d do anything for anyone. She’s not looking for commitment and fun is her priority in love and in life.

We are first introduced to Kelsey in S19 E45, when she is shown around the department before she starts work. Abs remembers her from the past and doesn’t rate her nursing abilities. In S19 E46, Kelsey treats an over-eating patient who dies and supports his grief-stricken mum. In S19 E48, Kelsey helps set [ID 1347]Sam[/ID] up with Fleur, whilst getting a date herself with Fleur’s ex.

In S20 E1, Kelsey tries to teach a patient, who was part of a mob that injured an Asylum Seeker, a lesson, but it doesn’t go down well with Harry. In S20 E4, Bruno and Kelsey stalk the department with a ‘sex survey’, asking the staff how many partners they’ve had. In S20 E16, it’s the staff’s Christmas party and it seems Woody has pulled Kelsey. But just as Kelsey goes to take him home, she finds him asleep drunk in the corner. In S20 E17, Kelsey is amongst an number of staff trapped in a car pile-up in a tunnel, when they are on the way to a Trust event. Kelsey finds the situation tough and when Woody is dying, after inhaling toxic fumes – she is with him till the end. In S20 E22, Kelsey catches Bruno piercing a girl’s belly button and giving another woman botox. She promises not to say anything if he will give her botox as well. But next episode in S20 E23, when he does give her the botox, her eye swells up. Charlie confronts them and Kelsey lies that she went out in her break to get it done. Kelsey has to cancel her date and it looks as if she’s blown her chances with him completely. In S20 E26, Maggie and Kelsey open the Hep B clinic for the first time, despite Nathan’s doubts. Maggie is impressed with Kelsey’s commitment to the cause. In S20 E28, Kelsey is shocked when a patient, Karen, comes in, that she knows from her past. Worried her secret may come out, Kelsey tries to avoid treating her and later doesn’t stop her from discharging herself. Selena and Tess are furious however when tests show she needs further treatement. A worried Kelsey enlists Luke and Comfort to track Karen down at a massage parlour – where she once worked – and persuades her to come back in. Knowing that Kelsey once worked in this world, we begin to understand why the Hep B clinic is so important to her and she enlists Karen’s help in getting the clinic more publicity. Luke teases Kelsey about her secret, but she manages to turn it round so it looks like he got the wrong end of the stick and she just worked at the massage parlour reception. She cleverly jokes it off, and her secret is safe again. In S20 E37, Ellen who has been hiding her cancer from her colleagues arrives in the hospital as a patient. Tess helps to hide her in a cubicle, but Kelsey and Sam are determined to find out who the ‘mystery’ patient is. They are shocked when they eventually find out. In S20 E38, Kelsey is shocked to learn Guppy is a virgin and offers to set him up on a date. In S20 E39, Kelsey and Guppy treat a bride-to-be who has collapsed on her hen night. Guppy is not impressed when he is seduced in a cubicle by one of her friends after Kelsey tells her he is a virgin. In S20 E41, Abs treats patient, Adrian, who happens to be the guy Kelsey’s been dating. He has a shoulder fracture from playing rugby but is also found to have herpes. Adrian says he has no plans to tell Kelsey, Abs struggles over whether to tell Kelsey, but decides that he must let her know. In S20 E42, Tess is furious when former patient, Adrian, comes back in to complain about Kelsey and Abs. Adrian is annoyed that Abs broke confidentiality to tell Kelsey that he had herpes. Although not happy with her staff members, Tess manages to get Adrian to leave by threatening to report him to the HPA. However Tess is later impressed when Kelsey shows her caring side when she treats a dying man and tracks down his long-lost friend, from the war. In S20 E43, Kelsey starts a rumour that Greg is gay when she sees him wearing mascara, and she and Nina make it their mission to find out. In S20 E45, Kelsey attends Nina’s party. Guppy ends up getting drunk and snogs her. In S20 E47, the pair wake up naked in bed together. He has no idea what happened and she teases him at work before later telling him nothing happened between them apart from a snog. In S20 E47, Kelsey notices Alice’s crush on Guppy and gives her a makeover for Ellen’s party. However just as Alice makes her way to the venue, she overhears colleagues outside talking about Kelsey and Guppy being in bed together. Distraught, she leaves alone crying.

