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HC Actor

Kim Vithana

Plays Rosie Sattar

DATE OF BIRTH : 4th June 1969

BORN : Nottingham

LIVES : Putney, London

TRAINED : Rose Bruford College of Speech & Drama

SKILLS : Ballroom Dancing; Singing: Soprano; Full Driving Licence; Stage Fighting Certificate – Credit

HEIGHT : 5ft 5

CHILDREN : She has a son Jake (b.1994) from a previous relationship with Coronation Street actor Jimmi Harkishin.

PARTNER : Neil, who works in the acting business and has his own production company.

FAMILY : Her parents are from Sri Lanka.

PREVIOUS JOBS : When she was doing her A Levels, she worked as a cocktail waitress in Nottingham.

HOBBIES : Yoga, reading, listening to music.

DISLIKES : ‘I absolutely hate sick. Acting being sick, cleaning up sick or watching anyone else being sick. It makes me gag. No thank you.’

ON GETTING PART OF ROSIE : ‘I had been a guest giving birth on Holby and 3 months later they asked me to come back and play Rosie. I was very flattered.’

ON SIMILARITIES WITH ROSIE : ‘Me and Rosie are similar in that we are direct, loyal and caring. I’m beginning to sound like I have a split personality. I do think I am more decisive.’

IF SHE COULD BE ANOTHER CHARACTER BESIDES ROSIE : ‘If I couldn’t be Rosie I’d love to be Tricia. She’s trouble trouble and more trouble. A great character.’

ON WORKING WITH THE HC CAST : ‘All the cast get on very well with each other. We spend so much time together, its our second home. I get on with all the cast but spend most of my time with Mark ‘gorgeous’ Moraghan and Ian ‘wonderful’ Aspinall. How lucky am I?!’

ON STORYLINES : ‘Storylines that involve babies dying are always touching. We have a story yet to be aired about a pregnant woman in a coma. That was an extremely moving story.’

ON LEAVING HOLBY CITY : ‘I love the show, but Rosie’s been through an awful lot. There have been many ups and downs and traumas, and I’m not sure what I can do with it now. I’m looking forward to new parts and new creative challenges.’

PREVIOUS HOLBY CITY APPEARANCE : Kim appeared in HOLBY CITY before her regular role. In S5 E21 she played Natalie Wade.

CASUALTY APPEARANCE : In S7 E5, Kim played Rajini Parek. [More Info]

TELEVISION CREDITS : Firm Friends; Dangerfield; Cracker; Specials; Coronation Street; Deja Vu; North Square; Always and Everyone; Casualty; Micky Love; Love Hurts; Little Napoleans; Crown Prosecuter; Matt’s Millions; The Bill; The Phoenix and the Carpet; Megamaths; Clear Conscience; Rockface; GMTV; RI:SE; Waking the Dead; Holby City;

FILM CREDITS : Bhaji on the Beach; Fierce Creatures; Deja Vu

AGENT : CAM, 4th Floor, 111 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JN.

Gallery : Kim Vithana

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