Kiran Joghill

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Played by Shaheen Khan


S3 E1 – S3 E10

Job Title

Student Nurse

First Words

(to Cyril) Watch it squirrel! Just because you’ve passed your exams


Young and vibrant Student Nurse Kiran Joghill joins the team from S3 E1. In S3 E7, Alison and Kiran come back to their nursing flat and find it has been burgled – Kiran is distraught. Charlie at first tells them off for being late for shift, but later tells Kiran he will do what he can to help and rings the nurse warden. Kiran also treats an elderly stroke victim. They are unable to get him a bed and are forced to move him to another hospital, but he dies in the ambulance. In S3 E8, Alison and Kiran plan to move into Cyril’s flat. Kiran is worried her strict Asian parents won’t agree, but goes ahead with the move. She also comforts a woman, Sarah, who is brought in with sickness and stomach pains, by her boss, Rupert. They have been having an affair, but he rushes off to go back to his wife.

Memorable Moments

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