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Actor Kieran O’Brien is currently seen playing PC Robert Clifton in HolbyBlue. Robert loves the action of the job and uses it to pull the girls. However, his sexual appetite will land him in hot water!

Describe PC Robert Clifton…

Robert believes he should be in Miami Vice!

Away from the station I don’t think he acts like a copper, he has a very blunt manner compared to a lot of the other team members. So, even though he’s good at his job, when he’s back with his friends Robert doesn’t do things by the book.

Keenan, for example, lives to be a copper; however the job isn’t the be all and end all for Rob.

He’s just as interested in shagging birds and getting pissed as much as doing police work. At his age he should be higher up the chain but he doesn’t care about being promoted.

On Lucy’s first day their Inspector, Jenny, partners them. Does that annoy him?

Rob thinks of himself as a veteran police officer; he’s been a copper for a long time. So, he thinks Jenny will partner him with someone he can take under his wing, plus he hopes to eventually get his leg over! When he gets partnered with Lucy it’s exactly the opposite of what he wanted. She doesn’t fit with his image; he wants to work alongside a good looking girl to make him look like Magnum PI.

However, Lucy’s pretty good at her job; at first he begrudgingly and then whole heartedly, respects and loves her.

Robert finds out that Lucy’s new boyfriend has been lying to her and is actually a drug dealer. Why does Robert warn him off?

He does it to look after her; he knows this guy is wrong for her and Lucy might not be able to handle herself. Away from the station Rob knows a lot of criminals; he could easily slip into their world. When he calls Lucy’s boyfriend and tells him to come to the station for a quiet word, the lad actually turns up. He doesn’t seem to abide by the law when he’s dealing with the underworld.

Eventually we see there is obviously something between them, but I think what Robert feels for Lucy changes from day to day!

What other projects do you have coming up?

I’m currently filming a project called The Last Enemy with Robert Carlyle, Max Beesley and Benedict Cumberbatch. I play a mad guy called Wafa, I have dreadlocks, piercings and all my teeth are blacked out!

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