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Cas Character

Lara Stone

Played by Christine Stephen-Daly


S16 E3 – S18 E46

Job Title

Acting Registrar

First Words

I have got to get to work Mr Greenwood


Sexy, strong and confident SHO, Lara Stone, arrives in Holby A&E, fresh from war-torn Sierra Leone, and is immediately dubbed ‘Lara Croft’ by her colleagues. She’s an adrenaline junkie, who enjoys the frenetic pace of A&E and loves a challenge, but her over-eagerness is where she can faulter – she’s not used to working by the book. Her attractive looks also cause a stir from receptionist Jack, nurse Dillon and also arrogant Med Reg Patrick – despite the fact he is having an affair with married policewoman, Rachel.

In S16 E3, she arrives for her first day, to be greeted by an army of photographers – backed by the hospital, who want to gain as much publicity from her, because of her war-zone background. But Lara just wants to get on with her job, and gets stuck into her first patient, and already questions Patrick at his work. She also gets Dillon’s back up, when he questions her about her decision over a patient – Colette reminds Lara that he is an experienced nurse, and Dillon tells her they should have sorted the problem out between them, but Lara isn’t impressed with his attitude. Patrick tells Jack and Dillon they are out of her league and proceeds to ask her out, but has to cancel when Rachel appears wanting to go out instead. In S16 E5, Lara treats a pregnant woman who has been involved in an RTA, she makes the decision to deliver the baby immediately. But the woman’s husband makes a complaint and Charlie is angry they have undertaken the procedure in A&E. Lara is furious with the bureaucracy of the system and says she was trying to save their lives. Meanwhile, Patrick attends an interview for a Consultancy post – Lara has a bottle of champagne in the staff room waiting for him, but he doesn’t get the job. In S16 E6, Lara treats a racing driver, who she believes is displaying the symptoms of a condition known as RSD, later she realises he was faking the symptoms, as he didn’t want to race anymore. In S16 E7, it’s Halloween, Lara is dressed in a red PVC cat suit, and persuades Patrick to come to a party. However, Dillon tells her he is dating someone else, and they play a trick on him, by standing him up, while she goes off partying. Next episode she tells him she knows he has a girlfriend. In S16 E10, Lara has a date, later Patrick asks Lara out for a drink, she reminds him she has a date and drives off in a sports car with him, Dillon tells Patrick he has lost his chance. In S16 E15, Rachel, who Patrick has been having an affair with, dies after being attacked. Lara tries to comfort Patrick. Next episode, Lara invites Patrick to her friend’s cottage to relax. While she is in the bath, Patrick goes out to collect wood for the fire – Greg – Rachel’s husband, however, has followed them. They fight, and he takes Patrick to a lake, and tries to drown him. In S16 E16, Patrick is missing – Lara and the police search for him in the woods – and eventually find him unconscious by the lake. Lara resuscitates him, but stays in the cottage with her boyfriend Craig, while Nikki and Comfort take Patrick in. Later, after a discussion with Dillon about relationships, Lara splits up with her boyfriend Craig and stays by Patrick’s bed side. Patrick’s eyes flicker open and tells Lara in his usual sarcastic tone that she’s lucky to be in her position. In S16 E21, Lara teases Patrick about her meeting an old med school friend Peta, who was her ‘soul mate’ – Patrick acts jealous until he realises Peta is female! Outside A&E Lara and Patrick kiss. In S16 E22, Lara is back from a course in Dublin and ends up flirting with Patrick all shift. She also treats a volleyball player with a displaced coli’s fracture. She faces an operation but wants to come back in the morning as she wants to attend a job interview first. Patrick disagrees with Lara’s decision to allow her to discharge herself, but is forced to back down. Later in the shift, Lara and Patrick play fight and cuddle in the staffroom – about to kiss, Max calls Lara away. In S16 E23, flirting again, and to celebrate his Consultancy post in London, they book an expensive restaurant for the evening. Patrick is annoyed when Lara stands him up and as he is about to leave, notices a bra on his windscreen with a note saying ‘Why don’t you see if you can find the other half’. Patrick goes behind the hotel to find an indoor swimming pool – with the knickers on the door handle. He meets Lara inside for dinner, and they find they both had the same idea – with a hotel door key. Next episode, Lara is tired after spending the night at the hotel with Patrick and rumours of their relationship has already spread. In S16 E26, Lara hits a youth who tries to grab her bag, later when he is brought in with a broken nose by his mother, Lara recognises him and has him arrested. Lara has also passed her grade two exams. Her and Patrick’s strong personalities clash, when he wishes her to come to London with him. In S16 E27, Patrick is annoyed when Lara crashes into his beloved sports car – she tries to make it up to him with kisses. She also treats a salsa dancer, who cuts her leg after tripping over while practicing. She suffers from manic depression, and gives Lara