In S21 E2, following a bus crash, Kelsey is determined to play Cupid when she spots an opportunity between the bus driver and her friendly neighbour. In S21 E3, Kelsey tries to pull a prank on Ellen, who has started a new health kick, but it backfires with consequences for Alice, who suffers a caffeine overdose. Alice speaks to Kelsey about Guppy, who confirms that she never slept with him, despite the rumours. In S21 E4, a new no-smoking policy on hospital premises for staff puts Kelsey in a bad mood. But she cheers up when Alice has an idea for a staff game. She also treats a former lung cancer patient which gives her the incentive to help quit herself. In S21 E7, Kelsey has a crafty cigarette in the toilets following a stressful shift. In her rush to put out the fag when Selena comes in to praise her, it sets off the fire alarm and sprinklers. In S21 E8, Kelsey suggests that Alice should try to make Guppy jealous to get his attention. In S21 E11, Ellen has a brainwave to draw the public’s attention to the closure of Holby ED. She ropes in Kelsey and Alice and they all jump into the City’s water fountain in white t-shirts, causing a media frenzy. Kelsey is suffering money problems and in S21 E13 she is avoiding her landlord’s phone calls. Next episode she receives a final demand statement from her bank. She turns to Abs for the £200 she needs, but he can’t help her out. Luckily, Maggie comes to her rescue. In S21 E17, when Kelsey is forced to borrow more money from Guppy to make ends meet, a patient suggests she work as a receptionist for escorts and hands her a business card. In S21 E20, Kelsey is forced to consider taking drastic action when her debt problems escalate and she is evicted from her flat. She calls an ‘escort’ agency asking for work. In S21 E21, Kelsey starts working as a prostitute, but it leads to a nasty surprise when her first client happens to be Nathan. In S21 E22, Nathan tells Kelsey that he won’t tell anyone she is moonlighting as a prostitute if she keeps quiet about his visit to the brothel. However Kelsey realises he has more to lose than her and blackmails him into paying her nearly £3000 to keep quiet. In S21 E23, Kelsey agonises over whether to tell Selena the truth about Nathan as their wedding approaches and eventually owns up to a devestated Selena. In S21 E24, Nathan threatens Kelsey and says he will reveal her secret to gain revenge and unless she pays him back. Kelsey says that she doesn’t care as everyone would be interested to find out how he knows that she is a prostitute. In S21 E26, when new nurse, Nadia, works her first shift – she triggers a war with Kelsey over her lazy work ethic and when she fails to show compassion towards a drunk tramp. Kelsey is angered further by Nadia’s ability to gain male attention with her charm. In S21 E28, a cameraman persuades Kelsey to take revenger on his reporter colleague when he plans to ditch her for Nadia on a report he’s doing. In S21 E29, Kelsey is enjoying getting involved for Comic Relief while snapping at Nathan for being uncharitable. In S21 E30, Nadia is showing off two tickets to a Kylie concert and Kelsey desperately wants to go. Nadia decides to invite Abs however when he says he’s working, she sets out to change his shift. After successfully managing to persuade Tess to change the rota, she is disappointed when Abs still turns her down, giving the ticket to Kelsey instead. When Kelsey decides she wants to go to [ID 1902]Jeff[/ID]’s party instead, she dresses up a tramp in a cubicle and gives him the ticket. In S21 E41, Nathan and Kelsey form a bond when a drunk Nathan fails to reveal Kelsey’s secret at a party where Selena is having a go at him. In S21 E43, Kelsey does some matchmaking for an elderly patient and his concerned neighbour.

In S22 E7, Alice makes a stand against Kelsey. In S22 E18, it’s New Year’s Eve; Abs and Kelsey are caught up in a shooting at a nightclub. In S22 E21, Alice and Kelsey are making profiles for their internet dating, lying about their interests. In S22 E30, Alice and Kelsey go on an internet double date, but Kelsey’s date (her secret admirer is infact Big Mac) arrives too late and sees her disappearing as she goes off dancing with a friend. In S22 E39, having spent most of the day sending emails to her ‘boyfriend’, James, in Afghanistan – blissfully unaware of Big Mac’s involvement – Kelsey complains to Alice that her internet love interest is too romantic. As Big Mac starts to realise he has taken the lie too far, he confides in Alice and takes action to end Kelsey’s imaginary relationship by claiming ‘James’ has died. In S22 E42, Alice tentatively asks Kelsey if she is okay. Kelsey tells her about James. She seems to be unaffected by the news but, later, it hits her and she breaks down and weeps for what could have been. Big Mac looks on, devastated at the pain he has caused her. In S22 E44, Kelsey decides to attend her internet ‘boyfriend’s’ funeral. But, on arrival at the crematorium, it is made clear that she isn’t welcome. Big Mac then breaks the news – full of guilt and remorse – that there was no James, and it was him all along. He inadvertently reveals that Alice knew about the scam too. Kelsey is furious and intent on confronting Alice at her birthday party.

In S23 E13, Jay and Kelsey play tricks on Big Mac, much to his annoyance. In S23 E16, Toby discovers from Kelsey that rumours about his night with Ben have spread. He asks her to quash them, despite her assurances that no one really cares about his sexuality. In S23 E27, Kelsey is thrilled to have won £50,000 on a scratch card and delivers a few home truths to colleagues as she hands in her notice. She is furious, however, when she discovers that she was set up by Jay and that the cards were a joke. In S23 E28, Kelsey arrives at work to find she has put a lot of noses out of joint. Tess, Charlie, Zoe and, most importantly, Alice, all snub her attempts at apologising. She tries to retract her resignation but Tess informs her that it’s not so simple. A patient escaping from a life without love then gives her inspiration. In S23 E31, it’s Kelsey’s last shift and she’s counting down the minutes. She’s disappointed that her colleagues appear so low key about it being her last day – not realising they have arranged a surprise party. At the pub, stuck with Alice, Snezana and Ruth – she gets chatting to a guy at the bar. They leave together, but are mugged after going to a cashpoint. Back at ED, Kelsey discovers her male friend is not who he seems. Big Mac comforts her as she feels untrustworthy over men. Later, Kelsey is in astonishment at her real farewell bash, there is also special guest, as Maggie returns to take part in the celebrations.

Memorable Moments

Gallery : Kelsey Phillips

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