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HC Actor

Leander Deeny

Plays George Binns

DATE OF BIRTH : 2nd December 1980

BORN : New York


CHILDREN : Daughter, Otterly

FAMILY : Irish parents


HEIGHT : 5ft 7

TELEVISION CREDITS : Skins; Merlin; Holby City

FILM CREDITS : Atonement; Captain America – The First Avenger

THEATRE CREDITS : Boulevard Comedy; Herons; The White Devil; Oedipus Rex; The Wasteland; Macbeth; Travesties; Candide; Showtime; Why They Made Me King; The Representative; Reel to Real; The Seduction of Almight God; Holding Fire; The Merchant of Venice; How to be a Giant; Victory; The Man; Comedy of Errors

BOOKS : Author of ‘Hazel’s Phantasmagoria’ (p.2010)

AGENT : Roxane Vacca Management, 73 Beak Street, London W1R 3LF.

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