a black eye when Lara is giving her an injection. After shift, Patrick takes her to a jewellers and proposes to her. In S16 E28, Patrick, about to view a property in London, tries to persuade Lara to join him down there. She refuses to leave her job in Holby for him. Patrick is then involved in a motorway accident. When the call is sent to Holby, Lara, who is unable to get through to Patrick on his mobile, begins to get concerned, and persuades Max to let her and Anna go out in a swift response car. As Lara and Anna arrive, Josh discovers Patrick’s crashed car. Patrick, meanwhile, is trapped in a minibus while trying to save children. When the team discover the crashes minibus, Lara rushes in to see Patrick. She tells him she loves him, although eager to stay she is told to leave. As the minibus is getting increasingly unsafe, Patrick – the last trapped – tells the fire crew to leave if it gets too dangerous. As the team pull out, Lara looks on and fears the worst – however they manage to pull Patrick out just in time before the minibus explodes. Lara throws herself at Patrick in joy. Patrick, who dismisses being checked over, heads straight to dinner with Lara. They both realise the importance of eachother, and although Lara agrees to go to London with him – Patrick tells him he’s going to stay in Holby. Patrick decides to try his proposal of marriage for the third time on bended knee – without hesitation Lara accepts. Patrick admits to feeling dizzy with emotion. Lara goes to the toilets to compose herself, however when she returns, she finds Patrick slumped on the table and he falls to the floor. She desperately starts CPR and screams hysterically for an ambulance. Patrick is rushed into Resus, where Max takes over his care and is concerned he has suffered an inter-cranial bleed from the RTA. A shocked Lara stands in Reception, holding her engagement ring as the team desperately try and save Patrick’s life. Next episode, Lara feels unable to attend Patrick’s funeral and buries herself in work. Emotionally, she deals with a elderly wife whose husband faces a bleak future. At Patrick’s wake, Lara realises she must take time off to grieve. She also introduces herself to Patrick’s father, before Spencer takes her to see his grave at the crematorium, where she says her tearful goodbyes. In S16 E31, Lara starts her day with being unable to save the life of a man who has died of a cardiac arrest – his brother waits 6 hours to be told of his death. Later, the partner of a wheelchair bound man is arrested after she has smothered him with a pillow following his wishes not to be kept alive following another disabilitating stroke. Lara tries to understand why she did it out of love. In S16 E33, a man, who is hanging round the department out of loneliness since his wife dies, makes Lara cry when he praises her work. Charlie takes her aside and gives her comfort. In S16 E34, Simon and Lara conflict over the treatment of a patient, Max is called to break up the situation. Later they conflict again when Lara believes a elderly man to be faking a hypo to gain his daughter’s sympathy – she is proved right. In S16 E37, Melanie Collier is brought in by Duffy. It is clear she has been raped. Lara and Duffy treat her, and Lara decides to call the police, ready incase she wishes to make a statement. When her police sergeant husband, David Collier, turns up, he accuses Lara of breaching confidentiality and makes a complaint against her to Harry. Melanie later loses her unborn baby, and Lara breaks the news to David. He asks her about scarring of the bite marks made to her, but Lara becomes suspicious as she never told him about them. She confronts Melanie, who admits he raped her. Lara urges her to leave him and get help, but she refuses and Duffy accuses her of becoming too emotionally involved. David gets Melanie transferred to another hospital, and as Lara is leaving, he threatens her to look after herself. She later attends the Medical Registrar position, that she and Simon have both gone for – next episode she discovers Simon has got the job. After a shooting, David Collier arrives to question a witness and again conflicts with Lara. All shift, she has been hinting to David that she may spills the beans on his attack against his wife. As she leaves and goes to her car at night he corners her and pushes her to the ground. Lara attempts to grab a brick in defence. In S16 E39, we discover Lara has hit David over the head with a brick, and he is lying unconscious on top of her. She calls for an ambulance. Josh and Nikki bring him in to Resus, meanwhile Colette treats Lara – who admits he tried to rape her. Lara is examined and questioned at the police station, where she explains how he had previously raped his wife. She later returns to A&E to see how David is doing, he is seriously ill and about to go up to theatre – she urges Harry not to let him die. In S16 E40, Lara visits David in ITU – he wakes up from unconsciousness to greet her. His wife, Melanie, confronts Lara – Lara tells her he must pay for what he’s done. In ITU, David denies Lara’s allegations to Melanie and as he makes threats against Lara, he suddenly arrests and dies. As the team fight to save the life of Nikki, the police arrive in Resus to arrest Lara for the death of David Collier. She is taken away, as Jack pleads with Nikki to be saved.

In S17 E1, after being arrested at the end of last series, Lara is terrified for her future. Facing a manslaughter charge she realises she is in danger of being found guilty for her act of self defence. Beth Harper, Harry’s wife and a solicitor, who helped arrange another solicitor for her, offers her words of advice, and when Beth goes to A&E after being called by her children – Lara comes with her and attempts to help out in CRASH – the team are all in support, until Harry catches her and warns her to stop. In S17 E2, Lara begins her court trial and is accused of unlawfully killing David Collier. She has to endure hearing the details from the night of her attack, suffering flashbacks and the bad memories associated with the assault she uncharacteristically shouts out in her defence. Melanie Collier denies her husband has raped her and things don’t look good for Lara’s future. Next episode, Harry and Duffy turn up as witnesses to the trial. The jury return a guilty verdict at Lara’s case. Lara is shocked to hear their decision. In S17 E4, it’s the day of the verdict of Lara’s trial and she admits to Dillon that she has yet to tell her family of her predicament. When the sentence of three years is passed, Lara goes into shock and looks to Dillon for support. With events happening so quickly, she is clearly overwhelmed and her journey in the prison van is slowly reminding her of life to come. While her possession are being searched by the prison officer, she grabs back her photo of Patrick as they try and take it from her. As she later tries to adjust to the cold four walls of her cell, the tears finally come and she lies alone weeping on her bed. In S17 E5, Lara finds her cell mate, Amber, collapsed after attempting suicide. At first she is frozen, unable to help, but eventually resuscitates her back to life. Dillon pays Lara an emotional visit. She feels unable to cope but Dillon tells her not to give up hope. In S17 E7, Duffy visits Lara, whose birthday it is, in prison. Lara has had a bad day – she is forced by inmates to treat prisoner Amber with a dislocated shoulder. Duffy is dismayed when she sees the state of Lara, who now doesn’t want to go ahead with the appeal. Duffy feels she needs to get Melanie Collier to help. In S17 E8, Duffy visits Melanie in an attempt to help Lara’s appeal. She refuses to help but later turns up in A&E with chest pains and requests codeine. Duffy and Harry suspect she’s addicted and on investigating her medical records discover old x-rays from when she had rib fractures. Duffy confronts her in the cubicle but Melanie walks out. However later outside A&E, Duffy gets Melanie to admit her husband used to hit her and her children and that she now has to help Lara, who was only trying to defend herself. In S17 E9, Lara goes to court on her appeal. Melanie confesses the truth about her husband and Lara is released – Dillon meets her at the station. Jan is unwilling to have her back in the department, but Charlie and Harry pull a stunt to get Lara back on the team. They all welcome her back in the pub after work. In S17 E10, Lara is staying at a guest house, but is told to leave, when press camp outside. On her way to work, she accidentally runs over a dog. Harry, passing by, spots her and helps save the dog. The board have told Harry that Lara is required to be supervised and not allowed to treat patients in Resus. After a stressful first day, Lara is frustrated at being unable to do her job properly – Tony offers her words of advice, as he was also once in prison. In S17 E12, Brendan comes in with his wife, Liz, after scalding his arm. Lara treats him, and overhears him blaming Liz for his arm and threatening to hit her. Lara questions Liz, who shouts back at her, and after Lara reports it to Harry, he tells her not to get involved and discharge him. Later on Liz is brought in with head injuries, Lara is furious with Brendan. In CRASH, Harry allows Lara to treat Liz, but when she wakes, Lara has strong words with Liz when she refuses to accept her husband’s attack. Harry takes Lara aside, trying to get her to face up to her own problems but she is angry that she cannot to her job properly, quits and walks out. On her way out, she is caught up in an incident where a man pulls a knife out on her. The team manage to save her from attack. Harry speaks to Lara again and tells her not to run away. Eventually she breaks down and Harry comforts her. He invites her to stay at his house with his family. In S17 E13, WPC Newcombe, who testified against Lara at her trial, is brought into A&E after being mugged; although she does not want anything to do with Lara – she is forced to be grateful when Lara spots symptoms of TB early enough to save her career and her life. In S17 E14, Harry invites Lara to spend Christmas with his family. In S17 E17, Lara suspects the mother of a young baby has Munchausen by proxy – but it turns out to be a new nurse, not the mother, who is harming the baby. In S17 E27, Harry’s wife dies in a car crash and finds it increasingly hard to cope. Tally stays with Lara, as Harry cannot bear to speak to her. Lara offers them both support. In S17 E32, Lara and new paramedic Luke spar all day but she is taken by his cheeky arrogance. In S17 E33, Lara proves herself to be cool under pressure when she is caught in a life-threatening situation. While trying to treat an injured man, his son is spotted with a gun hidden under his jacket. Eager to impress his criminal father, the boy brandishes the gun at Lara and then turns it on himself after he panics in the face of armed police, resulting in tragedy. In S17 E38, Luke spends the day shadowing and irritating Lara but, at a loose end, she is persuaded to go for a drink with him. They head to a bar and swop alcohol-induced personal confessions. Lara invites herself back to Luke’s and they end up in a passionate embrace. In S17 E39, Lara wakes up in Luke’s bed with a raging hangover. Feeling ill, she corners Luke to find out exactly what happened the night before. After trying to tell him that the whole thing is a mistake, Luke coolly knocks her off her perch by pointing out that there is not actually anything between them. In S17 E40, Lara struggles to fight her emotions, to try and save her friend Dillon, who is brought in after being shot.

In S18 E4, Harry seems a bit preoccupied and fails to recognise the symptoms of a threatening disease during a patient’s assessment. He also gets the shakes while helping a collapsed woman and explains it away by telling Lara that his body is just adjusting because he has stopped taking his anti-depressants. But he later fills out a prescription form for himself, forging Lara’s signature. In S18 E5, Lara and Luke are attending a photo shoot for the launch of the RRU (Rapid Response Unit) when they are interrupted by a call out to a road accident. They disagree about how the situation should be handled but the decision is taken out of their hands when they are called to another incident. Lara is aggrieved at leaving the woman casualty but promises her that she will be safe in Josh’s capable hands. But Lara is furious when Josh’s decision appears to have caused more damage. Despite having just received divorce proceedings from Colette, Josh calms Lara down with his normal professionalism and explains his decision. In S18 E6, Lara persuades Harry to join her in enjoying the bottle of red wine he gave her and the pair wind down together in mutual admiration. In S18 E10, Harry is late for work and, driving in a rush, fails to see a cyclist travelling at speed around the corner. The cyclist crashes straight into Harry’s rental car and rebounds off the bonnet. Simon adds to Harry’s grief when he arrives with the new Rapid Response Team. Battle continues in resus as he passes veiled messages to Harry about weakness of character. Lara is nobody’s fool and, realising that something is going on, talks to Harry about his decision to switch her shift with Simon. She refers to the tense atmosphere and Harry falls apart, admitting everything and confessing he needs help. Broken and in tears, he accepts Lara’s support and advice. In S18 E11, Lara encourages Harry to admit to his doctor that he cannot cope without the drug therapy. She suggests he destroy the doctored records and then she threatens Simon. He infuriates her by insinuating that she fancies Harry and she slaps him; later, Tally pours a bed pan all over Simon when she finds out what he has been doing. At the launch, Harry picks up the wrong signals and attempts to kiss Lara. In S18 E12, Harry’s luck is not much better – Lara admits his flirtatious behaviour has made her feel uncomfortable and is not interested in anything more than friendship. In S18 E13, Harry takes Lara out to lunch to confess he is in love with her, but she turns him down, saying she cares about him only as a friend. In S18 E18, Bex rallies staff to watch CCTV tape showing Luke and Lara’s intimate relations on hospital property. Angry, Harry accuses Lara of breaching her contract. Though embarrassed, Lara plays the jealousy card. In S18 E19, Harry is angry and humiliated about the tape and begins a campaign against Lara, making snide comments and putting her under pressure. By S18 E20, everyone is fed up of Harry bullying Lara and Tess notices that it is affecting the efficiency of the whole department. Lara confronts him about his endless sniping and snide comments that contain veiled reference to her professionalism. In the showdown that follows, she accuses him of being vindictive and warns that he will be reported by Tess if matters are not resolved. He is broken and admits that he just wants them to be close again. Lara also goes skydiving. In S18 E21, Harry puts Simon and Lara at risk while at an outdoor pursuit centre for management training. Rattled by Lara’s late-night shenanigans with the instructor, Harry stubbornly ignores the marked route and heads off down a darkened tunnel during a cave orienteering exercise. After losing his footing, he slips down the shaft and hurts his leg. In attempt to rescue him, they all end up trapped in freezing, wet conditions and the instructor is badly injured. Anger turns to panic when the hole begins to fill with water. Cramped and cold, they reveal intimacies until Lara decides to venture back into the tunnel. When the only thing left to do is swim underwater to an opening, Simon volunteers to go first and secure the route. He courageously helps Harry, but in a moment of confusion knocks his head against a rock and does not resurface. In S18 E22, Simon, who was hoping to escape by swimming underwater to an opening, has not reappeared. Lara leaps into the water, while Harry callously writes him off as a lost cause. After dragging Simon to the surface, she brings him round but he has no sensation in his legs. Lara has to keep both men conscious and releases a tirade of abuse to do so. When the cave rescue team reaches them, they are delirious. Lara blames Harry for the disaster, and Simon’s spinal injury means he may never walk again. In S18 E23, Lara is appalled by Harry’s suggestion of a temporary replacement for Simon. She is by Simon’s side when he feels the first hint of sensation returning in his legs. In S18 E24, Simon has been discharged and is recuperating with plenty of unwelcome visits from Tally. He sends a fun valentine to Lara but she thinks it is from Harry. She goes round to his flat and their conversation leads to a moment when they might kiss. It does not happen and the intimate moment becomes awkward. In S18 E25, Harry is dismissive of the amount of praise Simon is getting when he returns to the department in a wheelchair. Simon is frustrated that he cannot have a proper conversation with Lara but, when they are finally alone, they kiss. She is confused about her feelings and pulls away, claiming she just wants to be his friend. In S18 E26, Tally is still taking a great interest in Simon’s wellbeing now that he is back on his feet again, but her attentions are not well received. Harry, meanwhile, is not happy when Simon and Lara join forces to question his authority. Tally’s face is a picture of misery when Simon and Lara leave work together. Things progress back at his place but, to Lara’s frustration, Simon backs off; he wants to take things slowly. He tells her that he wants more than a one-night stand – he wants her to fall in love with him. In S18 E27, Lara wakes up after spending the night at Simon’s. Tally is jealous when she spots Lara wearing one of his shirts at work, and after shift she is devastated when she sees them kissing. Fin and Comfort are called to a block of flats where an obese woman, is suffering respiratory problems. They diagnose a pulmonary embolism and badly gangrene feet, but are unable to move her, with the flat’s lift being broken. Lara is called out to assist, but her condition deteriorates and she dies. In S18 E28, Simon and Lara are oblivious to the fact that Tally knows about their secret love. But when Tally sets a trap to meet Simon and it goes badly wrong, she is enraged and defaces Lara’s photo on the notice-board. In S18 E29, Lara and Simon are finding it increasingly hard to hide their feelings. Lara is concerned when she sees her photo has been defaced and her car badly keyed. Back at Simon’s flat, Tally disturbs a passionate moment between them by hurling a brick through the window. When they confront her, she unleashes a tirade of abuse and leaves in tears, devastated by Lara’s betrayal. In S18 E30 Tally warns Lara her time is up; if she does not have the decency to tell her dad about her and Simon, then she will. Lara admits the affair to Harry, who tries to hide his jealousy and, when she pushes him further, he announces the affair to the entire staff. In S18 E31, Tally takes the opportunity to stir things up and lies to her dad, saying that Simon said he loved her. She turns on the tears and claims that Simon has messed her around and she does not know where she stands. Harry is furious with Simon and has it out with him. In S18 E31, Lara and Simon’s relationship is getting stronger, much to Tally’s annoyance. She deliberately keeps patient information from Lara but soon realises the seriousness of her actions. Lara correctly assumes that Tally’s mistake was deliberate but, when confronted, Tally shows no remorse, saying Lara deserves it for taking Simon away from her.Simon is furious and tells a devastated Tally that he loves Lara. In S18 E32, Lara makes it clear to Harry that Tally is a liability to patients and that he has to get rid of her. Harry confronts Tally over Lara’s accusations and is stunned when she admits to them. He tells her he has no alternative but to suspend her. Tally accuses Harry of being heartless, doing this on her dead mother’s birthday, but her day gets even worse when Simon lets her know he is glad to see the back of her – she was the biggest mistake of his life. Harry is brought to the toilets to find Tally unconscious on the floor after taking an overdose. As Lara and Simon head to the Registrar’s Dinner, Lara delves into Simon’s pocket for the cab fare and finds a packet of white powder. Simon admits it is speed, which he has been taking to help him cope. In S18 E33, a prison riot means Harry has to shut down the department to take in injured prisoners. It is hard for Harry to concentrate with Tally still in resus but, after an agonising wait, he is told she will be fine. Harry’s relief turns to anger when he sees Lara and blames her. However, he later realises he is at fault for what Tally has done. Lara is annoyed when Simon turns up to work still high and adamant he does not care about Tally’s situation. However, he later tries to apologise. In S18 E34, Tally, who is still recovering in hospital, breaks down when Lara visits her. She apologises for her behaviour, and Lara advises her to sort things out with Harry. In S18 E35, Simon takes speed when he has a tough day at work. After run-ins with both Lara and Jim, he goes AWOL. Lara and Abs find him passed out at home after taking sleeping tablets. A discarded packet of speed is lying by his side. Lara begs Abs to keep quiet. In S18 E36, following Abs’s advice, Simon tells Lara everything about his drug addiction, which started at university and resurfaced again after the cave incident. Suffering from nightmares, he took sleeping tablets at night and speed during the day to keep himself awake. Lara is hurt and admits that she cannot trust him, but Simon pleads for her help. In S18 E37, Simon is finding it hard to give up the drugs and is tired and irritable at work. He makes an error with a patient and owns up, asking the patient not to report him. Lara is finding it difficult to help Simon and confides in Abs that she does not know if she can go through it alone. Abs recommends that Simon get professional help but Lara knows he will never agree to this. Nikki, Josh and Lara are caught up in a robbery at a jewellers. Nikki and Lara are held hostage in the ambulance, which the gunmen use to escape, but police give chase after Nikki hits the panic button. The robbers warn them to back off, or they will harm the girls, and they drive to a car park with the aim of stealing another vehicle to fool the police. Suddenly, a figure falls from the roof of the second-storey car park. In S18 E38, the robbers flee in a stolen transit van with Lara still held hostage inside. The van crashes and Lara manages to escape with the help of one of the robbers who decides to give himself up. Harry questions Abs about a patient on whom Simon had previously made a mistake. Abs confirms it was Simon’s error but Lara lies, saying it was hers. Abs is annoyed but Lara reminds him that Simon has covered for him and suggests he owes it to Simon to keep quiet. In S18 E40 Simon tells Harry that he has been taking drugs since the cave accident and that Lara has had to cover for him. Harry is furious and agrees that Simon should resign, so Simon tells Lara that he is going back home to Sheffield to clear his head. She begs him to stay, promising to help him overcome his problems, but his mind is made up. Lara rushes from the wedding to catch Simon at the train station and proposes to him. In S18 E41, Simon seeks professional help for his drug problem and Lara tries to persuade Harry to discard Simon’s resignation letter, but Harry is adamant that he is a liability. Lara tells him that if he does not give Simon another chance, she will report him for his self-prescribing. S18 E43, Simon and Lara announce their wedding date. Simon asks Abs to be the best man and he starts to make stag night arrangements, while Claire and Bex decide to plan a hen night for Lara. Simon is finding it hard to concentrate and Harry has to take on two of his patients. Simon is angry and frustrated at the way Harry is overseeing him and he turns to drugs. He later confesses to Lara and tells her to leave him. She refuses, saying she will support him. S18 E44, Simon is still finding it hard to cope with Harry watching his every move, and Lara breaks down infront of Simon, telling him she does not know if she can trust him. A worried Abs goes to talk to Simon about Lara and catches him with a pack of pills. Simon insists he was going to throw them away but Abs tells him he is selfish and letting Lara down. S18 E45, Simon is not impressed when Lara and the rest of the hen party turn up at the stag night venue. Although Lara pretends it was a coincidence, Simon soon realises that she came to check up on him. A frustrated Simon goes into the toilets to take drugs but is caught by Abs. Simon leaves and turns up at the house of a woman he met at the hospital earlier that day. S18 E46, it is the day of the wedding and Abs arrives at Simon’s house, only to catch him with the woman he met last week. Abs is outraged but a defensive Simon throws him out. Stuck for a best man, Simon asks Jim to stand in – and Jim reveals that he will be flying Simon to the wedding. Abs rushes to the wedding to tell Lara about the other woman and, while Jim is flying Simon to the venue, a distraught Lara phones Simon to call everything off. In frustration, Simon takes out a packet of pills which he drops under Jim’s seat. As he struggles to get them, Jim loses control of the plane and they crash. Jim manages to escape but Simon is caught in the explosion. Lara flees the wedding venue with Harry and, oblivious to the crash, instructs him to take her to the airport. She calls ahead and buys a one-way ticket to Australia.

Memorable Moments

  • S16 E7 – Lara dresses up in a cat suit for Halloween.
  • S16 E23 – After flirting all shift, Lara and Patrick finally get together.
  • S16 E29 – Lara emotionally says goodbye to Patrick at the crematorium.
  • S16 E39 – Lara hits David Collier with a brick after he attacks her.
  • S17 E2 – Lara’s trial begins.
  • S17 E5 – Lara’s helps a cell mate.
  • S17 E38 – Lara and Luke have a night on the town.
  • S18 E21/ S18 E22 – Lara is stuck in the caves.
  • S18 E37/ S18 E38 – Lara and Nikki are held hostage.
  • S18 E46 – Lara’s wedding day ends in tragedy.


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